No wonder another news was muffled in the Bangladeshi media which took the British Bangladeshis by storm. They were disgusted and annoyed to hear that Barrister Rizwan Hussain was detained by the Zia International Airport in Dhaka, Bangladesh on the charges of trespassing while he claims he was merely helping an elderly. And things took to a dramatic turn when he was handed over to plain cloth joint forces staffs and he was beaten mercilessly and forced to sign false statements that he was sorry for trespassing and he was treated well by the captors. BBC has details.

Here is Rizwan Hussain’s full statement to the incident. Meanwhile one Bangladeshi newspaper did finally publish an ISPR press release saying:

The London lawyer became incensed and started using abusive words in English at the top of his voice, and even made threats, the ISPR statement said. Finding no alternative, the on-duty security officer handed Rizwan over to the joint forces, who interrogated him.

The lawyer, however, continued to avoid the issue of violating airport rules, instead trying to extract privileged treatment by mentioning his foreign citizenship and the status of his profession, the press release said. It was at this point, the ISPR statement says, that the members of the joint forces “harassed” barrister Rizwan.

But from the pictures of Mr. Hussain with broken arms/legs and bruised torso you can see its more than harrassment.

I fail to imagine why there is such a need to tarnish Bangladesh’s image by acting like a goon by a responsible authority where Mr Hussain (assuming he trespassed) could easily be arrested and handed over to court for the law to take action.

If somebody still can’t get it, this is extra-judicial abuse of human rights.

Rizwan Hussain’s press Conference: Part 1

Rizwan Hussain’s press Conference: Part 2

And this is going to be nasty. The High Court issued a notice on the home secretary, chairman of the Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh and director general of the Department of Immigration over the alleged assaults on barrister Rizwan Hussain.

The ISPR said that the air force authorities immediately took the taskforce members into custody in accordance with military law and formed a committee to investigate. Looking forward to hear the findings of the committee. I hope the actions of the relevant authorities will be such that no more extra-judicial abuses are done without foreseeing the consequence it brings.

Meanwhile Barrister Hussain, who is also a famous TV presenter in an UK based Bangla TV got wide support from the community via facebook groups and online petitions.

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    I feel sorry for this guy. The “behavior” especially spontaneous behavior, reaction of the Bangladesh govt bodies are deplorable…and usually bad.

    However certain questions arise out of my curious mind:

    -What was he DOING in restrictive area of the airport, which is an extreme security zone?

    -How did he manage to trespass into such area? (I hope not through the influence of
    his “army” friends/relatives, as many, many Bangladeshi people love to do!!)

    -How did he walk to the mosque with so many broken bones? without anyone noticing him????? pretty strange?

    He was attacked on April 14, and then was back in UK by the 18th? How was he released so soon from any hospital/clinic after bone fractures etc etc? And endure the 16 hr flight back to London?

    -Has anyone seen copies of the medical certificates?

    -trespassing into restricted national security zones, would lead to army personnel or security personal to manhandle a person if the person didn’t cooperate with the security personal..just how violent was the “suspect” ?? in this case, Rizwan.

    Ofcourse non of the above (even if against rizwan( justifies him getting beaten up this badly) However if rizwan indeed used abusive words or brash behaviour ( as many a British or American PASSPORT holder of Bangladeshi origin love to flaunt themselves in ZIA with their foreign English accents — i hope you agree MOST of them do) then the security personnel could well have been right to mistake him for some with suspicious motives ( when is the time to be nice when he might say BLOW up the airport at any moment, if indeed he was so loud and brazen in his defiance to be interrogated) then the security personnel may have been right to use force on him.

    nothing however justifies him being THAT badly handled to have these many bruises?

    However if this was the case, that the security forces were convinced because of his behavior that he was indeed extremely suspicious a character then they should just come clean and clear the air. Admit their mistake. After all they didn’t kill the guy. They hurt him real bad and the security could apologize for their mistake, and the harsh treatment . Rizwan could then also seek compensation. I mean mistakes happen and its unfortunate that Rizwan is a victim. But National security i am sorry to say is an extremely tricky area. in the UK, a Brazilian man was shot to death at a central London tube station because he was acting suspiciously- according to London Met police.

