Yellow journalism challenges democracy

Jagoruk Manush

Jagoruk Manush

Since 27th May , The Daily Amader Shomoy has been chronicling on irregular basis the politico-literary lore of one journalist Peer Habibur Rahman which spun an almost gratifying concurrence from AL politician Mahmudur Rahman Manna on 31st May and host of reactions from the readers. This sequel of Peer starkly exposes pervasive moral decadence and professional dishonesty that challenge our journalism profession today and how effectively they are enticing our gullible ex-revolutionaries and capricious politicians into an alliance with ex-dictators and ruling Generals to execute a grand conspiracy against democracy. The optics of these articles nurtures known adversaries of democracy and their political cohorts and brazenly assassinates the image of the mainstream political leadership and the institutions.

Mahmudur Rahman Manna, whom I knew, had the gift of amazing oratory skill and blazing revolutionary fervour which made him an iconic politician to many young activists like me in 70s. In his mercurial political trek from revolutionary nihilist to centrist AL till date, his followers always felt measurably abandoned by the leader at every turning point of the journey. In the present context when exponents of democracy should remain stead fast and united under the party banner to counter the enormous thrust of conspiracy against democratic institutions, his article appears to be anecdotal and detrimental to his own political identity. We can only hope Manna will work to overcome his political and emotional pitfalls and will be able to show his political maturity not duplicity at this critical point in time.

The reactions of the readers deftly dealt with the intentions of Peer’s articles bringing under spotlight, unlike highly publicized corruption of the politicians, the silent but rampant corruption that has plagued journalism and the tale of a pen turning into a tool of a bounty hunter.

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    Thanks. A much needed post on a well deserved issue of disintigration of journalistic ethics that is spread much beyond Daily Sar-Prothom Alo.

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    Engr. Khondkar Abdus Saleque

    Manna was a progressive thinker and a very bright upcoming student leader.But after that he struggled to settle down in Awami League mainstream politics.Young politicians of his generation could do a lot toreform Awami League to make it time tested .Instead he also floated with current and let the party drift on the path of oppotunism and hypocracy.Anyway he must not get carri9ed away and paly his role well for einstitutionalisng political and democracy in Bangladesh at this critical hours. Well reference of him or his write ups in Amader shomoy has been misinterprted mostly . Our journalits often tend to produce circustic reports.Thiese are no diffrent than those.

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