Kamal Hossain denies whitening black money



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Gana Forum president Kamal Hossain came down heavily on newsmen on Monday when a reporter asked him to comment on the people’s perception that he was a traitor because of his role in supporting the military-controlled interim government.

He asked the newsmen to be free from ‘goddesses’, obviously referring to the two detained former prime ministers, Sheikh Hasina and Khaleda Zia.

‘The corrupt have created criminals who are roaming about with firearms. They can shoot dead many of my colleagues and even I may die any time by a bullet, but you should stand by the people and the country,’ he said.

He was talking to newsmen after attending a roundtable conference on the police ordinance at the National Press Club.

Kamal said, in reply to a query, that it depends on the people whether they trust him or not.
Denying the allegation, made by former prime minister Sheikh Hasina, of whitening Tk 102 crore of black money, Kamal said he did not know how many zeros are needed to write 102 crore.

Sheikh Hasina, also president of the Awami League, told her lawyers at the special judge’s court on Sunday that Kamal had whitened Tk 102 crore.

‘In my 50 years as a lawyer, I have never seen a crore of takas in my bank account at a time,’ he said, and declared that he ready to show his bank statement anytime. ‘Those who have brought allegations against me did not even want to make their wealth statements.’


E-Bangladesh is a News/Headlines service and a group blog aimed at bringing the news and analysis from Bangladesh to its readers.

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    Engr. Khondkar Abdus Saleque

    Dr.Kamal Hussain is definitely not involved in any corruption.He can earn money easily using his skill , talent and experience. There is no reason that he should earn through corruption.He is not in state power.Hasina as daughter of Bangabandhu must realise that his dad used to depend on him .That is Dr.Kamal was with him in Pakistan in Jail in 1971. Bangabandhu used to leave his won consituency to get elected in reelction. Remember when Hasiona formed cabinet after winning 1996 election Dr.Kamal was very unhappy to see men like Anwar Hussain Manju and A.S.M Rab in the cabinet. I had been in Dr.Kamals house waitning for leagl advise on a ceratin issue. Kaml Hussain had definitely his point.Anwar Hussain is one of the most corrupt Minister of Bangladesh and was always a double cross like Moudud and few others.
    Hasina is a talk shop and at times talk non sense.

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    Dear Engr. Khondkar Abdus Saleque

    it seems that you know a lot about dr.kamal hossain.i know him by reading newspapers & i know what type of atitude he showing last 33 years. i think he is intellectualy dishonest. i have a cursity about him can you answer me ?

    Why he didn’t comeback in bangaldesh after Bangabondhu assassination ? Yes bongobondhu depended on him, He trusted dr.kamal, but what was the mystery that after assisination of bongobondhu dr.kamal didnt utter even a word to the killer ? what was his responsibility as a senior leader of AL ? what did he do ?

    you expressed here about dr.kamal’s honesty but you know i know about sheikh hasina’s honesty. & i am enough confident that she is right. yes its tru that sheikh hasina did so many mistakes during she was the prime minister, but she is a simple women. what things we can expect from her ? but she is patriot & she loves the poor people of bangladesh, she never left the poor people. There is no context where any one can compare sheikh hasina with this rotno dr.kamal.

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    I think Dr. Kamal Hossain is not financially but morally corrupt. I agree, if he was such a close confidante of the BongoBondhu, why did he then keep mum after the murder of our father of the nation? He tries to reap benefits at the misery of others. Never could win the hearts of the “real” people of Bangladesh. Gono Forum. What a disaster! Then he joins hands with B. Chowdhury who was/is seeking revenge on the Zia’s for his lost political rise. Lost in every election. Now at the last fag of his so-called “political” career trying his luck with the help of a military-backed undemocratic government. Talking big and defending blood-sucking big corporations has been his expertise since his doom in the political arena after the demise of the BongoBondhu. Kamal Hossain is a sedated version of Moudud Ahmed.