    That may have been a wrong judgment on the police’s part…but you know brothers and sisters> mistakes happen.

    What I am trying to say, before all os us have got right facts, ..I mean enough facts on our hands, i have to say this sounds like a pretty one-sided story.

    I am sorry Rizwan was a victim., but what was he doing in restrictive territory in the first place. how responsible does that make HIM ?

    Do not please, bad mouth and entire nation and an its army without getting all the facts right.

    We need the correct facts first.

    I hope i have been able to make a few pointers.

    Also to add: Why is the Facebook face on Rizwan’s justice being so manipulated that noe one is being allowed to write anything that may potentially lead to pointing out that Rizwan was even “Slightly” wrong in his behavior that day and contributed to the misery brought on him? Doesn’t that arise any suspicions to one’s mind?

    There is no smoke without fire, after all!

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    I am like many thousand of people shocked and disgusted by the behaviour of the Bangladeshi Airport staff, and Authority.
    All envolved should be brought to justice as an example to others and to reassure the NRB.

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    I am very discusted with the Bangladeshi airport staff who carried out such herendous acts on barister Rizwan . The culprits who carried out such ruthless attack on him need to be brought forward to accounted for what they have done!We want Justice for Rizwan!!

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    We all need to unite and work together to get Justice for Barister Rizwan and we need to get some kind of reassurence that no one else will be a subject of verbal or physical abuse in the Bangladeshi airport.

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    Saleem Samad

    General Moeen your ISPR is lying!!
    It is a shame on the military installed interim government blaming previous governments for all misdeeds and wrong-doings, while they inhumanely torture and intimidate Rizwan and many others to sign a confessional statement.
    It is pity that a lady questions how Rizwan entered into “restricted” area. She does not know concourse, passenger lounge and designated waiting area are not restricted area. In any airports of the world these areas are open for passenger and public. Only in Bangladesh you have pay to enter, if you wish to accompany a passenger. Well that is not my argument. She does not protest why Rizwan has to be tortured and forced to sign a confessional statement, if he has entered without authorisation. He should have been produced in the court and sent to prison for violation of airport security.
    Like a parent at home you bash children for wrong-doing. Do you also expect to be done similarly for breaching airport security. Or Rizwan should have been prosecuted and punished in accordance to the law. Well, Rizwan has not breached airport security, otherwise they would not have made to sign a paper after beating him blue and released him.
    Whereas everyday off duty military officers and even police officers roam the airports freely, specially in sensitive areas accompanying passengers, which of course poses a security threat. Remember the same airport was used to export Jihadist, trained in Bangladesh to 28 countries. Some fleeing Taliban and Al Qaeda leaders arrived Bangladesh through the ZIA, where Rizwan was questioned for trespassing.
    I am sorry Rizwan for the incident. I strongly condemn, but I have no language to protest.

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    The Directorate General of Forces Intelligence (DGFI) Presently headed by Major General Golam Mohammed, its two bureau chiefs, Brigadier General A. T. M. Amin and Brigadier General Fazlul Bari, are two of the most powerful movers-and-shakers of this current military regime.

    Army Chief General Moeen U. Ahmed often uses them as to do his actual fieldwork, such as the abduction and torture of possible dissenters, the coercion of businessmen to provide donations that will be used to fund Moeen’s upcoming political aspirations, the dismantling and launching of political parties to suit the military establishment’s current needs of the moment, and the suppression of any unrest fomenting amongst our general population due to the increasing inefficiency displayed by this regime to meet some of the fundamental demands of governance, such as keeping food prices stable and getting enough fertilizers to our farmers on time.

    The Directorate General of Forces Intelligence (DGFI) is an intelligence unit of Bangladesh Arm forces is headed by one Maj. General Golam Mohammad with his two closest associates (i) Brig. General Fazlul Bari (ii) Brig. General Amin having head quarter in Dhaka Cantonment. It has countrywide network based on all cantonments in Bangladesh

    The present DGFI has adopted more aggressive attitude under Army led care taker government than the previous martial law government. The people perception is DGFI is mainly guided by i) Brig. Gen. Bari and ii) Brig. amin. These two officers are closely linked with Jamat-E-Islami politics and it top brass Motiur Rahman Nizami. Their target is to promote Jamat to–power in next election at least through a coalition government.

