Mullahs spreading rumours to justify anarchy

Dhaka Correspondent

Dhaka Correspondent

Photo: PR, Bangladesh Khelafat Andolon.

The Fundamentalist Mullahs running havoc in Bangladesh for last couple of days turned to a new strategy to continue the anarchy. On Friday they had sent a press note to the media claiming three of their members were dead. Since the claim was overlooked, they again started threatening the journalists over phone on Saturday noon.

The claim was phony indeed. When the undersigned of the Press note Kaji Azizul Haq was contacted he demanded the police took away all the dead bodies to unknown destinations. When said that there was no record of anybody dying in the hospital, he reacted furiously and said, “When you seculars die the whole country mourns, and when a mullah dies its the other way around.”

The Commissioner  of DMP Naeem Ahmed denied any such incident saying that it was impossible to do so, because the media and reporters surrounding the premise was large in number and the police was cautious in their action.

The same fundamentalist used the rumor in Hathazari on Saturday claiming that a madrasha student died and they attacked the local police station.

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    Engr. Khondkar Abdus Saleque

    This mullahs must be resisted. These mullahs in 1971 presented our helpless women for entetainment of occupation Pakistani force. There is nothing against Islam in the Nari Odihar Act.Mullahs are active to create smoke to shadow the popular demand for trials of war criminals and collaborators. This time we must not only break the poison teeth of venomous snakes ,we should also see that they are eliminated once for all. The weeds grow much faster than main crop. We must not repeat mistakes once more. Government must take stern action. These guys are violating emmergency act. Government must also clarify position on the matter to avoid confusion and dispel rumours.

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    Women and their rights does not exist in any Mullah’s life. In their self made spiritual ideas they only know that women are married to serve men only and the question of any kind of rights does not arise. They think only men are supposed to give the rights to women. They think women’s heaven are under the feet of their married husbands. So, no matter what, all women should be under full control of the husbands. They think men are superior and women are worthless.

    All these illiterate MULLAHS of the world must realize that by disrespecting and discriminating the women, they are at the same time disrespecting their MOTHERS too.They are destroying and dishonoring their mother’s rights.

    I think they should stop making up things in the name of religion. ISLAM, according to my opinion is one of the most modern religion and women are given due respect side by side with all men. It teaches us to respect each other with dignity and honor. It teaches us to treat all women respectfully. It teaches us to share everything with our women partners. It teaches us to make our minds more broader and deal honestly with all our women partners.

    So, I think, these MOLLAHS needs to be properly educated to understand that there is no harm in providing due respect to your own life partner and share everything in a respectful manner. God has made both men and women to live side by side to build their family lives together and share everything reasonably. Why the MULLAHS dictate the Islamic rules – I don’t understand!! It should depend on the fare opinion of the majority people of the country to decide. MULLAHS should concentrate in gaining more modern knowledges from other parts of the world and change their attitude in giving due respect to women, and finally to their mothers.

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    Mullah’s are the biggest stumbling block to Bangladesh’s development. They must be resisted at any cost. Anyone who has seen these beings will agree that these are very shallow, illiterate, hollow creepy creatures.The uneducated illiterate masses of the third world are their easy prey. They brainwash the heads of these innocent people with self-made gospels and sermons. Many of the mullahs belonging to fundamentalist Islamic parties in Bangladesh are war criminals, child molesters, sadists and wife beaters. That is why these isolated individuals vehemently oppose women’s ascent in society. They prefer to keep women veiled and suppressed so that their crimes don’t come out in the open. I am sure the same is true in other parts of the world.

    I am sure with what is happening in the middle east the mullahs will soon see women beating them up for torture and humiliation.

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