Where is the crisis? There is no crisis:General Moeen

Dhaka Correspondent

Dhaka Correspondent

The army chief, General Moeen U Ahmed, on Saturday dismissed the notion of any crisis of rice in the country, saying ‘a crisis has been created’.

While visiting Dhaka city’s wholesale market at Karwan Bazaar General Moeen told E-Bangladesh ‘Where is the crisis? There is no crisis. Crisis has been created. Price has increased, but no crisis,’

The army chief made the comment to the newsmen in the wake of alleged jacking up of the commodity prices.General Moeen, whose force is aiding the interim government, observed that people now went for panic buying of excess rice. ‘If a consumer buys four sacks of rice, a situation may crop up out of this pooling.

‘Inshallah, there’ll be no problem if we can tackle the situation for next 20 days,’ he said.

Seeking positive role from the media, the army chief said it is the responsibility of all to stabilise the market prices. He advised the market association to monitor that same variety of rice is sold at the same price.

General Moeen said there is enough stock of rice with the dealers. He viewed that there is no Indian rice–all of it is Bangladeshi rice. ‘Millers charge high, resulting in the price hike.’

The army chief expressed the optimism that this year there is going to be a good harvest of Boro paddy.

General Moeen said this year 80 lakh tonnes of potato were produced while the preservation capacity is only 20 lakh tonnes.

He advised people to change their food habit and eat rice along with potato everyday so that potato growers get fair price and be encouraged to cultivate potato next year too.

The director general of paramilitary BDR, Maj General Shakil Ahmed, whose force is engaged in rationing rice and some other essentials under OMS, also said there is sufficient rice in the country with a stock of three months’ provisions.

He said this year Boro production is likely to exceed 1.70 crore tonnes and there is no reason to be worried.

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    Engr. Khondkar Abdus Saleque

    You can not see crisis as you are one of them who are responsible for crisis. Do not read the headlines of all newspapers.? Do you think all newspares are spreading rumours? The civil society is very vocal.It happens to all autocrats .You are no exception. When the people will rise you will not find excape route.Better accept the crisis accept the failure and let politicians rule the country.

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    Dear Khandaker,

    How many times you have written this type of message during last governments? Were they better or equal to this government? Don’t create any rumour or crisis.

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    An army officer will never feel the pinch of food price as they buy their food with heavily subsidized price. I heard that army personnel pay some ridiculously low rate for rice from army ration. I have a great idea for General MU Ahmed: Why doesn’t he feed rest of the country with the same price as Army ration?

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