Khaleda Zia behind bars



[Rezwan, Germany.]

People say that here is never a dull day in Bangladesh politics. On the 3rd of September early morning the military-backed (care-taker) interim government in Bangladesh had arrested former Prime Minister Khaleda Zia on corruption charges. His son was also arrested on the same charge. Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying has detailed timeline of the events leading to her arrest. It was surprisingly a televised even as the news of the arrest was leaked and the media was trailing the security forces convoy rolling to her house.

Earlier in midnight a case was filed against her where she was accused of favoring her son misusing her power by awarding contracts to a local company, when she was in power. Her elder son is already behind bars also facing corruption charges. She will share a makeshift detention center in the parliament compound with her longtime political rival Sheikh Hasina who is also detained on charges of corruption.Dozens of high profile Bangladeshi politicians and businessmen are behind the bar because of the government

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    Hi Nasim: Perhaps you can start by giving your opinion. It is a free forum.

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    Well, I am very much ignorant in politics. But I do wonder while Hasina’s arrest got so much attention from media to everywhere, Khaleda’s arrest is very quiet. Why there’s such difference?

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    Rezwan bhai, I was one of the individuals on Shafiur’s blog who asked ‘why there’s no charges being brought against Khaleda?’, and, more pertinently, why very little action against the war criminals operating as ‘holier than thou’ politicians in BD. Are the Jamatists and the army best chums now?

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    When Khaleda Zia as a prime minister last had gone in Saudi Arab for omrah, some newspaper published a news that she had belong over fifty big luggage. What was in these luggage? It’s my personal curiosity. Could anybody leak the footage when these were boarding at Zia?
    I think arresting of Khaleda Zia is eyewash. It is an investment. Army and Jammat keep in BNP and Khaleda as a force in the political arena, because they never want to see any progressive democratic force, even AL, in state power. They just want to creat a favorable political condition for their own agenda, suppose, change the constitution which is appreciateable by army and fundamentalist, or erase corruption from open space but into ligalised form. But they have to invest for it. So they destroyed Rangs, they arrested Khaleda to achive the confidence of people.
    More thing have to seen in future! See, economist Rehman Sobhan how vocal now, though in gentle way. See, Dr. Mozaffor Ahmed from the very beggining not with the honest searching movement of Dr. Yunus and Prothom Alo-Daily Star. The Civil like Yunus are still now hopeful in their own pond!

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