DR. Anwar warns about the return of the nightmare


At the time when the Military backed Caretaker Government and their obedient media are continuing ‘the war against corruption’, a letter about the corruption of an Army personnel has been circulating places. May be the writer(s) thought that it would be really appropriate to send the letter to the very people who tuned up their dreamy vocal against the corruption. So the writer(s) addressed it to the army chief General Moyeen U Ahmed and sent some copies to the Chief Advisor’s Office, The Chairman of the ACC, the DGFI etc. A copy was sent to the national daily ‘Prothom Alo’ too, who claim to be leading the citizen’s movement against the corruption and act as the spokesman of TIB lead by Dr. Mozaffar Ahmed and Dr. Iftekharuzzaman. But may be the sender(s) didn’t want to risk the letter to be sent under the carpet. So the anonymous writer sent a copy to Dr. Anwar Hossain too.

No wonder that the ‘Prothom Alo’, which is publicly established as ‘the parliament’ of this military-backed Government, killed the letter and labelled it red to uphold their so called credibility just to regulate their corporate interests for the time ahead.

But ‘unfortunately’ the letter and the scandal are now flying in the open. Because Dr. Anwar Hossain published it on 28 July in Chittagong while giving a speech to the general people and freedom fighters who gathered to form a human chain in front of the Shaheed Minar demanding the trial of the war-criminals of 1971. It was organized by ‘Ekatturer Ghatok-Dalal Nirmul Committee, Chittagong. The human-chain was a memorable event, because freedom fighter Sheikh Mohammad Ali Aman, who was recently assaulted by the followers of the collaborators of the liberation war for telling the truth about their activities, had participated.

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[Speech of Dr. Anwar]

And though the Government have done nothing to console the brave freedom fighter, Dr. Anwar Hossain gave him the honour by disclosing a short description about the corruption at the Chittagong Customs House by some army officers. As we were being told by him, a packet was delivered at his office at the Faculty of Biological Sciences, Dhaka University. It contained the copy of the letter sent by an employee of the Chittagong Customs House.

In the letter the sender(s) says that a group of Army officers who were given the responsibility of reforming the Chittagong Customs House were engaged in severe forms of corruption. The group is led by Brigadier General Nasir Hasan and includes Major Tarikul, Major Quddus, Captain Arif, Captain Moyeen, Captain Delwar etc. This group has already collected over 15 crore Taka from various businessmen, importers, stock holders and CNF Agents of Chittagong in the form of ‘chada’ or extortion.

The long letter told the story about how the face of the crusaders against the corruption has been fading away. It also recalls the nightmares of the past, the long army regime who turned corruption in to the form of an institution. The army-corruption in Chittagong Custom House is in fact tip on the iceberg! We don’t know what the reaction of Gen. Moyeen U Ahmed, his neutral Caretaker Government and their domestic parliament, named ‘Prothom Alo’. But people were really happy to see Hossain’s way of honouring the freedom fighter Aman. He congratulated him for being in the centre of the collaborators like the war days and telling the whole truth about their activities and demanding their punishment.

Dr. Anwar took it as a good omen as people are reacting. But alongside Anwar warned about the Governments real intentions as their recent activities show as if they are actually protecting the war criminals. If so, Aman was only an instance, because a million Amans are there who would do anything to uphold the true spirit of 1971. And the consequence will be vague.

Sushanta Das Gupta is the Editor, E-Bangladesh.


Civil Engineer, publisher, blogger, politician and end of the day a proud Bangladeshi.

4 Responses to “DR. Anwar warns about the return of the nightmare”

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    Khondkar Abdus Saleque

    Bangladesh Army is not and were never above corruption.Bangladesh Army more than any other service is responsible for the present crisis of Bangladesh.On this very day of Bangabandhu murder case the author condemns those members of Bangladesh Armed forces which killed the father of the nation with his family, the other bustards who killed the 4 main leaders of our independence of liberation war. It goes without saying that Ziaur Rahman was the main beneficiary of Bangabandhu killing.His widow wife chose 15 Th August to be her one of the birth day. I remember he used to wait for Bangabandhu’s audience at Road no 32 Residence after independence when Zia was not willing to take her. I know how Bangabandhu instructed Zia to take her. Now She pays pack celebrating the day as her artificial birth day.Nature will take its revenge.

    Where is General Mashud.When the tale of his corruption will come up? Who knows whether Genreral Moin Will not be tried for corruption in future. Bangladeshi generals must take lesson from the plight of General Musharraf.

    Care Taker Government must clarify the situation arising out of the corruption allegation of Armed forces personnel in the report.

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    Abdur Rab

    With criminal military dictator Musharraf’s resignation the message should be loud and clear. It should be even louder since there will be no Bush-Cheney crooked duo to prop up illegitimate illegal unelected undemocratic power-grabbers in South Asia any longer. Under a most likely democratic US presidency in 2009 there will be major shift in US foreign policy. Things wouldn’t have changed much if Hillary Clinton had got the democratic nomination. In that case the Bush policy of muscle-flexing and propping up of military dictators and NGOs would have continued.

    Placing the national ID under the home ministry and establishing a spying cell on politicians under the police even after having a ISI-styled DFI in Bangladesh is taking us back to the Musharraf days just after his overthrow of Nawaz Sharif unconstitutionally.

    Are we actually back peddling to the military days? Was this caretaker set-up in 2007 a farce to deceive the people? In that case a violent overthrow of totalitarianism reminiscent of 1991 is imminent.

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    sadeek sobhan

    Thanks to the Editor of e-bangladesh for such a report.

    It is really alarming how the anti-liberation force is rising nowadays.every sector of the government has been affected adversly by them mailnly during the last BNP-Jamaat regime. in every public varsity they have extended their black shadow.

    Even in the present scenario Jamaat has been able to sustain successfully and continue their evil deeds. The mass ppl particularly the educated ones should raise voice from his/her position against them. otherwise they will try to ruin our country again.

  4. Author Image

    robiul hassan

    The global geopolitical scenario is fast changing. We will soon see the end of a unipolar world headed by an undemocratic fascist Bush-Cheney administration that has made a mockery of democracy worldwide. This fascist enterprise driven by corporate greed has devastated countries one after another by imposing unelected undemocratic illegitimate governments everywhere to dictate terms in those countries. Under the guise of reforms it has stagnated economies in poorer countries that were slowly emerging from the debt-trap of the failed financial institutions like the world bank and international monetary fund.

    In Bangladesh too we see the same trend. The entire populace has been cheated for 17 months while the hidden agenda of the US marauders have been pushed through their nurtured agents at home and abroad.

    The Russian penetration into Georgia is a gushing wound on Bush-Cheney’s fascist aspirations. This is just the beginning of more flare-ups worldwide. These two criminals should be put on trial first for war crimes against humanity. Even in the US heartland one hears dissenting voices.

    Bush-Cheney’s 8 years of ruination of a progressive foreign policy can be summed up in the following famous utterances:

    If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.”

    James Madison (1751-1836), 4th U.S. President and author of the U.S. Constitution

    “When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying the cross.”

    Sinclair Lewis, (It Can’t Happen Here, 1935)

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