Premier League proposal in doubt



The Football Association has put a halt on the Premier Leagues plans to play their games overseas calling it unsustainable. The FA recently had a meeting on Thursday to further discuss the plan for the “39th game” of the Premier League. Reports suggest that a great amount of changes are needed in this plan for this game to win approval.

Lord Triesman

Lord Treisman, the FA chairman, said “At the moment we have not seen a sustainable plan to which we can agree. If the Premier League has things it wants to say about changes or new variants, well then they will come forward. But personally, I would prefer it happened sooner rather than later, because I don’t want this to drift on particularly as we are to launch our World Cup bid (for 2018).

“In general I think uncertainty is not very helpful if it goes on for any length of time, but that is a matter for them. The whole of the process, I think, certainly does require some fresh thinking and some really substantive answers to the questions posed.”

[By: Shahnawaz Alam]