Pod: Anwar Hossain tortured in DGFI


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    [In his second round of interview with Tasneem Khalil, M Sanjeeb Hossain, son of detained DU Professor Anwar Hossain, detailed what his father told him about the DGFI “black hole,” his torture and what happened in the court. Considering its significance, this pod was recorded both in English and Bangla.]

While reporting the military crackdown on university students and teachers in Bangladesh, in one of our earlier pods, we quoted our sources close to the military headquarters in Dhaka who confirmed to us that detained DU professors “Anwar Hossain and Harun-or-Rashid are right now in the custody of DGFI, the military intelligence agency. They are detained in a torture-cum-detention facility inside the DGFI headquarters in Dhaka cantonment,” with a note saying, “We are not able to verify this from an official or independent source.”

Professors Anwar Hossain and Harun-or-Rashid were produced to the Dhaka CMM court Saturday that sent them into 4 days of remand. They were charged by the police for “making provocative and anti-state statements.”

While Professor Anwar Hossain was standing in the dock, his son M Sanjeeb Hossain had a chance for a quick chat with him. Confirming what we reported earlier, Anwar Hossain told Sanjeeb that he and Professor Harun-or-Rashid were in DGFI custody, in a place called “black hole” inside the DGFI headquarters in Dhaka cantonment. There they were tortured: physically and mentally.

Meanwhile, BDNEWS24 is reporting,

Prof AFM Yusuf Haider Saturday said chief adviser Fakhruddin Ahmed had assured that the two detained teachers would be treated with honour. The acting vice chancellor of Dhaka University made the disclosure at a press conference at his home after a meeting with the chief adviser at about 3.30pm. A Dhaka court ordered remand for DU teachers Prof Anwar Hossain and Harun-or-Rashid Saturday after they were arrested with alleged links to the DU violence. The acting vice-chancellor said that none would be unnecessarily harassed in the cases filed in connection with the clashes on the campus. The law enforcers had been directed to make sure that nobody is unnecessarily harassed, Prof Yusuf quoted the CA as saying. He said that the chief adviser had told him the teachers would get proper legal aid.

Our sources close to the military HQ confirmed that two top officials of the DGFI, Brigadier Generals Chowdhury Fazlul Bari and ATM Amin, personally hold these DU professors responsible for the utter humiliation Chowdhury Fazlul Bari [our report with a video] had to suffer in DU days back. To settle this score, Professors Anwar Hossain and Harun-or-Rashid are going to be framed in treason/sedition charges. Once again, “we are not able to verify this from an official or independent source.”

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    Audity Falguni

    What more can one expect from vandal Millitary zunta? This “caretaker” government led by ex BB governor is nothing but a puppet show whose string is in the hand of olive dressed personnel. Shame and hatred!!

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    Just as a doctor, by definition, is someone who is there to provide medication, and not indulge in fishmongering; a policeman/woman, by definition, is someone who is meant to safeguard the well-being of the public. I really don’t what kind of training they have received (and I don’t really care to know) but it isn’t in their job description to arrest and torture professors. This is symptomatic of an ill-begotten fascist country.

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    This so-called ‘caretaker’ government is a puppet of foreign interests. They conquered our country and economy to serve their masters. They are breaking down the economic backbone of the country in the name anti-corruption drives. This elite class advisers have no idea about people’s suffering.

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    Just a question, friend. Please have a look at yesterday’s Amader Shomoy (first photo, lead online story). Does the good Professor really look like he was “physically and mentally tortured”? At least, Anwar Hossain who seems to have little bit of a grin? I am not making much of a judgement, just asking a question.

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    Manosh Chowdhury

    Anon: How a question to deny a claim of tourture can be non-judgemental? Well, a question on torture is a political one. Then, if you are to receive a benefit of doubt, let us know your position. I mean your position that goes beyond the photo-study you did here. Otherwise, your text suggests that the detainee professors, at least Prof. Anwar Hossain, posed a false claim. If not torture, what exactly a 36 hours’ army integorration, without providing any ANY information to the family and fellows, can feel like, let alone the 5 days’ remand that followed? And we don’t even see a photo of the RU teachers. There are hundreds of ways that you can show your loyalty, or conform the ruling mechanism. It’s good for your intellectual exercise not to go for a reading of a 2o sq. inch. photo. This is ridiculuous to find you comical on an obvious matter. It was just an answer to your question, hope you agree on that.

