Hamid Mir: A rose not to be taken

Maskwaith Ahsan

Maskwaith Ahsan

The writer is an Online Journalist and Offline Media Educator.

Hamid Mir
Hamid Mir
Pakistani journalist Hamid Mir’s recent article in daily Jang, asking for the release of Ghulam Azam, the Bangladesh mastermind of ‘71 war crimes, appeared as a surprise gift for those who witnessed Mir’s photo session in front of Islamabad Press Club demanding Pakistan’s apology for the genocide of 1971.

Hamid Mir became a hero in Bangladesh for this photo session and a few reconciliatory articles published in daily Prothom Alo. Mir’s father Waris Mir stood up against the ‘71 killings and was hence humiliated and defamed as a traitor by the then establishment. Recently, Hamid Mir visited Dhaka to receive national recognition on behalf of his father’s heroic role in 71 as a friend of Bangladesh and humanity.

With the help of his father’s credibility and standing Hamid Mir has been portraying himself as a politically correct activist in Bangladesh. However, all it took was an article in favor of Ghulam Azam to expose Hamid’s deceptive agenda.

In his article he has tried to defame the Bangladesh tribunal as being a farce and a mere conduit for political witch hunting. Interestingly, it’s the same line of propaganda used by the lobbyists hired by Jamaat leaders of Bangladesh. Hamid Mir has used the same illogical argument that when Pakistan could not bring to trial the 195 army officers involved in the killings of ’71, what then is the basis if trying their Bangladeshi collaborators! Ironically for Hamid Mir, he defeated his own argument in the article by writing that had the war criminals listed in the Inquiry commission report of 1972 been punished, Pakistan and Bangladesh could have reconciled the tragedy of ‘71. Basically, he accepts that war crimes were committed but doesn’t want the Jamaat perpetrators punished.

To give him credit, Hamid Mir has raised an important point: Awami League won the 1970 national elections with a clean majority and by launching an operation in the then east Pakistan, the Pakistan army committed a crime by violating the rights of the majority and by that reason violated the rules of the state, so why didn’t Pakistan try those involved with an illegitimate army operation against the legitimate majority of the then East Pakistan?

Having raised this question it is now Hamid Mir and his politically correct friends’ responsibility to request the Pakistan Government to seek state apology for ‘71 and to implement the commission report by trying those Pakistanis implicated in the 1972 inquiry commission report.

Bangladesh cannot take responsibility for the failure of Pakistan’s actions. At our end, the youth of Bangladesh voted Awami League into power in 2008 for bringing war criminals to justice. With that mandate Awami League formed this tribunal to try top local collaborators who were involved in the civilian killings of 1971.

My observation so far has been that Hamid Mir writes secular columns in English and reactionary ones in Urdu. He knows well that the ‘burger’ crowds of Pakistan don’t/can’t read Urdu and that’s why they invite him to fashionable human rights rallies, whereas his ‘bun kabab’ fans read only Urdu and consider him an icon of right-wingism. In this manner he gets to swing both ways: by seeking apology for ‘71 in English and in the same breath by seeking pardon for Ghulam Azam’s war crimes in Urdu. This sort of blatant hypocracy earns nothing; it only unmasks the heart of darkness.

Hamid Mir suffers from the dilemma of the contrast between his father’s ideology and of his own. His father’s influence inspired him to become a part of the movement for seeking apology for the 1971 crimes, while his Jamaat ties forced him to call Ghulam Azam a hero. As evident on social media, this dilemma has cost Hamid Mir his young followers in Bangladesh in a matter of minutes.

Bangladeshi thinker Professor Humayun Azad once made a very generic and personal comment that he could not trust a Pakistani, not even one offering him a rose. In my case I would narrow it down to just I would say the same about Hamid Mir.


The writer is an Online Journalist and Offline Media Educator.

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    Hamid Mir could not be defined any better than last 3 paras of this column.

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    After reading this approch of yours
    “….. could not trust a Pakistani, not even one offering him a rose……”, this column is not worth reading for anybody, Sorry.

