Unmasking Jamaat’s chief international propagandist

Dr. Jaffor Ullah

Dr. Jaffor Ullah

There is this person by the name MBI Munshi (Mohammad Munshi) who is at it again now that ‘Bangla Spring’ is in full swing and the movement is gathering steam allover Bangladesh. Mr. Munshi spent time in England and got educated there to become a barrister but he then returned to Bangladesh. How often a person who grows up in the west and become educated there returns to his or her motherland? He had settled in Dhaka in late 1990s or early 2000 probably to join the bar and be a good barrister. But that did not happen, did it? Now it looks like he came with an agendum to bring sharia law into this land inhabited by millions of people. Without wasting any time, he started posting comments in various e-forums notably in NFB, Mukto mona, and a few other Bengali discussion sites. Needless to say, he rapidly became a controversial person.


From the tenor of Mr. Munshi’s posting it became increasingly clear to cyber readers that he had myriads of axe to grind. Through his postings he made it abundantly clear that he did not like the secularist political party, Awami League. Nor did he like the country’s founder, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. He also wrote furiously anti-Indian articles. Anytime a manmade disaster would strike Bangladesh, this person who became a ‘blogger’ maintaing a blog named ‘Blog – DeshCalling’, would peddle the idea that India was behind the disasters. For example, the spate of bombing during mid-1990s to early 2000 that rocked Bangladesh’s cultural festivals, church, cinema halls, etc. according to this propagandist was the handiwork of India. In August 2004 when attempt was made to kill Sheikh Hasina, the Awami chief, as her party staged an open meeting in Dhaka, we all wrote articles denouncing the incident blaming fundamentalists and non-secular forces that were engaged in bombing throughout Bangladesh. However, Mr. Munshi would propagate his pet theory that Indian assassins have infiltrated Bangladesh and they tried to kill Sheikh Hasina with the help of local goons. In fact, that was the conclusion of a one- judge commission appointed by Khaleda Zia, who was the prime minister of Bangladesh at the time.

From various articles that he penned for a multitude of e-forums one thing is very clear, he hates the secular forces of Bangladesh and try very hard to portray that they are all agent of India, RAW and what not!  For example, he wrote one book in 2006 entitled “Indian Doctrine – A Contemporary Study on Indian Hegemony and Geo-Strategic Perspectives on South Asia”.  From a plethora of Mr. Munshi’s posts in the Internet, one could surmise that he has a myopic vision vis-à-vis south Asia. At one point, MBI Munshi and his ISI/Pakistan defense connection was also revealed. MBI Munshi joined as a member of Pakistan Defense Forum  gradually became a ‘SENIOR MEMBER’[Till Mar 31, 2009 he wrote  2,550 (Two Thousand Five Hundred and Fifty) posts, i.e., on average 3.52 per day in a ‘Pakisani defense’ forum.], he was also a member of  ‘Pakistan Affiars’  and various other Pakistani forums (evidences are here, here, here and here). Many activists at that time figured that Mr. MBI Munshi was a sleeping cell activist of Jamaat-e-Islami Bangladesh and had a connection with Pakistan.


And many of us thought how come? Why on earth a Bangladeshi citizen would write in a Pakistani forum and seek their sympathy? Now it is again becoming very clear :


Mr. Munshi is an avowed critic of what is going on in Shahbag, Dhaka starting from the first week of February 2013. Tens and thousands of people of all occupation have assimilated in Shahbag area of Dhaka to protest against the lenient punishment one Qader Mollah, a Jamaat leader, had received for the heinous crime he committed against many citizens of Bangladesh throughout 1971’s freedom fight. Many Jamaat leaders and workers became Razakar (helper) and eagerly sided with marauding Pakistani military to start a full-scale genocide in which an estimated 3 million folks have perished. These murderers received impunity and thanks to the military leader Ziaur Rahman and his wife, Khaleda Zia who became the prime minister not once but twice through adult suffrage. In the second term of her tenure, Mrs. Zia ran the election with Jamaat-i-Islami in 2001 as a political ally. When Sheikh Hasina’s party, Awami League, came to power in late 2000s, she made an election promise to the folks of Bangladesh that she would appoint a tribunal to try all the Razakars who committed crime against humanity during 1971.

As the tribunal to judge the culpability of alleged killers was being formed, the Jamaati propaganda machinery became very active to gain supporters from the government of European and North American nations. I am confident that Mr. Munshi vociferously protested the action of Hasina administration to try the alleged Jamaati leaders.

The adage “A leopard cannot change its spots” is very much applicable to Mr. Munshi. Now that Bangladesh’s very own ‘Bangla Spring’ had blossomed in Shahbag, all the leaders of anti-liberation force (read Jamaat and BNP) became scare stiff. Soon, propaganda got underway from Jamaat and BNP. This was engineered by none other than Mr. Munshi.

A few of our cyber friends who are blog writer by their own rights have received a document (and me too!) which had exposed Mr. Munshi a big time.



