DUTA decided to go action against Government



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[Dhaka Correspondent]

The Dhaka University Teachers’ Association at its annual general meeting on Thursday decided to go for action programmes if incidents of intrusion into teachers’ houses by ‘unwanted people’ recurred.  

The general meeting was held on the heels of the raid by the joint forces on the residence of Dalem Chandra Barman, election commissioner for the association’s polls, in the early hours of Wednesday and expressed deep concern over the incident. 

The meeting condemned the raid without informing the university administration or the vice-chancellor about the matter and recalled the experience of the DUTA general secretary, Anwar Hossin, and executive committee member Harun-or-Rashid, who were taken blindfolded to an undisclosed location following the August unrest on the campus. 

‘That grotesque incident sparked off widespread protests by students, teachers and the people and forced the government to free the detained teachers. After those events, the teachers expected that there would not be any repeat of such incidents [of repression]’, the meeting said in a resolution.      

Four members of the joint forces entered Dalem’s residence early Wednesday and asked him to postpone the DUTA polls scheduled for Thursday or to relinquish the charge of the election commissioner. The intruders declined to sign the visitors’ book in Giasuddin Residential Area on the DU campus.  

The association leaders also met vice-chancellor SMA Faiz at his office and urged him to take steps to prevent recurrence of such incidents.  

DUTA executive committee member M Aktaruzzaman said the association had informed the vice-chancellor about the matter and wanted to know whether he [VC] was informed about the raid beforehand. 

‘The VC told us that he was not informed about it’, Aktaruzzaman said.

Another executive committee member, AAMS Arefin Siddique, said, ‘We told the VC that intrusion into a teacher’s house at dead of night was aimed at creating panic and the teachers’ community cannot accept it.’     

DUTA president Sadrul Amin, general secretary Anwar Hossain and Harun-or-Rashid were present at the meeting.


E-Bangladesh is a News/Headlines service and a group blog aimed at bringing the news and analysis from Bangladesh to its readers.

11 Responses to “DUTA decided to go action against Government”

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    Engr. Khondkar Abdus Saleque

    Why this attitude against DU teachers? They are respected persons. If some of them are involved in any anti people or anti state activities there must be proper investigations.But why in the dark the so called special force should dare to eneter their residence without permission of relevant authority. This particular incident must be investigated and violators must get punishment. In the months of March occupation Pak army killed students and teachers of DU in 1971. May be some of their illegitimate children were involved in the last episode.

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    Mohammad Zaman Apu

    This incidents have two sides, like all others. one hand, the teachers are the most respectable citizens of the country, who guides the nation’s future towards the direct with the best judgement given their ability. Specially in our culture (Bangladeshi), techers are “no question asked” authority in high morale and humanity building. On the other hand, they mobilize the vast majority of active youths for destruction without control, which happens over and over with their lead.

    To be candid, all teachers are not in the same category with the characteristics. The breeding ground of ideas and creativity should never employ destruction of anything regardless. Rather the time should be used for founding our generations to compete in a global environment.

    Law enforcement needs its own liberty with control to fight crimes. If you are a criminal, or a suspect of a crime, with due diligence, they should be able to conduct their own functions without interruption. Ofcourse they should not be given a “free pass” to do whatever they want, at the same time.

    To sum all my blurbs, it is beyond my comprehension, if we want the best for our country, why we need to promote the teachers who fail to preserve the high morale ground! Understanding that we are going through growing pains, the teachers should not be given any more of “unearned” liberty when they promote or lead any, whatever that is, destruction of assets and properties. They should be held accountable for.

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