Unknown stories of suffering of two brothers Foyzul and Shahidul



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EBangladesh Report: The state persecution of Jamaat-BNP and their various organisations continue unopposed – from the highest ranking leader, such as Begum Khaleda Zia, Chairperson of BNP, to activists and supporters of both of the opposition parties are not out of bounds.

Sylhet is a stronghold of both BNP and Jamaat. Arrests, crossfires and various ways of oppression, subjugation and persecution of both party members and supporters have been numerous and relentless. The current government has come under fierce criticism for its reported and alleged treatment of its opposition political parties. The condemnation has come from renowned international media outlets and human rights organisation and recently Bangladesh has been purportedly labelled unworkable democracy. The incidents of cross-fire and extra-judicial killings have increased rapidly calling into question whether any checks and balance actually exist.

Bangladesh government, however, has resolutely maintained its lawful and fair position in that it has been trying to ensure the rule of law by the employment of legitimate means and procedural fairness and that it has been unfairly targeted by international media most of which have been some way or other influenced by BNP/Jamaayat lobbying. The human rights index has constantly flagged up Bangladesh in more negative a light than ever before in recent years. These must have compounded concerns for the highest authorities in Bangladesh and it remains to be seen what this government does in future to redress these concerns and allegations.

Many individual cases which have been on the periphery have been reported and highlighted by local, national and international media. This report will highlight the plight of Jaigirdar family of Sylhet sadar. The family’s eldest son, Mohammad Shahidul Islam Jaigirder (born on 20 December 1984), now 33 years old and in the United Kingdom, was a staunch supporter and activist of Chaatra Shibir. His younger brother, Md Foyzul Islam Jaigirder (born on 03 February 1988), a legal professional who is unable to practise law now, is the current Media Secretary of Sylhet Metropolitan branch Chhatra Shibir. Both of them have had to endure significant problems due to their political association, their family have shared. Shahidul, despite being in the UK since 2011, has been indicted in charges (Case Numbers in Kotwali< Sylhet – 288/2009, 03625/2009, 61/2013) since 2009, charges his family claims are politically motivated and have no basis. Foyzul has been in and out of prison for many years, the recent of which was from 18 March 2018 till 07 April 2018. He is implicated in several cases (490/18, 941/2018, 249/13, 11/2015). The family shared their tales of woe and misfortune due to the family’s sons’ political allegiance to Jamaat and Shibir.

Foyzul, newly married, has no occupation to rely on; Shahidul is in the UK. The family has two elderly parents who cannot support themselves. In the political rivalry, ideological opposition, these aspects of the human lives are often lost and overlooked. Shahidul, the reporter is aware, is facing deportation from the UK, and it is clear from Foyzul’s case that harsh and certainly brutal fate and enforcement actions await him.

Law enforcement agencies did not comment on these matters save confirming that no bogus cases have been brought against these individuals and there is great level of compliance with rule of law and principles of criminal justice.

It seems Bangladesh is losing itself in these episodes, in these unknown stories of suffering.

Published on: Apr 13, 2018 @ 13:46


E-Bangladesh is a News/Headlines service and a group blog aimed at bringing the news and analysis from Bangladesh to its readers.