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    Good sense prevailed:

    Law adviser Mainul Hosein Tuesday (September 5) said Iajuddin Ahmed would continue as president in line with the constitution.

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    I think there was no indication that good sense will not prevail. Anyways, everybody can relax now.

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    Hello ZaFa,

    I don’t know how to begin… let me just give it to you straight: Why is all this buzz on what is constitutional and what is not? Who cares about that? Besides some people like “jonogon” and some bloggers like yourself, no one gives a rats ass about constitutionality of their actions. The name of the game is: STATE of EMERGENCY. Yours and mine and the person next to me – all of our rights suspended, while the ARMY and its chosen cronies run amock, doing whatever the hell they like (good or bad it doesn’t matter… they are not accountable!).

    I think you know it far better than I do that this is not a Caretaker/Interim Government in any sense of the term, and far less in terms of their constitutional bindings…

    I don’t think there is a constitution that binds them to anything… here the constitution is what the big brass says. For all I know, the MAN could very well be saying all kinds of right things, but all of that has nothing to do with them being constitutional – cause they aren’t – he isn’t, neither is anything of the current governing body… nothing, zip, nada!

    What Moinul Hosein said recently about keeping YesUddin in seat, is something he said quite whimsically I’d say… what would it be if he had said something like, “From today, Mr. Yunus is going to be the President.”? Nothing. Not a damn thing. You’d be writing about it in this blog and talk about how unconstitutional it has been and things like that… besides, the fact that this YesUddin guy is still going to be in the seat is not constitutional either – in fact, it is far from it… and who decided that he will stay? This government – the government that doesn’t have the authority to appoint a president – right? 🙂

    If they can ask one to stay, then they can ask one to leave and have another one sit there. We all know how the “pot-poriborton” took place on that ominous day (1/11). Pretty constitutional hey!

    I’ll say – it is not about the constitution at all… significant deals like IMF-PSI are taking place… can they do that? Of course they can… they can sell the country if they like… they practically have done that…

    ANDOLON, I am afraid is the only answer. But, that too needs to be organized with a vision of self-dependecy… something that comes and is saturated with the voices and faces from the bottom …

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    Iconus, I detect a tone of frustration in your note, and I think it is shared by many. The SOE should have been lifted long time ago. The HR watchers all over the world are raising their voices as well. The current govt is using SOE to concoct all sorts of

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    I feel melancholic nowadays. Democracy is derailed. Freedom of speech has been snatched away. Dangerous experiments are being tried by unelected puppets at the bidding of foreign masters.

    I have given up watching TV and reading newspapers. Internet is the only breathing space left for for my suffocating lungs. Blogsphere is my info corner. My intellect is no longer stimulated by lively evening and late night talk shows that had become so popular lately. Till the unseen hands of the same demons strangulated the last vestiges of free press as they had done in 2001 at the insistence of Islamic fascists.

    My blood boils at the menton of Pakistanization of Bangladesh. People who mention it are a disgrace for our hard earned Independence. Its the defeated forces of 1971 and their second line of allies who are in top gear now. The first line of allies have been abandoned and put inside prison by the mullahs enjoying American and British blessings!

    The army’s role is dubious. Its treading in areas where angels fear to tread. Better not talk about the unelected opportunists who have betrayed their former job providers.

    The role of the US, UK, UN, WB, IMF is even more deplorable. Its the same Yunus who had given A+ to Yesuddin for his role as the worst CA ever prior to January 11, 2007 now decorating the current CA with the same medal manufactured in Yunus’s unprincipled, unethical undemocratic fascist mind.

    In the past we at least knew what was happening. Now everything is being pushed into a blackhole keeping all actions of this unelected undemocratic self-imposed government from public scrutiny.

    Bangladesh must reclaim its democracy. The cracks have appeared here and there which have been cruelly hammered by blockheads whose brains are full of mush.

    Truth shall prevail and democracy must be restored in its proper place.

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    I fully agree with the grim undemocratic environment looming over Bangladesh. Yesterday it was clear that a dual leadership is running the country.

    Politicians are to blame. Both the ladies were surrounded by morons who had no political acumenship. Politicians also don’t need to have any formal and special education to run the country as the ladies had wrongly thought.

