Army has no intention to participate in dialogue: ISPR

Dhaka Correspondent

Dhaka Correspondent

The army headquarters on Tuesday announced that it had no intention or desire whatsoever to participate in the planned dialogue between the caretaker government and political parties.

Also, the army headquarters requested the mass media to refrain from making any imaginary and negative opinion out of their personal notion that might create confusion in the public minds about the army.

An ISPR release said the army had been discharging its responsibility at the instructions of the government and extending cooperation towards holding fair elections under the incumbent caretaker government. ‘This cooperation will continue in future, if necessary.’

The release said the role of the army was praised by all quarters against the backdrop of the January 11, 2007 changeover. At the critical juncture of the nation, the army at the instructions of the president came in aid of the caretaker government and subsequently participated in nation-building and different development and welfare activities.

‘And this praiseworthy role of the army was reflected in different mass media, including newspapers of the country.’

Recently, the release pointed out, various fictitious and confusing opinions are being published in editorials of different dailies, television talk shows and open discussions.

It said in view of the state of emergency in place, even the army chief at different functions and exchanges with editors of different mass media and interviews with local and foreign media gave a clear picture about the role of the army.

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    Better hand over power to the people before things get more out of hand. At least, leave with respect. Learn from the Musharraf stint in Pakistan. By the way, is Debapriya to attend songlap as member of our so-called civil society? If so, what will be his renumeration this time for selling his soul, I wonder.

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    Army has no intention but what about Gen.Moin,Gen.Masud,Brig.Amin & Brig.Bari.They are the army now all others are just pawn.Power makes you blind. They never think,things will go out their hand.Same happened to Ershad, Khaleda Zia and Sk.Hasina

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    badul khan

    ISPR should read the artical”A New Threat read this artical and To New Delhi” written by JEREMY KAHN in the latest edition of NEWSWEEK. Where we can find how did India and their Friend are doing conspiracy against Bangladesh….. I hope the Army (patriot one) should do something about it……

    Every bloggers should read this artical and protest and puslish counter artical against this.

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