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    Engr. Khondkar Abdus Saleque

    I have total respect about Hasina also. She struggled a lot for Bangladesh. But she does not know diplomacy . Her statement at times cause serious problem. There can be many reasons why Dr.Huassin did not react after Bangabandhu killing. But Dr.Kamal is not dishonest that Hasina is meaning. I asked the man on one occassion to tell Why Bangabandhu opted to get arrested in 1971 and also advised him also not to flee to India. Dr.Hussain was also in Pak jail. He responded there were genuine reasons but that he can not share with me. Dr.Kamal by taking stance aginst two ex Lady PMs may not be doing all right.But if we Zero our focus on his financial corruption can not agree with what Hasina said.

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    Dr. Kamal Hossain is an Internationally renowned lawyer. He has his position established internationally and has been earning a lot more than we all can imagine. I am not sure whether he has whiten that amount of black money or not; but one thing for sure I can say from his past political activities that with his unlimited amount of ego and self centered attitude, he has intentionally damaged political images of the political party “BANGLADESH AWAMI LEAGUE”. On the other hand, all his strategies and ideas have gone down the drain when he formed the “GONO FORUM” to get public support. He should realise by now that people of Bangladesh are not DUMB.

    Like Mr.Habib and Mr. Imran, above, I would also raise the same question as WHY DR. KAMAL HOSSAIN WAS TOTALLY DEAF AFTER THE KILLING OF THE FATHER OF THE NATION – BANGABANDHU SHEIKH MUJIBUR RAHMAN?? I am sure the true story will be published one day but by that time Dr. Kamal Hossain will vanish. But he should remember, people of Bangladesh will never forgive him nor will Bangabandhu’s demised soul!!

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    I have to say, Dr.Kamal Hossain is one of the most patriotic, reputable and respected politicians, lawyer in Bangladesh’s history. Anyone doubting his sincerity and patriotism is undoubtedly corrupt and stupid in their mind.He talks the truth and thats why AL and BNP corrupts hate him.

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    Yes, We believe Dr. Kamal Hossain also Patriotic like Khaleda, Hasina. He is crying for reforming of politics & politician but unfortunately he is a autocratic leader in his Ganaforum.
    We didn,t know any time that he was elected by counsilor and never called counsil. Some politician of Bangladesh like Dr. Kamal are wasting their wisdom behind foreigher interest. Present interim Govt. was made by foreighers and Dr. Kamal was supported it without any legal framework.
    So, I think Dr. Kamal and others are always untouched of our nation;s feelings.

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    Jagoruk Manush

    Can we draw some conclusions from above discussion on Dr. Kamal? He is undoubtedly, nationally and internationally, a much respected professional figure which gave him leverage to earn huge fortune. But under the wrap of his professional lustre he is morally rotten head to toe. Publishing the list of the corporate pirates that he represents to legalise their crimes will be the best credential of Dr. Kamal, what he can do for earning honest money. Evading tax is corporate culture and Dr. Kamals are paid heftily to give this culture legitimacy. While he himself became a tax dodger, Dr. Badruddoza, his political pal, found nothing foul in it. I also statistically agree that Dr. Kamal is still a silly novice compared to Giasuddins.

    In Pakistan he was, in the prison with Bangabandhu, or in in-law’s house, needs further investigation. In all the national crises and calamities; from 1971, 1975 till the present one, Dr. Kamal’s role has been often flippant and contradictory to his political outfit and utterances. An example in the present context, any person having minimum logic and sanity can see that democracy and political process in Bangladesh are now in great peril and being openly challenged by the military which has already taken total control of state power. Now, please define the present role of Dr. Kamal with respect to his commitment to democracy and to the constitution that he has significantly contributed to write.

    As opposed to his ever flourishing legal career, his political career in democracy has reached nadir. Reality of age, zero public support and craving for power; either one or all of these factors have persuaded him to ride on the Trojan horse to gallop to power.

    Bangabandhu used to confide in Dr. Kamal. So did Bangabandhu in Mushtaque as well, while distancing himself from Tajuddin. Due to those political lapses of Bangabandhu, misfortune not only struck him and his family, it devoured the whole nation.

