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August has been ominous for our nation for decades now. In August , 1975, Father of the Nation, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was killed along with most of his family members. In the same month in 2004, the same group of anti  liberation people launched an extensive  grenade attack to assassinate Bangabandhu’s daughter, one of the two surviving members of the family, Sheikh Hasina.  In the same attack, Ivy Rahman, the wife of the late President Zillur Rahman, lost her life along with 24 others.

On the 6th and 9th of the same month in 1945, the United States dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan towards the end of the Second World War, killing millions of innocent people. In the same monthe in 1945, soldiers of the Azad Hind Fauz under Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose were defeated. On 31st August, 1975, China, the country that took fierce stand to jeopardise our Liberation War, firmly sided with Pakistan and also supplied arms to Pakistan , with which Pakistani occupying forces killed 3million unarmed Bengali people, accorded  recognition to that so called government of  Bangladesh. which after killing the father of the nation, illegally hijacked governmental power on gun point. Mentionably, China did not bother to recognise Bangladesh during Bangabandhu’s lifetime, yet rushed to do so 15days after the assasination of the Founding Father of the nation at Pakistan’s asking. It needs to be mentioned that all the available evidence and information tend to prove that Pakistan played a decisive part in the killing, with intent make Bangladesh part of Pakistan.During Bangabandhu’s longevity China also blocked Bangladesh’ effort to gain UN membership, and also expressed satisfaction at the killing of the father of the nation, congratulated Zia for the killing, when the latter visited China.

During our liberation war in 1971, China deployed a large number of troops on the Indian border to thwart our   victory. China’s move ended in fiasco as the then Soviet Union had sent several thousand  troops to the Chinese border to resist China’s advance.

In the War of Liberation, Pakistan killed 3 million of our martyrs with bullets supplied to Pakistan by China. Not only that, even after our independence, when China became a permanent member of the Security Council, they misused their newly gained veto power to block Bangladesh’s entry to the UN. Even today, China is known as an aggressive nation in the world. China has illegally claimed a large proportion of the surface of the South China Sea. They have also increased the number of soldiers there, a move that has sparked  tension in the area , which is used as a part of the high seas for uninterrupted navigation by all nations, as per the international conventions on the sea.All the countries of the world have taken a stand against this aggressive role of China as the sea and seabed resources are the property of all countries under international law. In addition to that, experts believe that China gave out misleading information about the coronavirus, which originated in the country’s Hubei province, resulting in the  increased casualties world wide. For these reasons, China has no ally except Pakistan at present.

China has been proceeding with  a new intrigue  to trap underdeveloped and developing countries by offering huge loans   and then to grab their land when the  indebted countries fail to repay their debts. By applying this trick , China had succeeded to compel Sri Lanka to demise it’s  port of HambanTotaon 99years lease to China . In the similar way, China succeeded to gain land to establish  military bases   in the African country Djibouti. Recently, the foreign minister of Sri Lanka’s new government, JayanathColombage, has publicly admitted that leasing the port of HambanTota to China was a wrong decision.

Although they call themselves a communist country, but currently China is one of the top capitalist countries in the world. There are numerous privately owned companies in the world like Alibaba, Huawei that are owned by Chinese residents, and some of the world’s top millionaires like Jackma, Ma Stoten are from the same country. China is not an idealistic country like the former Soviet Union. China is a country that invaded Vietnam in 1979, a country that fought many years of war to ward off  imperialism to establish and defend socialism.

China has violated the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Convention by recognizing a controversial birthday by sending a gift to former Prime Minister Khaleda Zia on 15th August, the day of our national mourning, being the on which the father of the nation was killed. Apart from that, the

pro-Pakistan parties in Bangladesh politics are proving that they are still China’s favorites. Today the biggest problem in our country is with Rohingyas.  China has been constantly instigating the issue for their own benefit. Every time the issue has been raised in the Security Council, China blocked all possible avenues of solution by using it’s veto power . If China stops supporting Myanmar on

the Rohingya issue today, Myanmar will be forced to take back the Rohingyas. China wants the Rakhine region to be desolated, because they are building a base there for the ‘Road and One Belt’ program.

China is also expanding the bribery trade in our country. The Chinese company that was awarded the contract for the 4-lane road from Dhaka to Chittagong (China Herbal Engineering Company) tried to bribe thesecretary of the relevant government Ministry with a few thousand dollars, but the secretary had brought this matter to the  attention of  the authorities following which the company was  blacklisted. On August 19, the US governmentofficials  mentioned this through a public announcement. They also revealed that Chinese companies had also traded bribes with Coco , younger son of the former Prime Minister of Bangladesh.

The U.S. government has also alleged that Chinese companies have resorted to bribery and fraud in Sri Lanka, Kenya and the Philippines, and that they  obtained work on Sri Lanka’s HambanTota port through bribery and fraud. China and Pakistan are now trying to befriend Bangladesh. However, we need to know the real purpose of China-Pakistan.

Scholars insist that  future has to be framed  by judging history. This is especially true for China, because those who ruled China in the 70’s are still in power. Their policy remains unchanged. On the contrary, after the death of Mao Zedong, China deviated from  socialist ideology. So we have to remember August 31 as a dark day for our nation. Another interesting thing is that, those who are outraged when the interests of Muslims are disturbed, are silent about the genocide of Uyghur Muslims by the Chinese government.

Not onlythat  theChinese government had resorted committing genocide on Yyghur Muslim, according to the news and information emanating fromacclaimed  international media portals, 2 million Uyghur Muslims have been detained at concentration camps, without trial for the past three years.Chinese government claim that they are  Vocational Education and Training Centers. These camps are specifically designed to erase the traditions and culture of specific minority groups.

This  is about time that the people all over the world should know and the true image and diabolic design of China. so that we do not fall into the Chinse trap like Sri Lanka and Djibouti.

The author is a  Retired Justice of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh.


E-Bangladesh is a News/Headlines service and a group blog aimed at bringing the news and analysis from Bangladesh to its readers.