Brazilian striker Adriano was in trouble



Brazilian striker Adriano was in trouble on Friday when he arrived late for fitness training for his club Sao Paulo and later he threatened a cameraman as he was being photographed. The striker who joined Sao Paulo on loan from Inter Milan to resurrect his uncertain career at Inter might face a fine for his malice.

Adriano, Brazil

“We’re going to analyze the facts, to decide whether or not there will be a fine,” Sao Paulo general manager Marco Aurelio Cunha told reporters. “The important thing here is a healthy atmosphere. People have to be happy here and if they are not happy, they don’t need to stay.”

Brazilian media revealed that Adriano was almost half an hour late for the fitness training. It was said that he left the training facilities early and threatened a camera man as he was being photographed. Earlier that week he was also on the spotlight when he wore a T-shirt for the training session instead of the official club uniform when the team arrived in Sao Paulo from a flight from Columbia.

However Sao Paulo handled the incident with ease claiming that they had given him permission for the change of attire on the plane.

Adriano was one of the world’s most revered strikers before he suffered a dramatic loss of form in the last 18 months due to fitness and alcohol issues and has barely played for Inter and Brazil. He promised that he would concentrate on football alone when he signed for Sao Paulo and then he was photographed by some journalists in a pop concert with a beer in hand.

A week after the incident he was in a car accident in Rio. Luckily no one was injured, but the incident was in the early hours of the morning proving that the striker has been out at night.

[By: Shahnawaz Alam]

Photo: Raisport