Motia Chowdhury queues to buy rice

Dhaka Correspondent

Dhaka Correspondent

Awami presidium member Motia Chowdhury waits in a queue to buy rice from an open market sale in South Basabo. Dhaka, Bangladesh. April 12 2008.

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    Matia Chowhdury once again showed a great example of true leadership. Our leaders should walk in the shoes of an average citizen to understand their agony, thier day to day problem. It showed how wrong General Moeen was with his statemetn that there is no cirisis for rice in Bangladesh after his quick visit to the market. For an army person under structured comfortable life he will never understand the agony and pain of average person when army pays below 5 taka per kilo of rice!!! It shows how unfortuante it is for our country to be lead under army leadersihp.

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    Engr. Khondkar Abdus Saleque

    Another action of Great Maia Apa to show that she is always with the mass. Leaders must intrgrate with suffering people.The country is definitely in the grip of serious food and energy crisis. There is crisis all over the globe. But our narrow visosned Army Chief trying to ignore it. He suggested people to take potato and then treated the Journalists with 10 course potato dominated lunch. When majority is struggling to arrnge two square meals he did a mockery. Being a Government survent he must not continue to criticise politics and politicians. Does his service rule permit these? Wonder whether he should be charged for violating his service rule.

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    priyaranjan pandit

    Bangladesh achieved consistent food surplus under Motia’s able leadership in Agriculture and Food Ministry. We enjoyed 8% growth rate in agriculture when she was running the ministry. I still remeber how Saifur Rahman Sahib derided Motia stating that food self sufficiency deprived Bangladesh of foreign aid. I feel Hasina was a much better PM than her father. I firmly believe that if elected to serve, Motia will prove herself to be of Indira Gandhi’s calibre.

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    Jagoruk Manush

    Motia Chowdhury: Banga Kanya – The Daughter of Bangladesh

    A nation, developed, developing or underdeveloped, can boast a few patriots of Motia’s calibre. For Bangladesh, it is only Motia, a loner and the brightest in her orbit which is unparallel. She is humble and serene like the nature of Bangladesh, yet so feisty like a monsoon river on the street of protests. When patriotism and honesty were traded for comfort and wealth by the once valiant heroes of our political past, they gradually lost their moral shelter and repugnantly transformed into a herd of rats, bats and mules. But to Motia, virtues and reasons are the irreversible concept of life. That concept lures her to the street, gives her strength to barricade the goliath of evils for the protection of her kinfolk. Every starved person of her country is her kin. Therefore when she stands in the line for rice and waits for hours oblivious of scorching sun and weariness of recent ailment, she reflects one of the millions, famished. Will the children fall asleep hungry tonight – that is her only agony now. She is Motia, the ‘Agni Kanya’ evolved through age and experience to become Banga Kanya, the daughter of Bangladesh.

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    Dear Madam,

    Hello to you. I am a bangladeshi citizen but live in abroad. I have seen newspaper that the govt. is going to give digel to the farmer at low price specially in agricultural field. But in this case I have a suggestion that is it will be better if the military distributed the digel to farmer directly for irrigation. And ofcourse it will distributed specially north part of Bangladesh. I hope my suggestion will take into warmly.

    As you know if we give this digel in whole bangldesh it will not use for agriculture. As the aim is to increase the production. In this case agricultural ministry take military help.


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    I appeal to you AS ‘THE WOMAN IN THE PROBLEMS OF ITS Peaple.In these years I have made agricultural projects led by your emigrated here in Italy. The projects are directed to the area drinking water for agricultural use for human. The agriculture has a very important position for your small equipment country.I hope that can lead to very useful and beneficial .The your and our future, and related more and more ‘to agricultural development.If we develop these projects we will be sure to have a world and a better BANGLADESH and a large future .Spero to be including and have the honor to get a reply.THANK – CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR SUCCES FOR YOUR WORK.

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    I take this opportunity to express my most ‘Sincerely. THANKS

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    Rabindra Lal Barua

    Dear Madam,

    Hello honorable madam. You are my most favourate leader and you are the only respectable leader for me in Bangladesh for your kindness, honesty, and leadership. I was your follower, when you were in Student Union. Since then, you are my only respectable leader and will be up to my death. I do not like present leader due to their selfishness, dishonesty. I am absolutely leading my life following you. I am working a NGO and trying to benefit the poor people like you. I have avoided luxurious life and follow simple life like you, because, you are my godess. I will request you to lead future life like present, which will be followed by others in the cuontry.

    Rabindra Lal Barua

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    your are a role model for our country.please make a good leadership for our country.
    dallas,texas usa

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    tell your prime minister handle all our goverment ministyr like you

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