    While these two ladies were in power they could have set up educational institutions to lure bright young aspirants into the mainstream party politics. Instead they have promoted nepotism, cronyism, sycophancy and unbridled corruption. Fifteen long years would have cleansed our rotten filthy politics by now and undemocratic evil forces under international patronage would have not succeeded in snatching power so easily.

    I think Hasina is being unecessarily harassed for sins commited by mostly the BNP-Jamaat-e-Islami alliance governemnt of 2001-2006.

    The present unsettled situation in Bangladesh will deteriorate if the army and their international backers buy time to plunder Bangladesh’s natural resources at will. The DU incident is just a flicker of things to come if illegitimacy is forced through the barrel of gun on freedom loving people of Bangladesh.

    This unelected government must look for a graceful exit strategy at the earliest and hand over power to elected representatives as fast as possible.

    The current government is grossly violating human rights and is using repressive terror tactics to intimidate the common people. It is deriving its strength from the support it is getting from the US and the UK. The British ambassador is openly interfering in the internal affairs of Bangladesh. Moriarty is likely to do the same.

    Such a scenario can only be transient as both China and India will soon flex their muscles and political manuvering to balance and check unopposed Western supremacy in Bangladeshi matters. That could be a major blow to our economic development if we antagonize our neighbors in the region by importing Washington-devised military backed fascist undemocratic illegitimate juntas.

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    For the second generation of Brit-Bengalis, this is an informative article. Thanks.
    We can talk about the constitution until the cows come home, but, as iconus clustus and others pointed out, the constitution is redundant in current BD clime. I’d like the original constitution to be restored, with the secular recognition of the humanity of everyone.

    I agree, their

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    Hello Zafa:

    First of all – ANDOLON: I wonder why you had to mention ransacking public and private property while talking about ANDOLON… I hope I didn’t mean anything of that sort. I think I talked about being organized with a VISION and to go forward with that vision guiding the path… ransacking public and private property doesn’t have a space here. However, even in professed non-violent struggles like that of Gandhi at times became a bit violent… you see, when people have their backs glued against the wall, a whole lot of things can happen. It is one thing to say “raise awareness” and totally other to have an oppressed lot of people get organized and rightfully place and win their demand.

    In this connection, I would like to register one thing: What exactly do we mean when we talk about raising awareness? I mean – do we need to go tell it to the rickshawala bhai that the price of the essentials are too high and that it should not be? Don’t you think he knows and feels it in his bones and in his stomach everyday? Then, what are we talking about? I think – it is worth a thread of its own where we discuss this and also the steps that can be taken to address it. One caveat: blogging is cool – blogging is tool – but it doesn’t go down to where it matters… we need to devise ways to go down where it matters…

    In your response, you once again brought in the talk of contitutionality… why Zafa? Why? I do not understand why you do this when you know that the document means nothing to the landlords now… they are CLEARLY above it… and that too with the emergency powers act… a self-defeating instrument. In fact – even that ACT didn’t matter… all they needed to do is brandish their guns and brass and simply slap-transfer power to Fakrudding, make oneself a full general (instead of being sacked), keep an impeachable president in office, make important international deals, make selective arrests, grab indigenous lands, and the list goes on and on. The CONSTITUTION, is on hold… and is made IRRELEVANT. That is a reality. So, if you are going to say anything about it – you better be straight forward and say like it is! The government doesn’t care what the constitution says… getting the work done matters, and the idea is not to let the CONSTITUTION GET IN THE WAY! Plain and simple.

    Frustrated – that I am… very much so. I am angry too. I wanna be able to shout out… I feel like burning things down, but then again I stop and take a deep breath… see things in perspective… know the faces… try to figure out the truths that lay behind their masks… and then I want to expose them… but, in the meantime, I also look into myself… see for what kind of a person I am… see what I criticize is there withinin me or not… then I think of organization… sorry, I am babbling…

    Let me get back to CONSTITUION: What makes you hold this particular document in such high regard… you can’t tell me that you do not know what it is now is nothing too great. In fact, it is deplorable! It has made us into a religionist state – something that we fought against!!! It has been butchered at will and used and suspended at will… the little leaflets that some ad-campaigners throw at you as you are flying by in a CNG or something is more effective than this document? I really have my doubts about this document (the current one of coruse) being able to bring anything fruitful. I don’t see a constituitional solution…

    Mark my word: the indemnity bill will remain. Tailey ar chinta ki!?

    Anyway, enough babling for the day.

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