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    Syed Abbas Haider

    Why it took so much time to learn about him, he is traitor in my eyes, how can a person be a friend of mine if he is friend of my enemies!!

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    Preshan Gul

    Funny article 🙂 If Hamid Mir writes in favor of so called Awami league agenda he is a nice guy if he writes against the farcical war tribunal he is a bad guy! Lovely argument!

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    Salman Tariq

    I’m not a Hamid Mir fan. Far from it, I detest his cheeky and sensationalist journalism.

    However, if the guy supports your point of view he’s a hero, and if he digresses from the ‘righteous’ path, he’s a villain? Not fair..

    And the last para was rather unnecessary.

    A Pakistani

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    Babar Khan

    Hah..Hamid Mir, a rose?

    For those who don’t know much about Hamid Mir specially in dear Bangladesh, ” he is basically a Mirch Masala journalist”. His long standing war with Pak Army and ISI ( nothing to do with Bangladesh) is the reason why he is appeasing Bangladesh for his 1971 war crime views.

    Of course, every Pakistan condemns the tragic events of 1971. And actually, I am personally happy for the people of Bangladesh for having their own homeland. Wish you all the best, forever. Your nation was not treated fairly in every department possible. And that’s the truth of that time what Pakistanis did. But, my point is that its only half-truth.

    As one can conclude that I am from Pakistan. I was really hurt to read about the Bangladesh famous thinker that he will not trust any Pakistani. I can understand the anger of all those times, but the whole truth is that it was not just any Pakistanis who wanted to treat you like slaves in your own country, it was the “Punjabis”.

    I hope I am not making it too complicated, but just to make things a little clear will help us all. Punjabis were ruling both East and West Pakistan. 90% of the top officials in all departments were Punjabis. NWFP, Baluchistan, and East Pakistan were completely for using and abusing. In 1971 East Pakistan fought with Punjabis and became Bangladesh. Punjabis are still abusing the rights of Baluchistan and NWFP (KPK is the new name for NWFP) to this date.

    Separatist movements have started in Baluchistan, whereas is KPK, Imran Khan(not a punjabi) is standing up for the rights of the Province. So please my Bengoli brothers and dear sisters, point your anger to the right people and not all of us who were suffering along side you and are still suffering.

    Because of these Punjabis, we Peaple of KPK are also blamed for their shameful activities.

    Peshawar, KPK

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    Muhammad Zubair

    What happened to Bengali Friends is very sad and it should be condemn on every forum, but on the basis of an event calling the whole nation (Pakistan) bad is worst. Best of Luck for my Bengali Brothers

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    Muhammad Zaman Waheed

    Salam 2 all,
    I totally agree that Hamid Mir is one of the traitors of Pakistan. But judging every Pakistani as untrust worthy on the basis of Hamid Mir is quiet an irrational and immature observation. Tell me Maskwaith Ahsan how many Pakistanis have you met in your life and they all behaved like Hamid Mir?

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    In reply to Babar Khan’s observations, i would like to remind that it was Mr.Bhutto, a Sindhi who objected to handing over power to the majority party who won Elections in 1970 in Pakistan……Can anyone deny that Bhutto didn’t say to Mujib….” idhar ham, udhar tum”

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    Khurram tahir

    Babar Khan, i am really shamed on you. On a background of another event, you are showing your own anger. And you are congratulating,admiring and wishing the best of luck, and pointing them that sorry brother, we Pakistanis are very good people but its only Punjab who did all that, and only Imran Khan is the person, we is the only survival and oh sorry, he is not punjabi.

    Ask IK, that whether he is fighting for KPK peoples or for the country.

    Shame on you, shame on you.

    Pakistan is a complete entity of all those provinces, we should not show our anger on a background of another issue.

    Without KPK and Balochistan, Pakistan is nothing, without Punjab, Pakistan is nothing.

