Ship Building on Buriganga:an endeavour to address unsaid and unstated demands


This project aims to compile an insightful reportage on the condition of some 350, 000 internal migrants who are currently employed in the shipbuilding and repairing industry situated on the banks of River Buriganga, Bangladesh. This industry has recently been in for a boost due to exposure to the international market. These workers, who are hardly aware of their rights, are all day labourers. Work in these boisterous, bustling centres of activity is usually conducted in traditional manual form– no proper machines, safety gears, health precautions, no training or access to insurance or health plan. Living conditions are as makeshift as one can imagine. While the industry is changing face by leaps and bounds, with no organization private or public to speak for them or to address their grievances these life-bloods of the ship building industry have experienced no change in their lot. This work is an endeavour to address their unsaid and unstated demands— their rights to a better life.

Azizur Rahim Peu[] is the Editor of DrikNEWS.

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