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    My final comments about Dr. Kamal Hossain would be – according to the present trend of Bangladesh Politics, the future of his political career is dead. He won’t be able to convince the mass any longer that he can bring any BIG CHANGE in the political future of Bangladesh. I don’t think people will believe him now. Because he has damaged his own political images by creating so many contradictions within himself as well as amongst his political friends during the formation of his own party “GONO FORUM”. So, people know him very well now.

    I think he should concentrate on his own profession and represent Bangladesh as a successful Lawyer all over the world and earn respect and honor from home and abroad and spend the rest of his life with dignity, purity and satisfaction, and have a peaceful ending.

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    Nachte Na Janley Watan Baka.
    My Neighbour British High Commissioner Anwar Chowdhury was right to advise people
    not to utter falsehood against each other by inusiating others as criminals.
    Once I met Dr.Kamal Hussain at Calcutta Airport ,had only a brief discussion .
    I am in the very honest opinion he is an honest person & capable leader to run a country like Bangladesh.He has good back ground ,Highly educated & fit to become
    the Prime Minister of Bangladesh.
    Vote for him ,Appoint him as a Prime minister & you will see the major changes in the field of Socio Economy of Bangladesh.Support the Lions & not the jackles.
    Thank you,
    B.Ahmed (UK)

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    Dr. Kamal Hossain has to take the heat. He has backed the current government’s crack dwon on former PMs. He has directly or indirectly stated that both of them are corrupt. Now that Hasina (reportedly/supposedly/allegedly) accused Dr. Hossian of amassing black money and “whitening” it, he has to defend himself. It is possible that he has a spotless record.

    However I think I read in the newspaper a while ago (2007?) that Dr. Hossain stated in his wealth statement that his monthly income is about 25000 Taka per month. That sounded ridiculously low at that time. I can be wrong. Does anyone else remember reading the same report?

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    ” Support the Lions & not the jackles. ” Trully insulting. who the hell are you man ? should we have to learn from you to whom we should support or not ? what do you want to say ? kamal is a lion ? ya he is such a corrupted lion to whom the present Gov on anti-corruption drive couldnt catch. what we will do with such a lion , A worhtless conscious corrupted lion ?

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    I am not at all surprised by Dr. B Ahmed’s comments. His neighbor, British HC Anwar Chowdhury played a major role, as per reports, to bring in the military government. I have noticed that Anwar Chowdhury was all hyper in talking FOR this undemocratic government for a majority of its term but it is lately that we see and hear his turnaround in his love for the FUA/MUA regime. Anwar Chowdhury’s legacy as HC in Bangladesh, I believe, will be shadowed by his active role, in bringing about and supporting a military backed undemocratic regime in Bangladesh. I hope we don’t get any more Anwar Chowdhury’s deciding to influence events in our motherland.

    Finally, I hope Dr. Ahmed would be better off not following his neighbor’s path. I hope that Dr. Ahmed would vouch for Bangladesh’s “real” lions rather than it’s jackals.

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    Talking about Dr. Kamal Hossain, here is an interesting piece on today’s BHORER KAGOJ Mukto Chinta section. I think this writing is very relevant to our discussion here on Dr. Kamal Hossain. I wish that the moderator’s would allow this posting so that the discussants can read and see its relevance to our discussions on this blog.


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    We all know that Dr Kamal Hossain is the main author/writer of our original constitution.If that is correct then how can he support an unconstitutional government.How could he say the constitution does not say that the care-taker govt cannot stay longer than 90 days. Only season he is saying this is because he is being blackmailed for his whitening black money.So are other lawyers ie Rokonuddin Ahmed and others. Some editors including of “Daily Planet” are also prey to this blackmail.
    I worked in the NBR before I know Dr Kamal Hossain has whitened black money but not the amount Sk Hasina has said. Dr Kamal Hossain side stepped in his reply saying he does not know how many zeros needed etc. But he did not out rightly deny that he did not whiten black money. Dr.B.Ahmed wants Dr.Kamal Hossain to be the Prime Minister of Bangladesh, but before that we want one simple answer. Did he whiten any black money, whatever the amount. We can at least expect this from our aspiring Prime Minister.

