Shahbag movement to be streamlined

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Guest Blogger

Photo: Demonstrators in Shahbag on February 2013, Taken from WikiPedia.

It is time for the Shahbagh movement to be streamlined. It all started back in February 5, 2013 and is ongoing till date. If we see the history of the movement, this has gained colossal popularity in the shortest possible time and that only happened because of the demands that were declared. By demand, I would particularly mean maximum penalty for the war criminals and outlawing of politics of the party directly involved in war crime.

Although it is a war against a very small portion of the population of this country who does not believe in the birth of our motherland and were always against it, but we should always keep in mind that they are directorially very strong and also backed up by one of the major political parties of the country for whatever reason. The eventual consequence is a fight against impurity, and unfortunately for many political reasons, a fight against a mammoth number of people. But I still believe and hope, this movement needs to be successful for a Bangladesh that our ancestors dreamed of. And to do that, some sort of reorganization could help.

So, there are two groups of people who are against this movement. One group is directly against this as this is a war against them, and the other group is a little moderate but still against this because of their political identity and loyalty. Now to make the movement a successful one, we need to concentrate essentially on those people who could be brought back to sense. The people who are supporting this movement does not require any further motivation, rather the people who are confused, needs to be addressed. One way of doing that could be using the FaceBook pages those were created in favor of this movement. But very unfortunately, we are seeing these pages sometimes posting news/ feeds that could confuse people more. For example, we are saying that this is a peaceful demonstration and we would really like to keep it that way. But sometimes, these FaceBook pages are posting feeds regarding violence in support of this movement; like some Islami Bank booth was torched by mass people etc etc. This could in fact give a wrong message to the real neutral people (not those who acts neutral but actually support opponent’s activities) about the movement. Another thing is, as I have said earlier, since one of the biggest political parties is against the movement, they would always try to capitalize on any mishaps in and around the movement. These opponents have several wings and they would always try to agitate us, so that we do some blunder. But if we start answering all of them with hatred, those real neutral people might get confused again. If that starts to happen again and again, the movement might lose its momentum, and guess what, who would be benefitted?

By this I am not saying we don’t need to answer these propagandas. Let us concentrate on our main demands and try to respond to these propaganda machines peacefully. I know people might say, enough is enough, we have shown enough peace, and I do completely understand the emotion. But, should we allow them to capitalize on any of our mishaps that could have been controlled? There are many such other examples that I could have mention here regarding several pages or wings in favor of this movement, but I do believe these little hints would be enough for these magnificent new leaders to understand what I really wanted to mean.

Let us take the oath to complete this movement until we are successful and let us also take the oath not to allow our opposition to take any advantage from any of our mistakes that could easily be controlled, because Bangladesh would be suffering the most if this movement fails.

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    Khondkar Abdus Saleque

    Battlefront is already drawn. War Criminals of 1971 and their sponsors and beneficiaries have declared war against Bangladesh and its people. They have money, muscles and Weapons but we freedom loving self respecting Bangladeshis have patriotism and determination. We will win. Come and join us in the second liberation war. We want to establish Bangladesh based on the ideals of Liberation war free from all crimes and corruptions

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