Yes, they are the ones! Rub your eyes and see!

Sushanta Das Gupta

Sushanta Das Gupta

Sushanta Das Gupta is the Publisher/Chief Editor of E-Bangladesh.

Yes, they are the ones. Rub your eyes, open them wide and see. They are the ones responsible for the diabolical killing in Holey Artisan bakery yesterday, these are the ogres that butchered 20 people in cold-blood, 20 living human beings. Those victims might have pled for mercy, might have asked to be released to return back to their family.

No, these monsters did not listen to the pleas for mercy. Their hands didn’t hesitate to butcher 20 innocent people with sharp knives. They were soaked in human blood in their barbaric delight.
Which mother did bear them? Which mom gave them their first morsel of food? What type of men fathered them? What type of father taught them to take their first step? Which teacher trained them to write their first letters? Which alma mater took the responsibility to teach them the ways of the world?

Let us find them all out. Let us find everyone involved with them, every organization connected to them. Let us pull out the very roots of this lot. Let us pay them back everything they owe us; that will be the atonement of raising monsters.

A lesson taught in such manner that it will be remembered through generations. Dead bodies never ignited such passionate hatred in me. I believe, and want to believe that all Bangladeshis are feeling the same hatred as I am. Let us come together with the passionate energy of hatred, we will defend with our power of hatred. And let us make sure that the soil of Bangladesh does not bring forth such monsters in the future.

I sincerely believe that Bangladesh was not born from her blood-bath to be defeated by some blood-thirsty monsters.

Image:Photos of five persons, reported to be the attackers who killed at least 20 hostages – mostly foreigners.


Civil Engineer, publisher, blogger, politician and end of the day a proud Bangladeshi.

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    You think hatred can drive out hatred? You think talking about taking out their parents (who are themselves innocents) actually makes you better than these beasts or puts you in the same category? Knowledge, love and respect is what will result in ultimate victory over these barbarians.

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    An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind. If you begin to hate they have won.

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    Akhil Paul

    This is not the right approac my friend! No mother wants to bear a terrorist in her womb and no father teaches a separatist. No school teaches hatred…these young men were misled by what the society is practising so we need to strive to cure the society with love and patience. We need to practise inclusivity to counter the separatist agenda….

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    A Concerned Citizen of the World

    Dear Sushanta,

    First of all let me have you understand very clearly that all if Bangladesh, barring the ugly few, are not only in mourning, but are also infuriated and want the evildoers rooted out as soon as possible.

    However, I would urge you to also read more and keep an eye on the posts being shared by many Bangladeshis on social media. These evildoers have already been identified.

    They all came from well to do families, some even went to good school’s and universities and even studied abroad. These atrocious terrorists were kids who were not much different than the average customer at the Holey Artisan Bakery even until a few months ago when they suddenly went missing.

    One went missing in October, one in January, another in March or so, none showed signs of extremism to their social circle or family. They were all missing cases.

    The radicalisation happened under everyone’s nose without anyone’s knowledge and that is utterly troubling. Everyone now knows who they are, and their acquaintances are as much in disbelief and shock as all of us mourning and grieving people.

    No, these evildoers should not be humanized or empathised for what they have done just because they were easily brainwashed. No one gives anyone the right to harm anyone in such a way. That said, I hope you understand how troubling the whole scenario is.

    Everyone agrees that Bangladesh needs to weed out these monsters for good as soon as possible, and now the vigilance to such terrorist organisations targeting soft minds for recruiting even the educated lot is higher and I sincerely hope everyone, everywhere around the world takes note that this tactic which has been used elsewhere before, is still being used by the terrorists and can be applied to any country in the world. We must not let this happen ever again.

    My prayers are for the victims of this atrocity, peace to mankind and love to all.


    A concerned Bangladeshi-American and citizen of the world.

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