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    Is it Awami propaganda against Dr Kamal? If not, then we want to know the exact figure, not to say blindly 102cr taka. But we need the documents from NRB as a proof.
    Not only that the same Dr kamal once told us, his monthly income.

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    Why doesn’t Dr.Kamal deny flatly that he has not whitened any black money.

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    badul khan

    Dear Dr Kamal,,,,,,

    If you don’t know how many zero required to write for 120 crore taka????…”He says he does not know”…… Its shameful Dr.Kamal… What did you do with your money???????????……. Thatswhy people’s of Bangladesh never vote for you to became the member of parliment…………… Your calculation for going to power by back door is completely wrong and you are a great failure……..

    I can give you a good sugession….. Please go & get your furthure post doctorate degree about democracy and leadership other than law………

    Than atleast you can write and speak about real democracy than people’s of bangladesh might have a simpathy vote for you….. will you survive until than….

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    Shahin Mahmood

    Dear Babul Khan…

    Probably you like enough Shaikh Hasina but you should be gentle in your remark. you have suggested a lot to dr. kamal for further study- i think it is a good idea but why not for hasina also. she talks nonsense always. we want to have authentic document about dr kamal’s 102 crore tk. hasina can tell a lie since she is not angel and there are many evidences on her misinformation. i think you should do further degree for writing something in this type of news board. please don’t be emotional, be cool. don’t trust anybody as blind.

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    badul khan

    Dear Shahin mahmood,

    i an not a fan of sheikh hasina. I am not babul (badul khan).. but how did you confirmed that Dr. Kamal hossain didnot have substantial amount of black money may be less may be more than 102 core,which he might not dicleared or pay income tax …. might took opurtunities to make it white,,,,,

    Look if you ask anybody in Bangladesh how much fees Dr. Kamal hossain ask for any case ? Surprisingly he never dicleared his income…. Being a Barister he should know the conciquence of income tax Laws available in Bangladesh…

    You are absulate correct we should not remark so badly, should be gentle. How about Dr. Kamal hossain’s remarks.? should he be gentle with the others with the so called politian or businessman?????

    Thank you very much for your suggession about my further study.. i wish i can.


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    Syed Amiruzzaman, Columnist

    Take action on climate change Now!
    Climate Change is happening now, much faster than we expected. And if we don’t take action now it could get much worse. An increasingly erratic climate will lead to rising sea levels, increased floods and droughts, and upheavel of climate patterns causing losses to agriculture and ecosystems, as you can see in the video below. Watch the video and then use the form on the right to write to Sheikh Hasina asking him to go to Copenhagen

    Dear Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina,

    The threat of climate change is now so grave that it requires radical action. I am aware of what a climate catastrophe can mean for Bangladesh and am keen to ensure that at Copenhagen, world leaders like yourself, ensure that the summit reaches a fair, ambitious and binding deal that saves us all from climate change. If we don’t change the politics and take real action – both internationally and in Bangladesh – we will lose our chance to save the climate.

    You have a unique responsibility because you exercise political power at a time when humanity is faced with its greatest ever challenge. For leaders after you, it will be too late to act. It is our generation that must take charge and save our climate. And we can, but the clock is ticking.

    The Copenhagen climate summit is just weeks away. The international negotiations are deadlocked and we’re running out of time to get the global deal that the planet needs. We hope that you will ensure that Bangladesh is a “deal maker”, and ensure that the developed world too doesn’t back out of the commitments they must make.

    By engaging the big levers of the economy – private capital, taxation, public spending and industrial strategy – politicians can encourage green jobs and deliver a sustainable and equitable economy. Building a low-carbon economy is an investment in Bangladesh’s interest. Our future prosperity, innovation, industry and security – and our environment – depend on it. We want you to take leadership and step up to the challenge of climate change. We need politicians that look to the next generation, and not just the next election.

    We need politicians with long term vision. I hope – and believe – that you can be a politician of the calibre that Bangladesh so desperately needs.

    Yours sincerely,

    Syed Amiruzzaman, Columnist

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