The tale of the chameleons



Friday is the typical day of activity of the religious political organization Jamaat-e-Islami Bangladesh. Last Friday an organization named “Jatiyo Muktijoddha Proshad” (National Freedom Fighters Front) held their annual summit in the Diploma Engineers Institute Auditorium in Dhaka. The Daily Shamokal reported that almost three-fourth of the approximate two thousand participants present were actually Jamaat-e-Islami members and this organization is a front of Jamaat-e-Islami. This organization was established only this January and its head-quarter is in the Jamaat leader Sirajul Haque’s premises in 116/2 Nayapaltan.

This is sort of an anomaly as Jamaat-e-Islami’s role during the liberation war is known to everybody and well documented . They supported the Pakistan army in killing freedom fighters and intellectuals of the country. This fact is in the way of gaining political mileage for them especially when some of their leaders are freshly sued for murder during 1971.

What made the annual summit of the “Jatiyo Muktijoddha Proshad” controversial was one event that is being condemned widely. Sheikh Mohammad Ali Aman, a freedom fighter from Tangail was present at this summit without knowing their true identity. When he was talking to the news crew of the Ekushey TV outside the venue he demanded immediate trial and execution of war criminals. At that moment in front of TV camera he was dragged and kicked by the organizers and was detained for 3 hours for his statement in the TV.

Mr. Aman was invited by a freedom fighter of his locality but he did not know that it was an organization of chameleons. Here is his account (in Bangla) published in the Daily Shamokal.

However the organization said that Ekushey TV deliberately cooked this up (however the pictures tell something else) and claimed that they have no connection with Jamaat. Their general secretary claimed that he was a freedom fighter, a (Awami) Chatro League activist, then a member of communist party and now a member of religious Jamaat party. A chameleon has quite a contrast of colors.

This is not new that Jamaat is trying to erase their anti-liberation image.

The above video shows the student wing of Jamaat, the Islami chatro Shibir is participating in a rally posing as Muktijoddhas (freedom fighters).

The most disturbing of all was that controversial ex-chief justice J. R. Modassir Hossain was the chief guest of this meeting. He said he was very happy to be there. Poet Humayun Azad wrote in one of his poems : ”And everything will be in the custody of the damned”. We may be witnessing the time.

Vedio credit:E-TV, Bangladesh