Arif releases his first animated cartoons


Only ten months ago the so called cartoon blasphemy incident shocked many Bangladeshis. The Bangladeshi media tried to bury the episode and many of us may have forgotten the incident as well as the victim, the cartoonist Arif. E-Bangladesh traced him and published an exclusive interview of him on 27 of May 2008.

Recently he released his first two animated cartoons in his Facebook space. The first one is named as “A Flower”:

And the second one is named as “A Sky Crash”:

The cartoons tell us lot of things about our life. You will be amazed to watch them.

It is important to encourage him to keep going with his normal drawing activities and to bring him in normal life.

Please share your messages to him in the comments section.

Sushanta Das Gupta is the Editor, E-Bangladesh.


Civil Engineer, publisher, blogger, politician and end of the day a proud Bangladeshi.

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    Incidental Blogger

    Thank you Sushanta for writing about the animations.

    And congratulations, Arif, for moving on with your life and work. In more ways than one, you would keep reminding us of that famous Friedrich Nietzsche quote: “that which does not kill us, makes us stronger.”
    All the best.

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    Hahah ! The flower cartoon is hilarious 😀 Specially the goat in the end.

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    maricor yang

    Congrats! the flower cartoon u made perfect with Intellectual mind.

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