 Click this link for larger view

As our young generation started to occupy Shahbag for a week nonstop, it caught the Jamaat and BNP leaders by surprise. The student-led movement gathered steam and there is telltale sign that the entire nation was backing them up in their demand that the convicted killers of 1971 genocide should receive the maximum punishment. The students were receiving accolades from all walks of life in Bangladesh. And this was a scary development for the anti-liberation force throughout Bangladesh.

Mr. Munshi was probably having a sleepless night in Gulshan. He started to communicate with like-minded Jamaatis and BNP propaganda machine. In fact, he was the one who tried to put a label to the student-led movement by calling it “fascistic” in nature. He smelled “fascistic tendencies” among students’ activities in Shahbag. The game of vilification got started by him in earnest. In the communication received by many secularists (is it by accident or by design?) containing Mr. Munshi’s message he identified himself as “BJI International Relations”.

BJI probably stands for ‘Bangladesh Jamaati Islami’ and the content of his message is outright alarming. He writes as follows:

“The Shahbag movement is apparently based on folk culture and pagan myths and also interestingly coincides with the rise of Narendra Modi in India. The Shahbag movement has certain anti-democratic tendencies and is also opposed to the rule of law and will eventually compromise with the sovereignty of Bangladesh.”

I will let the readers draw their conclusion. However, suffice it to say that the anti-liberation force is terrified by the unfolding story of Bangladesh’s student led movement.

During 1971, the powerful Muslim League of Bangladesh ignored the speech of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman given on March 7, 1971, which was very close to Shahbag. And we know what happened to that political party. Is history going to repeat this time again? The BNP now knows that they missed the proverbial bus. I will not be surprised if Bangladesh’s war crime tribunal gives death sentences to the deserving Razakars, then BNP and Jamaat will face the same ignominy as Muslim League, the party which is non-existent now. And what will happen to Mr. Munshi then? Let the erudite readers draw their conclusion.

PS: First posted at MuktoMona.


This morning (February 14, 2013), I received via e-mail a reply from MBI Munshi
through the courtesy of E-Bangladesh. Mr. Munshi claims that he has no
connection to Jamaat whatsoever. He also wrote that I am doing a nasty campaign
against him and he called me a RAW (India) Agent. Mr. Munshi is dead wrong on
several accounts. First, he identified with the organization BJI International
Relations in the e-mail that he sent to 2 other persons namely ASM Hannan and
Shamser Mobin Chowdhury who is very much involved in BNP. Munshi came up with  the idea that there is a “Fascistic Tendency” in student-led Shahbag Movement.
Some newspapers in Dhaka came up with the exact same phrase, which was uttered
by BNP. I wonder, what is the probability that 2 persons coming up with the
exact same phrase? Mr. Munshi should know the English adage – “You Cannot FOOL

Next, Mr. Munshi said that I am a RAW agent. Lest he knows, I am a U.S. citizen.
The U.S.laws clearly states that if an American citizen becomes the agent of a
foreign government, he or she should register with the U.S. State Department as
an agent for a foreign government or else, there will be legal consequences. I
thought Munshi is a barrister. But his way of writings remind me that he has no
legal training. Does it make sense that this person who received all his
education in England including his legal training had to return to Bangladesh to
eke out a living?

Mr. Munshi was caught red-handed exchanging mail in which he expressed a deep
concern for the student-led movement in Shahbag. Finally, his identity was
unearthed by secularists as he was not careful with who he was exchanging
e-mails. I think some of his friends do not like him that much or else, why did
secularist writers receive these damaging e-mails. You see, he has no shame
whatsoever. He is in big denial now. He thinks after reading my piece, readers
are going to trust him as an independent political commentator. That is his
wishful thinking. The cat is out of the bag.

200 Responses to “Unmasking Jamaat’s chief international propagandist”

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    MBI Munshi

    As I am telling the truth about what is happening in Bangladesh ‘Bharati Razakar’ and RAW agent Dr. Jaffor Ullah is spreading lies about me on the internet. He is Photoshopping several internet images of me and presenting me as a Jamaat-e-Islami’ supporter even though my article ‘A Nationalist Agenda in Bangladesh’ is highly critical of the party. Anyone following my Facebook Timeline during the last one year would also know that I have no attachment to Jamaat. Please watch out for this RAW agent Dr. Jaffor Ullah and do not believe his lies. There are other RAW agents and Bharati Razakar’s who are claiming that I am not a real person and that I am using a fake ID so that my Facebook account gets closed. These people are desperate and by exposing their lies they feel that I am a threat to their agenda that is aimed against the sovereignty of Bangladesh as explained in my book The India Doctrine (1947-2007). If I was not telling the truth they would not spend so much time attacking me in this dishonest and despicable manner. The are using the RAW sponsored website Mukta Mona to disseminate their lies about me. These are the typical character assassination methods adopted by RAW agents and Bharati Razakar’s in and outside Bangladesh.

  2. Author Image

    Mir Kasim

    Munshi ji,
    why are you so defensive? whoever criticizes you becomes a ‘Raw agent’. That’s funny. Do you see how many times you said ‘raw’, ‘India’s agent’ ‘ Bharati razakar’ in your one paragraph response?

