War Crimes Facts Finding Committee names 1,597 war criminals

Dhaka Correspondent

Dhaka Correspondent

The War Crimes Facts Finding Committee on Thursday made public a list of 1597 war criminals who had been involved in killing, rape, looting and other grave crimes during the War of Independence in 1971.

The list of war criminals, who were directly involved in crimes against humanity and mass murder, includes 369 officers of the Pakistani occupation forces, 852 Razakars, 64 al-Badars, 78 members of the Bihari community who had collaborated with the Pakistani army, 106 political collaborators and 128 members of the so-called ‘peace committee’ formed by the Pakistanis during the war.

The Facts Finding Committee convener Dr MA Hasan at a press conference at the Women Voluntary Association auditorium in Dhanmondi launched the first list of the war criminals. Kazi Sazzad Ali Zahir Bir Pratik, Liberation War Museum trustee Akku Chowdhury and member of the facts finding committee Dr Zakia also addressed the conference.

Four war crime victims during the Independence War of Bangladesh Putul Rani Karmakae from Barguna district, Moymona Khatun from Phulpur, Mymensingh, Korivin Nesa and Romeza Khatun from Halua Ghat Mymensingh attended the function. Pakistani army officers with the help local collaborators raped them.

The committee has also included the name of one of the Pakistani war criminals Colonel (Retd) Nader Parvez who has recently been elected member of parliament.

The committee have found documents and probes regarding a number of influential professionals and political leaders who had central role in designing as well as committing war crimes they are Dyed Khwaja Khayer Uddin, AQM Shafiqul Islam, Professor Golam Azam, Mahmud Ali, Abdul Zabbar Khaddar, Siddiq Ahmad, Abul Kashem, Mohon Mia, Moulana Syed Mohammad Masum, Abdul Matin, Professor Golam Sarwar, Pir Hossain Uddin, ASM Solaiman, AK Rafiqul Hossain, Nuruzzaman, Ataul Haq Khan, Toaha Bin Habib, Afsar Uddin, Dewan Warasat Ali, Hakim Irtezaur Rahman Khan, late Abbas Ali Khan, Matiur Rahman Nizami, M Kamruzzaman, Abdul Alim, Mohammad Ayen Uddin, Delwar Hossain Sayedi, late Moulana Abdul Mannan, Anwar Zahid, Abdul Kader Mollah, ASM Solaiman, Fazlul Quader Chowdhury, Maoulana Abdus Sobhan, Moulana AKM Yousuf, Ali ahsan Muhammad Muzahid and ABM Khaleq Majumder.

Among the Pakistani war criminals in the list are Aga Mohamad Yahya Khan, Tikka Khan, Rao AA K Niazi, Rao Farman Ali and others.

In response to a question, the committee members said, they have necessary documents and probes about the crimes committed by the persons in the list.

‘Charged of war crimes and the trial can be possible on the basis of the documents and probes we have found.’

Founded 17 years ago, the War Crimes Facts Finding Committee has prepared the list of war criminals as per the findings of 9-year research conducted by 13 full time researchers.

MA Hasan said, ‘This is the first list of war criminals. We will also publish more list of war criminals one after another when ever find necessary probes against a war criminal.’

The supporting documents regarding war criminals are corresponding letters, office notes, office files, cassettes, books, booklets, forensic reports, interviews, videos and paper cuttings, the facts finding committee leaders said.

List of War Criminals

List of Accused P.O.Ws

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    Engr. Khondkar Abdus Saleque

    This is the begining .Great. Now the atrocities commited by each of them with evidences should also be published. Bangladesh can never attain peace until these obnoxious weeds are wiped out. They are responsible for all terrorist activities , crimes and killings in Bangladesh. Now we can hope to see some of these criminals under trail in our generation.

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    A Qader

    All these criminals should be tried for:
    1. Fighting against Bangladesh i.e., killing our heroic Mukti Bahini and calling them “Hindu Bahini”
    2. Helping barbaric Pak army to make us colonised knowing we would be sub-human if Pakistan succeeded
    3. Doing the above two in the name of religion.
    All these crimes are not only against us but also against humanity in general – there should not be any problem to convince prosecutors of International Court with these points. These animals must be tried. No more but and if.
    Cheers, AQ

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    Imroz Hassan Chowdhury

    Dear Dr. Hassan,

    I just heard the program of Nirbachito Khobor of yours on Channel 1. I don’t know where about or the email address of you – so … I want to tell you Thanks. In my observation and believe I always think being a patriot ones don’t have to be a particular member of a party, being alone could s/he stand against the crime and injustice. Which you just referred today and give me the strength to believe on myself again. If you want any kind of help I will stand besides you for this movement.

    And plz. be discreet and unbiased like this way because some people or certain sect could use this movement as their own filthy cheap fame and gain.

    Thank you,


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    Imroz Hassan Chowdhury

    Hey guys and girls sorry for being late but I was not in DHK, so … Anyway Plz. use your important NO VOTE to convey your hatred and protest against the failure to eliminate those Rajakers from our election. From where or for which party they stands for the MP election just use your NO VOTE to make them believe that their time is end from BANGLADESH.

    And check out this link for the list:


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    Mahbub Hassan

    We, the people of Bangladesh want exemplary punishment of War Criminals of 1971. This is our highest expectation to see the trial and execution of accused person in our life time.

    Mahbub Hassan
    Assistant Teacher
    Gaibandha Govt. Boys’ High School
    Gaibandha – 5700

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    I desperately need contact information of the war crime committee. Can anyone help.

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    Just to clarify, I need to know how to prosecute war criminal.

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    After the independence of Bangladesh, a Democratic Secular Constitution was adopted in 1972, guaranteeing the rights of all citizens irrespective of religion, caste, creed and colour.
    The Government of Bangladesh passed the Collaborators Act (1972) to trail the war criminals. The International Crime (Tribunals) Act of 1973 of Bangladesh to bar re-entry of any collaborators in Bangladesh was passed by the Government of Bangladesh which is still active, and Article 47 of Section 3 of the act allows trial of war criminals. But unfortunately, none of the governments who came to power after 1975 could initiate any action against the collaborators and other war criminals.

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    Most of the deshi War Criminals were rehabilitated by so-called Muktijoddha Sector Commander Maj. Gen.Ziaur Rahman because he could only hang on to his illegal power grab with the assistance of these killers. The question now is this: Should Zia be remembered as a freedom fighter or the rehabilitator of the Razakars & Al-Badars who tried to stop us from gaining our freedom from Pakistani slavery?

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    The Jamaat-e-Islami funds all of BNP’s activities. That is the reason why Khaleda Zia and her son can never dissociate BNP from war criminals like Mujaheed, Nizami, Golam Azam and SQC. Most of the businesses are actually owned by Jamaat and many of the so called BNP activists are Jamaat infiltrators inside BNP.

    BNP was just the outer shell of the Jamaat apparatus. The active core was formed by the killer Jamaat that flourished under Zia following Mujib’s brutal murder.The Jamaat used blockheads like Zia, Khaleda and lately Tareq to bring to fruition their blueprint to turn Bangladesh into a Islamic fundamentalist failed state like Sudan, Somalia or Afghanistan.

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    We are just waiting to sea the success in war crimes trial function.We think everybody who bear in their mind the spirit of the 52,71 eccept some traitors are always with this demand.So go on withiut any hasitation.Thanks to all.

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