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    Safdar Hussain

    My Question is that why punjabis are blamed for all atrocities since inception of Pakistan, because they never took part in the creation of Pakistan but they are enjoying after creation of Pak. Punjabis bureaucrats whether in army or in civil are destroying Pakistan they have always two desire in their lives one is to work for their own and for their province Punjab and all sources of other provinces are still being snatched for their benefits every one other than pujabi are traitor. While all benefits are being utilized by them then why punjabi do not accept all responsibility of destruction of Pakistan.

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    shah ghulam qadir

    Imran Khan is a punjabi by birth as his father belong to Mianwali,Punjab,Pakistan,

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    As a rejoinder to my observations to Mr. Babar, i would like to urge him and all concerned to look at the history. In 1970 Elections, out of 300 seats, Awami Leaque of Mujib won 160 and PPP of Bhutto won 81 seats. Of these 81 seats, PPP won 62 from Punjab.

    So its not a matter of Punjabi or Sindhi, its a matter of ‘Greed for Power’. Bhutto wanted power and persuaded the then Govt not to hand over power to the majority party who won Election in 1970.

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    Mr. Salman,

    For a smooth moving forward from 1971, the crimes committed then must be addressed.Even in your personal life, if someone does harm to you and does not repent but says, ” Mr. Salman, can’t we move on’………what would be your reaction?

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    A unique discussion may be worth comment. I do believe that you should compose more on this specific topic, may well be a taboo subject matter but usually people are insufficient to speak about such topics. To the next. All the best

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    Black does not take any other hue.A PAKI is always a Paki.They r like whip saw.Change their cutting teeth in both direction ,so fast that has no match. They r champion in trechery and cheating world wide and second to # one Negeria. My 30 yrs overseas life in 27 different countries have experienced so much of Paki ducieve frauds and stories .that will never shy any one to characterize them double faced and true selfish. Its not a wonder what this shitty guy does. Can we recall the honour to be repossed by Bangladesh Govt. and given to human rights(they r cheater too) org in Paki land.

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    Pakistani or no pakistani, Bangoli or no bangoli, Muslims are not bound in the territorial limits, as far the column and the view are concerned, the columnist, Hamid Mir and others like him infact along with the damn politicians are responsible for War crimes, the crimes happening today, as they can only make the public panic and can never come up with a positive solutions. If see the picture minutely then one can see how the brothers in the Movement for independence became worse enemies. Damn politicians and Journalists. If a common Pakistani or Bangladeshi dies what difference does make for them, but a way to bark and earn more from their fascist and imperialist masters. We were, are and will be brothers, no matter whatever happens, and I pray these Poison injecting monsters on both side, either that be the government, politicians, media or journalist BURN IN HELL.

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    After the winning of 1971 election,Bangladesh should not fight for independence,Bangldesh should just fight for the rights of winning election.Bangladesh should fight for Presidency of Mujib-ur-Rehman for whole East and west Pakistan.Mujib-ur-Rehman would be president of bigger country instead of Small East Pakistan.Mujib-ur-Rehman fought just for East Pakistan.He did not fight for the unity of Pakistan.Suppose,now these days a city Dhaka of Bangladesh fight for independence of Independent Dhaka country,then Bangladesh will do same as Pakistan did in 1971.Bangladesh should get Independence in 1971 by political,not by arm fighting.During 1971,Bangladesh should.get help of united nation instead of enemy(India).India was enemy of Pakistan (east and wast) in 1965.
    Bangladesh should celebrate both Independence days (1971 and 14 august 1947).Bangladesh is Independent from India because Muhammad Ali Jinnah work for the Independence of East Bangal.
    Bangladesh is Independent from Pakistan because Mujib-ur-Rehman work for the Independence of East Bangal(Bangladesh).My loves for the best future of Bangladesh.

    I am from present Pakistan.

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    Rehman Zahid

    Mujib and Bhutto both played RAW’s game just due to their LUST for Power. While Gen. Yahya Khan was a Bloody Bastard. Hypothetically if at least two of these three were loyal to their people and country today would be a different day.Alas two leaders representing majority of people and ruling general were all thugs while bureaucracy was busy with “yes sir:” to hide their corruption

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