    Read the Washington Post’s article A New Hub for Terrorism: to see the documented linkage between Jamaat and the current DGFI….

    “What makes future prospects in Bangladesh especially alarming is that the Jamaat and its allies appear to be penetrating the higher ranks of the armed forces. Among many examples, informed journalists in Dhaka attribute Jamaat sympathies to Maj. Gen. Mohammed Aminul Karim, recently appointed as military secretary to President Iajuddin Ahmed, and to Brig. Gen. A.T.M. Amin, director of the Armed Forces Intelligence anti-terrorism bureau.

    The respected journalists in question cannot write freely about the Jamaat without facing death threats or assassination attempts. The U.S.-based Committee to Protect Journalists has published extensive dossiers documenting 68 death threats and dozens of bombing attacks that have injured at least eight journalists. “We are alarmed by the growing pattern of intimidation of journalists by Islamic groups in Bangladesh,” the committee said recently. “As a result of its alliance with the Jamaat-Islamiyah, the government appears to lack the ability or will to protect journalists from this new and grave threat.”

    For Pakistan’s intelligence agencies, especially Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), the legacy of the independence war has been a built-in network of agents within the Jamaat and its affiliates who can be utilized to harass India along its 2,500-mile border with Bangladesh. In addition to supporting tribal separatist groups in northeast India, the ISI uses Bangladesh as a base for helping Islamic extremists inside India. After the July 11 train bombings in Bombay, a top Indian police official, K.P. Raghuvanshi, said that his key suspects “have connections with groups in Nepal and Bangladesh, which are directly or indirectly connected to Pakistan.”

    A State Department report cited evidence that one of the Jamaat’s main allies, the Harakat ul-Jihad-i-Islami, also headquartered in Pakistan, “maintains contact with Al Qaeda in Afghanistan.” Bangladesh Harakat leader Fazlul Rahman was one of the six signatories of Osama bin Laden’s first declaration of holy war against the United States, on Feb. 23, 1998. Since the October 2002 Bali bombings led to repression of al-Qaeda, some of its Indonesian and Malaysian cells have shifted their operations to Bangladesh….”

    DGFI Brigadier General Fazlul Bari Assaulted


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    To deepa,

    You should look up ‘rizwan hussain’ on google. This individual is a philanthropist that has dedicated the last few years towards raising funds to help victims of various natural disasters that have taken place in southeast asia (e.g., clycone sidr, pakistan earthquaqe etc). As well as being a barrister, he is a well known presenter of benagli and islamic TV channels in the UK (Channel S, Bangla TV and Islam Channel).

    As for his injuries, apart from the substantial bruising on his body, his right leg was fractured above the ankle and his left arm was completely broken. The bone was re-set and plastered in dhaka however a follow up x-ray reveal that brokens bones were not fully aligned. Therefore a decision was made to travel back to the UK asap for medical reasons.

    I know all this because I have seen his injuries first hand and am acquainted with Rizwan.

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    This is inhuman!! The Bangladesh Caretaker Government should immediately investigate the matter and punish the culprits those who did injustice to the visiting Lawyer Rizwan, and set an example of appropriate justice. This kind of incidents must be stopped by imposing immediate law and order, so that it never occurs in the future.

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    Hi all and salaams to all Muslims, greeting to other faiths, I agree with everyone above but would like to add, why are Bengalis always suffering and people don’t take notice? Why is our life’s less important than our white counterpart?

    Why are British high commission not taking this matter higher like they have done with other white cases, and why are the British mainstream media not taking this matter upon mainstream news?

    I don’t have all the answers could some one tell me why? Is it because we don’t have the languages, confidence, or people in position or do we just fight among you and look for positing in society rather than the common good?

    The Bangladesh government have never taken British Bengalis seriously because we say but don’t do and too much brown nose toward them, lets become more British like and complain to our white MP at make any positive change,

    You any comment on this Anwar, Yorkshire

    my dua goes to rizwan and his family everyone that has suffered at the hands of people in position, in Bangladesh and at Bangladesh high commission in the uk

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