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Hossain Mohammad Ershad set a new standard in Bangladesh with his girlfriends, making even the international press with a full-page story about his wealth and his mistresses.

If you are wondering why we are dredging up this old muck, it is because a serving major general in the Bangladesh Army made a spectacle of himself a few weeks ago.

Major General Aminul Karim, the military secretary to the President of Bangladesh, was recently in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, attending a conference.

He was incredulous and a little upset when an expatriate Bangladeshi told him that he did not know who he was. But that was totally eclipsed by the fact that he was trying to pick up female delegates to the conference. He asked for the phone number of at least one women, and almost insisted that a woman from Mexico go out to dinner with him. When that didn’t work, he went after another women.

This was in full view of other attendees to the conference, who were pretty sure that the intention was not to discuss the socio-economic situation in Bangladesh.

This was an academic conference, with mostly university faculty from across the USA, Canada and Mexico attending. This behavior did not do any good to the image of Bangladesh that the ruling junta is so concerned to protect.

Mr. Karim recently earned his Ph.D. in 2007. His thesis supervisor was Professor Ataur Rahman of Dhaka University: a man nominated by the government as a “preferred” guest on TV and radio talk-shows. The external reviewer of the the thesis was Dr. Zillur Rahman Khan of University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh.

Professors Rahman and Khan are considered the theoreticians behind the concept of a role of the Army in government, and are trusted advisers to the current government.

So this scholar-general, entrusted by the government to look after President Iajuddin (and keep him in line, of course), is steeped in the theory that is providing the framework of the current and future government of Bangladesh. Is it too much to ask that someone in such an important position not embarrass the country?

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    Engr. Khondkar Abdus Saleque

    What a shame> If this is true the General must be interrogated and if found guilty punished as per his service rules. If everything goes according to plan next year by now many new scanadals of so called angels will be exposed. Orao jey dhoa tulshi papata na shetareey proman roechey Generaler eyi karmokandey.Icchha korey englishey leeklam na bahmurteer bhoyey.

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    Syed Noor-E-Alam

    It is very shame for us that an important person of Bangladesh occured this fact.But it is not the full image of Bangladesh because on the other hand Dr. Abed Khan(Non-Resident Bangladeshi) is a image of Bangladesh who is a prominent scientist of Australia.

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    Zulfikar Ali

    General Karim just wanted to have some fun. jk. We have a bigger crook in the country with a bigger ambition. These are just some little fish in the pond swimming around, having some fun while it lasts.

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    zameel R

    1/11 is overexposed? Or designed imposed?

    Point of view might be difference but focus shouldn’t be misguided.
    Many people might support pre-1/11 some might be post 1/11, but we can’t blame some one wrong only on base that’s he/she support PRE not POST.
    Now this is not question of fashion talk now it is serious issue of our and next generation future.
    Comments should be on ground reality.
    The ground reality is none of any class or community is satisfied with post 1/11, including ruling government servants even military. More interesting part of post 1/11 is low moral of ruling government u name it caretaker or army. Only this is logical reason why still emergency in Bangladesh. Already Bangladesh now world record holder for longest emergency.

    Yes I agreed pre 1/11 situation wasn’t appreciable. And all community was unsatisfied for 15 days in whole. Except this fifteen day at least 50% of people was happy (which ever if compare today then 100% was happy) since 1991 -2006 DEC 65-80% from all community, Business man, government servants, privet service holder, rikshawpooler, journalist, ALL community had there represent in happy/satisfied share, people was happy on avg 70% which is less then 1% now.

    Before support/comment or spare the opinion please judge the ground reality. Hypothetical theory only allowed for who has deep knowledge of subject. This is strictly followed all over the world. In Bangladesh and especially non resident Bangladeshi practice is much lightly. It might damage badly our good intention and wishes.


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    Bemused reader

    So now Bangladesh has become so caught up in Spitzergate that a minor incident like this is considered of national import? It is comparable to a tabloid report and its sad that weightier issues of national importance have been mixed up with such fluff. Looks like the mullahs are winning this round then.

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    Shahidul Shuvra

    General Karim if really had asked a woman for dinner is it a sin? I mean its quite natural to ask a woman for dinner or the vice-versa which although means (XXX) but if the same thing was done by any other Bangladeshi, would it be OK? If so WHY? Isn’t General Karim a man like any other man?

    If I have to write my honest opinion (an observation) after reading this story it will be, the writer of this ‘story’ failed to impress any woman with his identity while that ‘general’ somehow could manage one! Sorry BRO! I feel pity for you!

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