Colonial Granny

Maskwaith Ahsan

Maskwaith Ahsan

The writer is an Online Journalist and Offline Media Educator.

Colonial Granny

Colonial Granny

O Granny, My excellent colonial nanny
Your art of looting is extremely Funny
You collected Koh-e-Noor and jewel
You stole money for your royal fuel.
So sweet, you gave me a big reception
I knew for sure it was your graceful deception.
You promoted Jamaat to keep us in darkness
You expected us to embrace Jihad of ugliness.
Your this innocent smile is a killer
I don’t think Fellowship Award can be a healer.


No we can’t

Someone used to scream like a parrot
Yes we can, yes we can
Zionists found him useless, checking his tarot
No he can’t but a talk-shop
Bush looted Baghdad museum showing WMD carrot
Yes he could, the Texas junky rude
Small Bush created Al-Qaeda to buy war chariot
Bushes are good! Oh ya, give it to me.
Obama wished to stop radical Christians’ frog riot
Which he should; as Syria truth comes to
Jo Biden kept on pushing the war as an u-la-la patriot
So it burns, from his Tanpura ass
Poverty made Obama perturbed, Republicans blocked a lot
Alas! No we can’t!

imran khan
imran khan

Amirul Moron

My name is Khan
I have so much fun
I won world cup cricket
I have taken many Guriya wicket
I love pretty cancer of Jamaat
I consider ‘power’ my loving brat.
I am all about I, I and I
And General Niyazi was my Bhai.
I am all about myself
O Taliban I need some help.


Modi Hindustani

Main chaaye walay se Gujarat ka CM huya
Main nay Musalmanon ko aag say jinda Jalaya
Phir bhi Jamaat meray sath hay
Jamaat ek khoobsurat bayan hath hay
Main ab Dilli ka takht hasil karun ga
India ki maa bahen nahin chorun ga
Mamata di meray daaen hath ki Guriya
Meray laddu ki nasheeli dil nashin Chooriyaan
Main ab Raja Hindustani
Dil may hay bhari Shaitani


We hate books

We don’t need books
We have wives to read
We have fuel to get speed
We have ‘religion’ to sell weed
We have money for arms feed
We have Bush to hide our greed.


The writer is an Online Journalist and Offline Media Educator.

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    Tanvir Mahmud

    I follow you on facebook. I am fond of your way of satire. I hold high your takes on the pro-independece consciousness, and your vision about the Ganajagaran Mancha i.e.the Shahbag movement.

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