The soldiers of fortune

Humayra Ferdous

Humayra Ferdous

Once in heaven, a man who did many misdeeds in his living period was screaming continuously. He was saying,” I should be named as a local hero in my village as I have saved many peoples’ valuable lives.”

When his other fellows, with an amazed view, since they knew his past records, asked him the reason of his unusual demand, he described to them simply like that, ”The villagers put the danger signboard over the well in which I dropped into just after my tragic death, however more than 50 were died in the same manner before me.”

“So, what do you think? Am I not be the soldier of fortune for them?” he threw the question to all and took a deep breathe. The rest couldn’t utter anything, remained ridiculously silent.

Just like us. We can not cheer for that disappointed man as well as we can not urge the villagers to reward him either.

Actually, this “awake up” call came when the most successful Bangladesh cricket-captain Habibul Bashar, the hattrick-man Alok Kapali and promising hard-hitter Aftab Ahmed and others created an awareness, through their early retirement announcement followed by ICL involvement in last September.

They unknowingly and obviously unwillingly made the other “warriors” very cautious regarding their future career; that is ultimately making Bashar & Co. fortunate, very fortunate indeed.

One may even put the “tragic hero” banner upon them as they have been carrying the Bangladeshi flag; they have already grabbed a victory against Delhi Giants by a good margin of 62 runs but still are far….far away from the heartiest gallery support and nation celebrating festive mode.

Again, at home, we are celebrating the first ODI victory over Kiwis, on the other hand, the whole nation has to be officially (!) absolutely calm and quite on Dhaka Warriors’ success.

Even Alok Kapali did not get the enough exposure from his countrymen after hammering that lighting and maiden century of Indian cricket league (ICL) against Hyderabad Heroes on Wednesday, Oct 15.

How long it will continue? Or, how far one can let it go like this way? The cold-war between two great personalities of India can not deprive others from showing affection to his or her country anymore.

May be it is not so big deal for Bashar and Tapash Baishya, as they have already past their golden time, may have nothing more to cherish for in life but other players like Farhad Reza and Dhiman Ghosh did not get much opportunity to show their talent on international level ; or highest level; more precisely can be said.

For them banned for ten long years in international level is like shutting the door before it was just opened fully.

Although keeping no hope left for future, the ICC Officials’ current role on ICL issue making this topic more clumsy and foggy day by day. The powerful and multi millionaire BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India) won’t even grant the permission others to talk about this issue. They have been dominating the entire cricket world shamelessly.

The BCCI is also showing tremendous arrogances to the ZEE telefilms owned by Shubash Chandra, who’s highly accomplished business brain along with his marketing director Himanshu Modi’s one; has developed the idea of ICL and scratching players of other national team to make rich, make people bound to give an curious eye on it.

But now the time has come, the ICC governing body chaired by President David Morgan to show their activeness in cricket. They should take a firm action to stop the on going controversy.

Otherwise, like recently post-pawned Sri lanka-England tour; that was scheduled to be held in next year, will happen more often. Though this cancellation of series does not go with the legal version of ICL—IPL, as Lalit Modi, Indian Cricket League’s commissioner, said.

The inter link arises when Marvan Attapattu, Upol chandona, Mahela Jayabardhane are found to be content with the permission came from Sri lankan Cricket Board (SCB) for playing in ICL and IPL respectively.

We all know, fortunes favors the brave….but the question is whom shall we call the brave? What is the ultimate definition of bravery? The ones who breaks the existing rule and take the risk at even the cost of their own lives like Bashar and Aftab?

Or those who just stay inside the barrier and successfully do what they should do or ought to do like our new debutant tigers Junaid Siddique, Naeem Islam.

May be the debate will never see an end; though now as a cricket-lover Bangladeshi nation we all eagerly waiting for a clear cut guideline to decide it; specially after the present ICL storm over Bangladesh and New Zealand tour.

“Either banned it or raise the bar from it “so that the youngsters can make more and more money out of cricket.

If the globalization of cricket is been given the most priority and money is the only factor that matters in present days to bring best glory for the nation then why the players to be restricted from earning it?

As it said at first, like that man in heaven, Bashar, Aftab and Alok are showing the way others to earn more money , making path for new comers, creating occasion for the country to rejoice, may be in a little aggressive way, but not getting a single word of acknowledgment.

So, who else can be the soldier of fortune now?

Humayra Ferdous is a budding journalist and sports writer.

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    Overall, a good, timely and insightful article.

    I have got some opinions on the article which I think should not be left as public comments. I have created an annotation of the article (pointing out few things) which I would like to show *only* the writer.

    I would greatly appreciate if the writer would contact me through my email (saad0105050 at gmail dot com).

    Or, if the writer wants, I can leave the annotation url in the comments.


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    Bangladesh Corporate Blog

    Also, lets not oversee the corporate incentives behind such tournaments. Whatever be the outcome, the Warriors are doing some good to the brand of Dhaka and to Bangladesh as well, you like it or not. So you might just sponsors lining up behind them in near future.

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    Khondkar Abdus Saleque

    The budding cricket writer deserves lots of appreciation for a courageous write up.As a relatively longer time sports writer and ex general secretary of Bangladesh Sports Writers Association share the same feeling as the rookie writer.Our cricketers have done nothing wrong to join ICL to earn good money through utilizing their skills.Like me many professional engineers , doctors are working abroad for earning better money and secured livings of all test playing countries and ICC ite .Many of them may great contribution in establishing Bangladesh as a test playing country.when they win against strong g opponent carrying the name of Dhaka Warrios it is definitely great pride for all of us.If playing in ICL is not a crime it can not be any different playing for ICL. Lolit Modi and BCCI are mecenaries and not the cricketers.Cricket board of all test playing countries and ICC must pressurise BCCI to resolve ICL-IPL ispute and open the door for budding cricketers opting for ICL to get back into main stream.For BCCI it is short of imperialistic attitude.Teams like Pakistan , Srilanka ,Banglaesh Newzeland and Zimbabwe will soon loose more and more cricketers to ICL. Only India will be benefited as test players there have huge opportunity to earn through advertisements and sponsorship. Others have much limited opportunities.

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