E-Bangladesh is an e-commerce marketplace operating in Bangladesh. It has at least one operational agent in every one square mile in Bangladesh. It is operated by eBangladesh e-commerce Ltd. (Company No. C -173599).

E-bangladesh.com is going to be the largest and most modern e-commerce marketplace in Bangladesh. Millions of entrepreneurs from all over the country will gather here. As well as countless buyers. The whole of E-Bangladesh is going to be a huge family with 50,000 coordinators. This is where millions of entrepreneurs will be able to open their own shops and conduct their business activities.

1. Prevention of price inequality: The exact price of the product produced in remote areas is not available. E-bangladesh will play an important role in solving this problem.
2. Transforming villages into towns: Any product can be delivered to any part of the country in a short time. This will reduce the inequality between rural and urban areas.
3. Cooperation of small entrepreneurs: The products produced by small entrepreneurs can be easily marketed and sold at excellent prices.
4. Short Delivery: Delivery of goods will be possible in a very short time due to the availability of respective city centered delivery systems.
5. Huge family of 50,000 delegates: It has at least one operational agent in every one square kilometer in Bangladesh. This huge family of 50,000 will take e-Bangladesh forward together.
6. Creating a market for domestically produced products: The main objective of e-Bangladesh is to create a market for the best quality products produced within the country.
7. Product Quality Improvement: E-Bangladesh will build with the help and training of entrepreneurs in the production of international quality products.
8. Services: E-bangladesh will not only sell products, e-bangladesh will have different types of services. Doctors, nurses, ambulances, medicine, mechanics, technicians can all be found with one click.
9. Place: Important institutions in the interior of the country and all related services can be found here.
10. Building a Digital Country: e-bangladesh.com will play an important role in building a digital Bangladesh. The activities of e-bangladesh are in full swing. Currently a coordinating team of 100 is working at the field level.

New VideoAmar Protinidhi

AmarMP is a social voluntary organization. The journey of amarmp started in 2016 to bring the people's representatives under transparent accountability in the interest of the people. After the huge popularity of amarmp, an updated version of amarmp was launched last July
called amarprotinidhi.org At first, our activities were limited to only members of parliament. But this time, all the people's representatives of Bangladesh, from ward members to ministers, will be able to communicate with everyone on one platform.

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