National Women Development Policy protested by the activists of different Islamist outfits



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[Demonstrations in the cities of Bangladesh protesting against the proposed National Women Development Policy and demanding its immediate withdrawal. Banglar Chokh Photo.]

[Dhaka Correspondent]

Several thousand activists of different Islamist outfits on Friday staged demonstrations in front of the Baitul Mukarram National Mosque protesting against the proposed National Women Development Policy and demanding its immediate withdrawal.

Demanding rights of women as ordained by the Qur’an, the protesters gave the interim government one week to do away with the policy or face tougher action programmes, including rallies across the country after juma prayers next Friday.

They also called upon ‘Muslims all over the country’ to prepare themselves for thwarting, at any cost, the bid to implement the National Women Development Policy-2008, announced by the government on the eve of International Women’s Day on March 7.

Activists of different Islamic parties, including those from outside the city, started gathering in front of the north gate of Baitul Mukarram since morning to join the pre-scheduled rally.

Security was tightened in the surroundings and the roads leading to the national mosque were blocked at different points, including Dainik Bangla, National Press Club, Bijoy Nagar, GPO and Paltan crossings.

Soon after juma prayers, the activists converged on the road in front of the north gate of the mosque and staged noisy demonstrations shouting slogans against the proposed women development policy.

The outfits which organised protest included Islami Shashantantra Andolan, Hizbut Tahrir Bangladesh, Islami Chhatra Majlish and Islami Ain Bastobayon Committee.

The activists, escorted by police and other security forces, marched down the street towards Paltan and Dainik Bangla crossings.

Later, they held a rally in front of Baitul Mukarram and announced their next course of action.

The Islamist leaders accused the interim government of trying to implement anti-Shariah policy in the name of national women development policy although, they said, the Qur’an had clearly mentioned women’s right to inheritance.

Among others, Maulana ATM Hemayet Uddin, Maulana Ahmed Ullah Ashraf, Maulana Touhiduzzaman, Maulana Mujibur Rahman Juktibadi, Mohiuddin Ahmed, Hafez Hafizur Rahman and Abdur Rab Yousufi addressed the rally.

Chief adviser Fakhruddin Ahmed, at a function in the capital marking the International Women’s Day on March 8, announced the National Women Development Policy that suggested setting aside one-third of parliamentary seats for women and arranging direct election to the reserved seats.

E-Bangladesh correspondent in Chittagong reports: Several thousand Islamist activists brought out a procession in the port city on the day demanding withdrawal of ‘anti-Islamic provisions’ from the proposed National Women Development Policy.

The activists gathered in front of Andarkilla Mosque under the banner of Greater Chittagong Quranic Law Protection Council, after juma prayers and marched down the street after holding a brief rally.

The speakers demanded that the chief adviser to the caretaker government should make a formal announcement withdrawing what they called ‘the provisions against Qur’an and the Hadith’ from the National Women Development Policy. They branded adviser Rasheda K Chowdhury an ‘anti-Islamic element’ and demanded her ‘expulsion’ from the cabinet.


E-Bangladesh is a News/Headlines service and a group blog aimed at bringing the news and analysis from Bangladesh to its readers.

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    I supprot the demonstration and prossession of some Ismlamic parties and groups. Because as a muslim I can not support thus policy which is againist the Islamic rules and regulation. I belive that also the muslim women of Bangladesh will boycott this policy.

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    are you kidding me? women in Bangladesh need such a policy! they are not getting the full due of their work. Women’s rights activists should gather up more women to have a demonstration to demand that such a policy be immediately implemented.

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    without equal property distribution women will never have the equal access to economy as men. Hence, this is a fundamental step to establishing equal rights.

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    Memyself andI

    Please! Organize a demonstration for women and I will be there!!! Women’s Rights Policy is necessary and needed now…

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    Women should come out in hundreds of thousands and confront these medieval beasts head on.

    People like Amini and Sayeedi are war criminals. They may be compared to the taliban mayheming innocents in Pakistan and Afghanistan in the name of religion.

    What Amini and twisted minds like Sayeedi are preaching may be an attempt in disguise to reorganise JMB in Bangladesh. No wonder Khaleda Zia extended her moral support to these cannibals since Islamic fanaticism and fundamentalism got a boost during her joint rule with the war criminals – the Jamaat-e-Islami of Bangladesh.

    The government must go ahead with women’s right policy. Since the Prime Minister is a woman she must not hesitate. She has all the support inside and outside the country to bring to fruition her agenda. Only full realisation of the women’s right policy can deal a deathblow to the Islamic terrorists in the guise of Islamic political parties in Bangladesh.

    These animals must not be allowed to turn Bangladesh into another violence-ridden Pakistan or Afghanistan. The government must also secure its borders as these terrorist groups get a lot of funding from the middle east and may have infiltrators inside Bangladesh. Significantly, Khaleda Zia has just returned from a country that funds both BNP and the Jamaat-e-Islami.

    The August grenade blast on the Awami League and many other terrorist attacks in Bangladesh during BNP’s rule were clear cut cases of state sponsored terrorism.

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    Men and women can net be equal, who are telling Men and women are equal in the meeting and seminar, in their home they are telling opposite in from his wife.

    By physically and mentally Men and women are not equal, it is creation by creator to balance the world and avoid conflict.

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    If you go to banks and government offices you will see male clerks and peons harassing customers for bribes. Even at offices like RAJUK, DESA, WASA, TITAS male staff are the most corrupt.

    When I see a female staff on the other side of the counter it gives me a sigh of relief! She does my job efficiently and speedily without causing any delay or man-made obstacles. Corruption is virtually unheard of amongst Bangladeshi women.

    Women in Bangladesh are smart and competent as their male counterparts. They may be better.

    The demos by the Amini cadres were staged by mostly madrassa students from remote neglected areas of Bangladesh. Not a single woman in Bangladesh spoke on their behalf.

    The attempt by crooks and criminals like Amini, Mujahid and Nizami to keep women in chains will backfire in Bangladesh with mass uprising by liberated women in Bangladesh. It is just a matter of time.

    The government must not bow down to these thugs and goons. I fully recommend the government’s decision to uphold women’s rights.

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    I am a Muslim. I, with full of my understanding believe that Islam strongly recommends to compose a separate women development policy to protect the Muslim women from violence, oppression and deprivation. To uphold the women’s rights and to ensure their economic security are among the fundamental purposes of such an Islamic social policy. Therefore, there is no disagreement in establishing women’s rights and protecting them from the existing oppressive social situations in our country.

    To solve such problem there is disagreement in the policy question. The expected Islamic social policy for the believers like me has not been reflected in the proposed policy. That is why, we are in opposition of this policy.

    The conflicts in the roads and highways between the government and the protestors are totally political and violent. More violent and brutal conflicts are also frequently seen in our roads on different issues. Protestors are trying to enjoy their democratic rights to organize and to protest that must also be entertained by the government. I think, to ensure the right of the women the government are violating the rights of the protestors. The government should let them protest and clear their stand to the fellow citizens by the government machineries.

    I seriously condemn the Muslim political leaders for not operating the intellectual and social movements to secure the oppressed women of our society. The front-lining Muslim leaders should be the pioneer of the social movement to stop dowry and violence against women in this country and to provide mah’r and the due proportion of property from her father, husband and son.

    This is the duty of all true believers, whatsoever the politics around us, to practice islamic social policies knowingly, equip themselves intellectually, motivate others devotedly, propagate truthfully and protest peacefully like Dr. Zakir Naek (India)and Dr. Yusuf Al Karzawi (Egypt). We must also support our sisters who are continuously becoming the victim of our non-islamic society and culture!!

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