Journalist and blogger Raaj attacked in London



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The young Bengali journalist and blogger Mr Juyel Raaj has attacked by a group of unidentified attackers near to his office. Saturday at 5 pm at the Church Road area In East London on the way to the the newspaper office attacked him from backwards.

Mr Juyel Raaj confirmed that a group of young boys has attacked him from behind and injured him severely on his head and neck. Before realizing the situation, attackers has pushed him to the ground and started kicking and punching him on his head and neck and run off quickly. After the evildoers run off, Mr Juyel raaj become very frightened and found himself on ground and a side of his head and lip was bleeding. Fifteen minutes after the incident, police came to the scene and collected CCTV footage from the surrounding CCTV cameras and will take action after investigating CCTV footage.

Writing against war criminals, Islamic terrorism and fundamentalism Mr Juyel Raaj has been threatened for a long time in many ways. From this point of view it can be assume that the attack may have been pre-planned and a part of threats he was receiving for last few years.

Mr Juyel Raaj was preparing to go to the Bangladesh on June 17. After buying ticket he posted it to facebook to let his friends and family know about his travel to Bangladesh and received death threat from two different Facebook ID mentioning him as an atheist blogger.

“Recently five bloggers in Bangladesh was hacked to death because of their free thinking and writing against Islamic fanaticism, fundamentalism and war crime in Bangladesh during 1971, I had to change my mind after receiving threats and canceled traveling Bangladesh”, he said.

Besides writing in a prominent Bangla blog name “AMAR BLOG” regularly, Mr Juyel Raaj working as a UK correspondent of a pioneer Daily national newspaper of Bangladesh name “The daily Manab kantha” and a local newspaper paper in his local city in Bangladesh name “the daily Jugaveri”. He is also working as a news editor for a community newspaper Name “Fortnightly Bricklane” publishing from East London and previously worked for a Community Television channel Name “Bangla TV” Telecasting from UK and Europe available on Sky channels 786.

Investigating Officer Reynolds warned him to move safely until they finalise their investigation, and in any case ask police as soon as possible to further help.


E-Bangladesh is a News/Headlines service and a group blog aimed at bringing the news and analysis from Bangladesh to its readers.

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