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    Unfortunately, there are still whole bunch of idiots out there who are supporting the military power. I wish these butt-heads get a piece of the beating by the army. I would be willing to hear their comments after that.

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    All the army had to do was just say sorry to the students, but they did not do it instantly rather they used the police. At first it was a ego fight. Later politics got involved. As a Bangladeshi I will never support this army govt.

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    Mr. Cipher: “All the army had to do, is to say sorry”? I guess Army is not trained for that even, ryt Mr. Muhamad?! Army did show how much powerful they are. They detained all the students outta halls. Now what, where are those students?

    Mr. Mizan: Thr is a rumor abt Mongla port tht it myt b handed ova to a pvt org frm USA, whch wud b d biggest part of d plan by US govt. Talkin abt head butts…. Plz gather d students to use it here. If they hav brains tel thm 2 make d govt bound to open it up for Nepal, so tht both d country can benefit frm it.

    Mr. Manosh: Shudn’t these teachers be only teaching? If they are taken as mentors, are they supposed to teach ‘how to destroy army’? Doesn’t tht sound quite a Pakistani Rajakar?

    Mr. Anon: Thnx for a precise judgement.

    Mr. Mumin: Plz stop blaming. try to be a part of the politics, if u r to blame. its easy to spit out problems, hard to give solutions. do practice the latter.

    Ms. Audity: Even a kid knows it’s a puppet show, why do u hav 2 say tht even. Tel me is d rumor abt ‘Yes’uddin true tht he served Pentagon once n his first wife is d elder sister of Harry K Tomas?

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    Sayema Khatun

    What else we could expect from a military-led rule? This is clearly the rule of might and no other rule prevails. What is the army of a country for? Would it for fight against foreign enemy or fight against the students and teachers of own country? It looks like Bangladesh has been invaded by some alien and a huge bloodshed ahead.

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    I see some people are happy that the army has shown their power and driven all the ‘disobedient’ students out of the halls. Shouldn’t they be in the place of the students who were mistreated during the football match? If they’re such sycophants of military ruling, shouldn’t they go out to check whether the prices of essential goods are actually falling or not? No, they should have been in the place of the news reporters who received beatings for no reason but a show of power. The truth is, during Mr. Ershad’s rule, it was a custom of the army to remove the fingernails with pliers of the supporters of democracy. True that teachers should be teaching and students should be studying but then, shouldn’t the army be in the borders protecting the nation and the police not kicking and baton-charging everyone?

    Both the army and the police are fed by government spending, which in turn is fueled by foreign grants and the tax payer’s money. People who misuse their power by taking their advantage by being members of the police and the army should be sent to the jail as soon as possible. There were applauds when RAJUK personnel started to demolish illegal structures and the police were given heightened sense of power. Somehow, they forgot to demolish one of their own markets violating building construction codes in Utttara recently.

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    With You

    I think Brigadier Bari’s video should be posted on Youtube as soon as possible.

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    Muhamad Lodhi

    Open response to Nawed & everyone.

    That man is the noblest creature may be inferred from the fact that no other creature has contested this claim.

    Also, Bertolt Brecht said something about assuming what we’ve got now will either be the same or will always be there. I’ll see if I can find the quote. I’m not promising.

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    Liberattus C. Grammaticus

    Nobody in their proper senses can support the torture and humiliation of professors. It can’t happen in any civilized society. People who understand what a university is all about can never ever think of such an incident. But the Bangladeshi military have done it. Bravo!

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    The similarities in their attempts to quash the smallest threats of opposition using the DGFI’s blackhole during the BNP/Jamaat’s rule and the current Martial Law regime are “uncanny”! Also interesting is their common hatred of progressive, liberal intellectuals. Hitting a professor in the face, what a shame! Is this why you get your salary paid out of our taxes?

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    Liberattus C. Grammaticus

    They have made us all proud! Have merely slapped a bastard professor. Why can’t the bloody civilians take it easy? After all, their predecessors in the Pakistan military killed professors, bayoneted men and women to death and raped women to uphold the flag of Islam. Congratulations, for showing that you are following the tradition of your Pakistani brothers!

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