Sajeeb Wazed : A Glimmer of Hope for the Young Bangladeshis

Fahbin Anwar

Fahbin Anwar

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I am writing this article with a resolute purpose in mind. If we come together there is no stopping our great nation to be a force to reckon with on the global map. It is good to note that the incumbent government is doing a lot to make this dream possible and will definitely take our country to newer heights.

The only thing that is concerning is that this is the day and age of FAKE NEWS and FALSE PROPOGANDA.

It was disappointing to see that a FAKE NEWS on an assassination bid on the life of honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina by her own security guards was published and broadcasted without any fact checks from government sources. This is precisely an example of a motivated story that has the potential to create a false narrative in the country and deflect everyone’s focus from the real achievements on the ground.

You must be the smart person that you are and do your fact checks before believing just about anything that you read or is said to you.

Important FACT CHECKS on Bangladesh:

Let me direct you to this World Bank story on Bangladesh. Bangladesh’s economy continues to be resilient amidst the global turmoil, as per the widely respected global financial institution, World Bank. The near to medium-term growth outlook is robust and our economy will continue to grow between 6.4% to 6.8% in 2017 and 2018.

Need more data?

Did you know that as per the Asian Development Bank, the economy of Bangladesh grew by 7.1% in 2016, the fastest growth achieved in 30 years?

Source: Asian Development Bank, World Bank


Such credible statistics is all that matters and the rest as they say is all negative propaganda.

Turning the Tide is Sajeeb Wazed:

At the outset, I must commend Mr. Sajeeb Wazed Joy for doing a wonderful job as the Advisor to the Bangladesh Government on Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Ever since he has taken charge of this all-important position, I have seen a remarkable improvement in the way we are galvanizing people on social media and making them aware of the government’s achievements.

If you go to his social media account you’ll notice the way he takes out personal time and effort in leading this crusade against misinformation is truly admirable. He tends to leave no stone turned to address broad issues and concerns and at the same time never wastes his time trying to feed his energy, time, and effort to the negativity that is rampant on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

Having said that, there is still a lot that needs to be done and through this article I wanted to draw his attention towards these issues.

My 5 Big Expectations:

#1. Leveraging the Power of Youth – Being a young politician himself, I am sure Mr. Wazed will acknowledge the fact that social media is where the youth Bangladeshis are. Quite like the rest of the world, it is the social media channels like Twitter that our youth is hooked on to and using it to consume news on a real-time basis. He must ramp up the efforts on these channels to counter the organized and engineered false propaganda against the government.

#2. Emulate the Success of World Leaders – Love them or hate them, today all the world leaders are on Twitter. In fact, Mr. Modi next door and President Trump far off in the East Coast are two of the most Followed Twitter politicians in the world. We must spare resources to ensure our head of government Madam Hasina and her other important cabinet colleagues find a voice on Twitter as well.

#3. Have our Civic Agencies on Social Media – One of the biggest concerns for most citizens pertains to civic issues. We must have representation from our civic agencies on social platforms and through websites so that the citizens can air any grievances and get their issues acknowledged and actioned upon in a transparent manner for everyone to see and appreciate.

#4. People to Law Enforcement Connect – Our police and fire department are some of the best in the world. Just by having 24*7/365 PROs manning Twitter and Facebook ids to attend and resolve citizen concerns can help the government’s otherwise unnoticed good work find a voice. There is no dearth of talent in our country and some of the young brains can be groomed into such roles.

$5. ICT in Action – I am in awe of all that has happened under Mr. Wazed’s leadership so far. To amplify it, the ICT cell, may be his own account or of that of a designated PRO will have to take to social media on a regular basis. We can use it to connect with foreign leaders, spread the good work of the government, bust myths that are populated, reply to broad issues/concerns by citizens, etc.

I am convinced that this is the new Bangladesh that we are witnessing under the Awami League, one that is doing all the right things to emerge as a frontrunner in South Asia. Most definitely, with representation of young people like Mr. Wazed in the government, things are only going to get on the fast-track from this point onwards.

Note: The Featured image has been taken from the official Facebook of Sajeeb Wazed

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    a m kamrul islam

    I do hereby acknowledged that this is the real scenerio of our country. we need such kind of young scholars to build up our nation very strongly. we have to think positive, do positive n act positive. our leaders, media, public servants, businessmen n the general people should be positive. everyone should do his own jobs perfectly. no need to think about mother’s business.

    last of all I thanks my beloved writer for her wonderful expression. I salute her.

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