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    Bangladesh Blogger

    You guys are keeping the flag flying. Because of Rezwan, Tasneem and even Saleem Samad, the outlook is much brighter for ‘Deshis’, and non-deshis alike. I’ve always been apprehensive about traditional Bangladeshi media, they are still the same. But efforts like these can only help us improve the overall image of our nation. Thanks again, and all the best.

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    Verghese Mathews

    Dear Madam/Sirs.

    I will appreciate if you please include my name in your mailing list. Thank you and enjoy the rest of the day.

    Verghese Mathews

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    Nobody wants to talk about the other point of view, E-bangladesh is no exception. By letting your personal bias interfere with your coverage of stories, you guys are doing a huge disservice to people who come to this site.

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    Manush: What exactly do you have in mind man? Nobody and no point of view is completely unbiased… however, if one follows the rules of the game (in this case, let’s call it logic and rational thinking), then it is possible to have a fruitful conversation. But, this doesn’t and shouldn’t mean that one wouldn’t have a position! Even if the position is that of a skeptic, it is a position and it is okay to have… obviously there will be disagreements and so on, which will liven up the conversation…

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    Protik Pronab

    Manush, your choice of words are quite enticing: “…doing a huge disservice to people…” Who are you referring to when you say “people”? Who are your people here? Definitely this is a political discussion and none of the political actions could be neutral. Actually there is nothing called neutral, your actions and inactions are equally political as they serve one or the other and therefore politics and political animals always take positions; the question is what kind of position who takes and who serves whose interests?

    Do you want to serve the interests of the ordinary people who constitute the majority of deshis? If you do so you will in effect be doing a huge disservice to those who are benefiting from the current political environment which has been heavily depoliticized by the political army.

    If you decide to do so you are actually acting in favor of the interests of Bangladesh and its citizens. You should not be hesitant to express yourself and take a position then. Stand up man or woman whoever you are!

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    Anwar Ahmed

    This site is quite interesting and informative. I would like to join your group and also wish to promote my own Weblog as noted above. This is a non-partisan, non-business site through which I am trying to invite participation of notable personalities on current BD issues relating to country’s develpments and sustenance inorder to help create public awareness. Shall be obliged and pleased to have your support.

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    boot polish

    I have started reading this site lately.. i completely agree with Manush (?) …. indeed, e-bangladesh should start a new website to compensate for its sins… Boot-shiners blog… or why dont we all joing BDarmy? and with a nice tawba and nak-e khot surely allah pak will forgive our sins!!! fi amanillah bhaiyera…. dont end up in blackhole!! if you do by any chance, innalillah from myside…

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    While I think Manush and co are going a bit too far in their criticism I sympathise with their general point of view. The problem with bloggers (and the media in general) is that they can get with completely unsubstantiated statements. There is very little accountability among the media and none amongst bloggers. This in itself is no problem, except for the fact that a large portion of the media is run by extremely partisan figures (either editors or owners who directly hold/held political positions), and a very naive public take media commentaries as gospel.

    E-Bangladesh is just simply another biased media organisation with no original perspective on political matters. But, I quite enjoy reading biased articles from people who perpetrate to being unbiased. So, keep writing.

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    Small World

    Manus is correct . This is a biased misinformation propaganda machine.

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    People will have competing and different point of views and that’s fine. In fact that’s what will make a blog lively. We should be able to debate ideas, current issues and what not, but not use it as a propaganda tool on behalf of any political entity. Like publishing Mr. Arafat’s crap – “Friends of Grameen” is just a paid lobbying group! does not do journalistic ethics any justice. He simply didn’t have any credible reference for his accusations. Haven’t seen him answering any of the question yet. Mr. Arafat should be able to take the responsibility for what he said, and should be answering the questions asked. Otherwise why post such a crap ? But still beats me why e-Bangladesg letting them to be used the way they are. Are they party to it ?

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    I lost my national ID card. I tried to reprint it from upa zilla election commission office. But they refuse it. Suggest me how can I can get it again.

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    Hasan Kamrul

    Dear Sir,
    I would like to join with you and your magazine. But How is the way that achieved the goal? I want to write in your magazine as a blogger. Please include me.

    With Best Regard
    Hasan Kamrul

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    Md Masudur Rahman

    Dear Sir,
    This is Md Masudur Rahman from Dhaka Bangladesh.Please notify me how can I publish a news here?

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    Md. Jahanger Alam

    Md. Jahanger Alam

    Thanks for making this side and publish news about Bangladesh.

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    আমি তাইফুল ইসলাম তাইফ (TAIEFUL ISLAM TAIEF),
    পিতার নামঃ মোঃ ইসহাক ভুইয়া,
    মাতার নামঃ শারমিন আক্তার
    ঠিকানাঃ গ্রামঃ খেওয়াই, ইউনিয়নঃ ১৩ নং মাছিহাতা, উপজেলা + জেলাঃ ব্রাহ্মানবাড়িয়া।
    আমি অনেক দিন আগে আমার ভোটার ফরমের নামবার হাড়ায় ফেলি। আমার কাছে কোন কপি নাই, এমন কি আমার নাম্বার টা কোন যায়গায় নোট করা নাই।
    আমি আমার ভোটার নাম্বারের জন্য ইউনিয়ন পরিষদ খবর নিছিলাম। কিন্তু তারা কোন ইনফরমেশন দিতে পারি নাই।
    আমার যে এখন খুব দরকার আমার ভোটার নাম্বারটা । দয়া করে আমাকে হেল্প করেন।

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    SHAMIM S/m business
    Name: SHAMIM

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    Md. Mizanur Rahman

    আমি ২০১৪ সালে ভোটার হয়েছি।আমি আমার ভোটার ফরমের নামবার হারিয়ে ফেলি। আমার কাছে কোন কপি নাই, এমন কি আমার নাম্বার টা কোন যায়গায় নোট করা নাই।
    আমার যে এখন খুব দরকার আমার ভোটার নাম্বারটা । দয়া করে আমাকে হেল্প করেন।
    আর অথবা অন্য কোনভাবে কি আমার আইডি কারড ডাউনলোড করতে পারবো?
    আর ভোটার তালিকায় ও আমার নাম এসেছি।ওইখানে এই নাম্বারটা আছে।কিন্ত আমিতো এটা দিয়াও কিছু করতে পারছিনা।প্লিজ হেল্প।

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