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[Rezwan, Germany.]

The Bangladesh government temporarily shut down its first 24 hour private satellite news channel CSBNEWS on charges of forgery. If the TV authority can not answer satisfactorily the charges of forgery within 7 days, the station will be shut down permanently. News reports in BBC, The Daily Star and BDNews24.

Tiktiki has the background and time line of events concerning CSB news in Dristipat blog. Shada Kalo sheds a light into the forgery charges.

VOA News has an Audio Report (Download Real Audio).

Drishtipat Blog appeals to the Government:

We earnestly hope that the news channel will not go off air permanently. They should be fined in financial terms by all means, if found guilty. But people

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    Dear Sonia

    With a sympathetical Heart i want to tell you something …You just lost your job, But you know there are lots of people lost even their life during extrajudicial killing. And also geting torchure during this CTG.They were also innocent like you.

    I wish for you dont get upset, its the time we are in the state of very close to war, a Civil war, much critical than 1971.

    Anwar hossain monju is the brother of mainul But no Body ask Mainul Wher is your brother.But Look at you & others , what they are doing.

    I think You should have a lession ” Zero Tolerance agaisnt torchure” Its not time to get upset its the time to boost up your head.
    I do wish success for having a job for you & all the CSB employee.

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    I do not get this.

    How could they do such a foolish and awful thing ?

    Before, the public had little clue of what this Govt. is planning and its intentions, but right now – even a Shopkeeper would know.

    They are the only 24 hour news service in Bangladesh. It is so much more than a shameful act, I am simply stunned by the magnitude of the mischiefs by this panel.

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    Soneya, I am truly sorry that this has been brought upon you. The utter stupidity of this move has been the hallmark of this “anti-corruption” drive. This is what happens when a government that has no constituency acts for the “good of the country”. Since they have no constituency, people are a minor inconvenience to the “greater good”.

    If they have an issue with CSB’s business practice, the government needs to address it in a responsible manner. There are a number of remedies well short of shutting down a business that are usually taken by responsible governments. Of course, that assumes this was about the “forgery”. Given the threats to CSB and others just a week or so ago, it seems quite clear why CSB was shut down. This is a ruthless exercise of power by a group of unaccountable, unelected false messiahs.

    tiktiki at DP wrote in a comment to his post on CSB:

    When they came to power in Jan 11th, we all cheered. For all their moves we gave them unquestioned support assuming that whatever happened in the past is now over and things will change for the better. We gave up our rights to protest and speak freely thinking we won

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    well i think its another of our army backed govt. ‘s job well done…thats what they are doing lately.its a waste to say anything against them now.

    BTW is the “charges of forgery” —-false ot true? if true, why did CSB do this?

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    CSB shouldn’t be afraid ! They confessed about their forgery. They will get dose for their deed but CTG is not that fool to close it permanantly. We are still hopeful CTG will take right decision and withdraw temporary injuction on CSB.

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    Subrato Mukherjee

    Don’t be afraid! We all are with you. We wish you may be begin your transmission soon and be the super hit news channel of Bangladesh. We are hopeful that government will not take any decision which may be harmful for our nation. We wish all the best.

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    Riaz Faride

    I think CSB can still proceed with their activities. Instead of airing as a conventional TV, it can launch WebTV… as a WebTV, servers don’t necessarily have to be in Bangladesh…

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    Md.Nehal Uddin

    I’ve so terrifying on Bangladesh government !!!!!!! Because I can’t make any assignment for my assignment task in my institution. What’s going on !!!!!? I requesting to my government please turn on the CSB News. We’re the nation definitely glad to you 🙂 .

    Md.Nehal Uddin – Repon
    From Dhaka Mohammadpur

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