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Nayeem Hossain

Nayeem Hossain

It’s been a while. It’s been a while since I’ve penned any dream, any frustration, any curiosity, any surprise. May be this is what writer’s blockage is, may be this is what is the sound of emptiness. In a world where every day we want results at warp speed, is there any space for a solitude seeker. May be not, and that’s why we are known to be the “has been”. We are now more competitive than ever, yet there’s no result. More ambitious than ever, yet no vision. More expressive than ever, yet have no belief to stand for. In an age where everything is a trend, everything is tagged, everything has to be shared, honestly who has time to listen? Sometimes I feel like the burglary alarm of my parked car. Helplessly screaming to get attention of all the passersby. Everyone see, know what to do yet just whisk through the busy roads, “not my problem!” you might say. I think our blogs are like those alarms. We write, we scream, we express-some read, most don’t and everything is forgotten. “Not my problem!” you may think. In a world where instant result is the norm, who has time to verify, follow-up, gather information. Have an opinion, create information to support that opinion and press ‘send’, your job is done!

Whose problem do we write about? What are the issues for? Who’ll read and who’ll listen. We don’t have time to listen to anyone. We want a soundboard that’s exactly like ours. That’s easy to digest, easy to support, easy to take advantage off. Anything that resonates anyway different in shape,color or content then the box we are in is not acceptable anymore. Things we don’t understand takes too much time to realize, things we don’t agree is of no good to us. I see youth arguing not to understand each other, but to convince each other’s point of view. Arguments are replaced with conflicts, intellect is replaced with consumerism, and rationales are replaced with radicals. In a world like this I echo silence to myself and wait for a reality that doesn’t exist anymore.

But then I wonder, if the alarm wasn’t there what could happen. If no one screamed, no one would’ve looked. If no ones the outcast then who’d they banish? Thank god for the “has been” and the “have not”s. May be one day the outcasts will outnumber. The rational will overthrow the radicals, logic will empower the loth. Until then, dreams must be penned, questions must be raised, and boxes must share space. We don’t need one to the work for all, but all from their own sphere. If we can’t, then what are we living for? 🙂

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