brings hope for Begumganj,Noakhali


Can you imagine a Parliamentarian of Bangladesh answering peoples’ questions on development works of his constituency?

And additionally, if the answers were not in written form, but also in videos?

Yes, that is a clear change that Bangladesh is now achieving the pure accountability of the Parliamentarians and the achievement is being secured by

Following to the continuous progress, now, Md. Mamunur Rashid Kiran, parliamentarian of Noakhali 3 constituency responded to three questions of citizens dropped via

The questions and responds were about the sorry state of the roads and bridges of the Amanullahpur union of Begumganj upazila, vulnerable situation of the Lalpur Mosque road and a specific bridge of the upazila and the development of the railway of the area.

And most interestingly, the MP responded to the questions via 3 different video messages.

In response of the first question submitted by Md. Mizannur Rahman, Parliamentarian Mr. Kiran said the roads and bridges of Amanullahpur area is under planning and the responsible authorities are working onto this matter which are about to solve soon.

Answering another question by Abdul Motaleb about the road of Lalpur Mosque area and the bridge of Lalpur Kedar bridge, the MP said the road and bridge’s construction work is under planning. He said the matter will be forwarded to the Local Government, Rural Development and Co-operatives Minister for prompt action.

MP Kiran also said the government has plans to develop the railway service of Noakhali region along with many other development scheme including education, health, food safety taken by the Prime Minister.

The MP, responding to the question of Ashaduzzaman, said, he will seek attention of the Prime Minister and the Railway Minister to look into the matter of the railway of the region and to take adequate action needed to develop.

And indeed, Jahid Hasan Shovon, ambassador of AmarMP to the parliamentarian showed the appropriate approach to connect the MP with the people under his constituency. is a web based platform where Parliamentarian of different constituency of Bangladesh are relating to the locals under his parliamentary jurisdiction and the MPs responding to any questions regarding problem, development situation and plan of the government via written or video messages answering question of general peoples.


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