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    Cyber Guru

    I think we have had enough. This failed government has been slapped on it’s face after it and it’s backers the world bank and imf clique failed to implement the minus-two formula. It should even be a deathblow for them after BNP elected Khaleda as their lifelong chief.

    Fakruddin’s friend Prafulla Patel, a VP of the failed institution dared to interfere in Bangladesh’s national politics and supported the ‘BOSTA-POCHA’ minus-two formula to get rid of Hasina and Khaleda so that the twin failed international financial states can rip off Bangladesh. Prafulla Patel should be declared persona non grata by the next elected government.

    The next government should do an audit to find out the damage done in billions of dollars done by the DALAALS employed by the foreign aggressors to derail democracy and blunt our economic progress in the name of fighting ‘BHUYA’ corruption. It’s the donors who are the biggest corrupt entity who thrive and prosper on the WB-IMF-created poverty and misery in ACTUALLY not so poor countries like Bangladesh.

    On a different note, Hasina and Khaleda should talk directly as suggested by the honorable Rafiqul Haque. There’s no need for this fascist government to act as an intermediary. It should pack up as early as possible and let Bangladesh return to it’s democratic path by December, 2008.

    It should now realize that it has failed to deliver anything except garbage created by a bunch of assholes imported from failed international financial institutions.

    I find it beyond dignity to see unelected officials of an undemocratic government spending money on visits abroad for long periods of time for 2-3 weeks. It is the unelected dynasty of Fakruddin family on a spending spree to deplete Bangladesh’s national coffers as much as possible before they exit! These guys including Moeen’s family are no exception. Dynasty politics continues untethered. Why just blame politicians only. Civil and military bureaucrats too should be taken to task.

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    Mohammad Zakaria

    I do not see the reasons to be happy as a citizen till we see our leaders sharing their visions with the nation. Military is not trained in politics. They are trained in defence. Their low performance was expected. I am not surprised. PhDs are good in policies – not in operation. Their low performance s expected. I am not shocked. External interference will continue till leaders with visions like Bangabandhu, Ziaur Rhaman shares their visions with the citizens. I do not see any breakthrough into quality of politics. It does not come from sermons from military nor CTG. VISION TOMORROW TELLS us quality of political government today. Cadre based politics has no future. Again businessization of politics, selling party tickets wil enrich leaders. Tickets will attract guys who are filthy rich. Mature dedicated part workers will continue to work as political slaves for their survival.

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