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Photo: Zafor Munshi.

The Agrani Bank staff Zafor Munshi who was attacked and wounded by the Jaamat-e Islami miscreants died on Thursday while under treatment at Green Life Hospital. Munshi (36) was a liftman at Agrani Bank Mitijheel branch.

According to news report, on Wednesday morning some Shibir supporters tore off a poster in support of the Shahbag movement in front of Agrani Bank- the poster was hung by the employees of the bank demanding capital punishment for the war criminals. When the Shibir supporters were trying to tear the poster off, the Agrani Bank staff protested them. The Shibir supporters got hold of Zafor, took him to the street, beat him and hit him on the head with an iron rod and ran away.

Zafor Munshi is a victim of Jaamat atrocity and is the first martyr of the mass-movement whose sacrifice can never be repaid. The freedom fighters gave their lives in 1971 and in 2013 Zafor gave his life for the same cause and spirit of 1971. Amarblog Foundation and Amarblog express their condolence to the family of the deceased. To show its respect to Munshi, Amarblog Foundation has decided to raise fund that will be handed over to help his family- his three children and his wife. Amarblog Foundation requests interested bloggers and online activists to send their contribution to the following addresses. As it did in the past, Amarblog Foundation will hand over the entire fund raised to Munshi’s family.

Zafor was inspired by the spirit of the Shahbag movement and joined people to observe three minutes silence. He was the supporter of the cause, he was our fellow fighter. Amarblog Foundation hopes that we all will come forward to support his family in this time of hardship. Your small support may not be able to bring the children’s father back, but it will be able to help them make their father’s dream come true.

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To send money in Bangladesh please contact the following bloggers:
Oronno Anam- 01671-582269
Dadu bhai- 01713-163187
To send money online through paypal from anywhere in the world, use this email address:

You can also send money to the following account from any country in the world:

Account Name: Amar Foundation Limited
Account Number: 02248549
Sort Code: 40-05-16
Branch Name: HCBC
196 Oxford Street
London W1D 1NT
United Kingdom

Those who want to contribute through credit card and debit card please use this gateway:


For details please visit

It is noted that this report is prepared by blogger Farzana Hafsa, a PhD Student at  University of Rochester, New York, USA.

E-Bangladesh is a News/Headlines service and a group blog aimed at bringing the news and analysis from Bangladesh to its readers.

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    Another munafik destined for Hell for supporting the Conspiracy of the prostitute Hasina’s government. My Ars I will contribute any money.

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