Eduardo to be back in 9 months



Arsenal hope the Croatian international striker Eduardo Da Silva will be back in 9 months after his horrible leg break this Saturday against Birmingham City. The 25 year old striker suffered a fractured left fibula and an open dislocation on his left ankle after defender Martin Taylor’s tackle.

Eduardo Da Silva

Eduardo will have a plastered leg for the next 6 to 8 weeks before the rehabilitation program starts. Arsenal expect him to be fit enough to run in at least 6 months time. Following the injury, he was taken to Selly Oak Hospital in Birmingham for surgery on Saturday and then transferred to a clinic in London on Sunday.

Martin Taylor has been the target of some angry fans, including Croatian fans, who posted threatening messages in a myriad some websites. Security personnel had to retrain a gang of Croatian reporters trying to storm in on Taylor’s car after his training session West Hills training complex.

The Croatian coach Slaven Bilic will be missing Eduardo’s services in the upcoming Euro 2008 competition. In an interview on radio Bilic defended Taylor as he said, “The injury made the tackle look bad. You see many tackles like that, almost every week.

“That’s perhaps wrong for football but I’m sure Martin Taylor is a sportsman and he wanted to play the ball. On another occasion Eduardo could have received a worse tackle and got away without injury – everything went wrong but Eduardo knows Taylor didn’t do it deliberately.”

The incident happened in Arsenal’s 2-2 on Saturday in Saint Andrew’s. Birmingham manager Alex McLeish claims the event has scarred Taylor psychologically. “The fact that (some commentators were surprised at the red card) tells the story itself – it was seen as just another normal tackle in a game of football where there is contact,” he said.

“Martin was horrified. There certainly wasn’t a big protest over the red card from him but he’s seen the damage that was done to Eduardo and I could see it in his face. Even if the referee had given him a yellow card I don’t know if he could have played on any way. We’ve had to rally round Martin Taylor because he is mentally shattered by the whole experience.”

McLeish recalled Hendrik Larsson’s horrific leg break back in 1999 when he was the Celtic Manager. Larsson came back from injury and had a very successful career afterwards and he hopes for the best for Eduardo.

[By: Shahnawaz Alam]

Photo: Getty Images