    Even in your pakistani defense forum one pakistani mentioned:

    1. I read the link and there didn’t seem to be any lies as far as I could see e.g. you post on Pakistani forums, hate the Awami League and accuse India of conducting a covert war against Bangladesh.

    What exactly are the lies in that article?

    Source: http://www.defence.pk/forums/bangladesh-defence/234547-execution-retrial-3.html#ixzz2Kvj5vrTj

    1. you are obviously a Jamat supporter.
    2. You joined in various Pakistani defense forums and still are writing there (screen shots are there). I have checked myself.
    3. you do not like AL and Sheikh Mujib. In many places you supported his killing, isn’t it?
    4. you called Shahbagh movement a ‘fascist movement’. Forget about the letter that you claimed to be photoshoped, you yourself posted the same thing in a ‘Pakistani defense forum’ :

    “The Shahbag movement is based on folk culture and pagan myths and also interestingly coincides with the rise of Narendra Modi in India. The Shahbag movement is essentially an anti-democratic shift and is also opposed to the rule of law and will eventually compromise with the sovereignty of Bangladesh. Heard all of this before? Yes the same thing that happened in 1930’s Germany is repeating itself in South Asia. I predicted all these developments in my book 6 years ago and I haven’t been wrong so far ……”

    These are your words. Which part was Jaffor lying Munshiji?

  3. Author Image

    MBI Munshi

    Interesting that you share the name of an alleged war criminal. Trying to be funny I guess. Yes I used the words RAW, Indian agent and Bharati Razakar quite frequently in my response because I want people to become accustomed to using and hearing these words. These agents of India have so much influence over Bangladesh but we hardly talk about them. I think that need to change. People need to hear the words RAW, Indian agent and Bharati Razakar so that they do not feel hesitant or frightened to use them in everyday speech and when appropriate. I was not being defensive but was being highly offensive and taking the argument to my opponent.

    The Pakistani you mentioned is actually a Bangladeshi using the pseudonym Hammer-Fist and is probably an Awami Leaguer. Strange how many Awami Leaguers and Indians are members of these Pakistani forums. They easily outnumber us neutral observers and commentators but also complain when we become members. How hypocritical.

    In reference to the lies in Dr. Jafor Ullah’s article this is my response:

    1. I am absolutely not a Jamaat supporter.

    2. I have joined in two Pakistani forums but only write in one. There are hundreds of other Bangladeshis and Indians who are members and a great many are Awami Leaguers. I see no reason why I cannot join since so many Indians find no problem in being members of these Pakistani forums. Since the forum has a special section for Bangladeshis I am entitled to comment.

    3. I dislike the AL and Sheikh Mujibur Rahman because they are anti-democratic, fascist in nature and adopt a subservient foreign policy in regard to India.

    4. Yes I have called the Shahbag protests as fascist as they wish to change by force the sentence given to Abdul Kader Mollah. That the tribunal could find no evidence or proof that he committed any war crimes in 1971 is ignored by them. This is both a threat to democracy and the rule of law. Both Human Rights Watch and David Bergman have made similar observations to me. The paragraph you quoted from me is the truth and I stand by it. The Shahbag movement has anti-democratic tendencies and the participants have a fascistic mentality.

    What interests me is that you have spent so much time observing my every word and comment on the internet which suggests you might be an Indian agent … Lolz

  4. Author Image

    Mir Kasim

    Ehh…say no more! I already got what I wanted. You did not deny any points that I raised, except your involvement with Jamat. To be precise –

    * You confessed that you write in Pakistani forums.

    * You confessed that do not like AL and Sheikh Mujib, and you did not disagree that you supported his killing.

    * You called Shahbagh protest ‘fascistic’ – a typical spokeman of BNP Jamat.

    – Which eventually means no one actually lied about you. So do not bring RAW, indian agent stuff here and there. Everybody can see your dirty laundry.
    Now about your involvement with Jamaat. Go again see the screen shot that was being posted in original article. It is quite clear that you were in the mailing list of BJI International Relations (international.relations AT jamaat-e-islami.org). Not only you, but Jamati leader SA Hannan, Shamsher Chowdhury all were there. Shamsher Chowdhury mentioned ‘No denying we were caught by surprise’. Even Hannan did not deny that the email was authentic. How many times you would try to fool your self, bro? The gene is already out.

    Now, I have a theory about you. They way you salivate in Pakistani forums, they way you hang arround Jamati razakars and buchers and they way you talk [remember you said ‘Bharati’ not ‘ভারতীয়’], I am pretty sure you are a Paki wolf in sheep skin. You are probably a ‘খোট্টা’। So, let me have a small ‘KP’ test (do not say you did not understand what KP stands for):

    তুমি কও তুমি জামাত না। ঠিক যেমন গোলাম আযমে কয় হে রাজাকার বা যুদ্ধাপরাধী কোনটাই না। আরে মুন্সি, রাজাকার জামাতি ছাগু কি গায়ে লিখা থাকে নি? কাঁঠাল পাতা টেস্ট দিয়াই ছাগু চেনা যায়, বাছা। শাহবাগ আন্দোলনের মত স্বতঃস্ফুর্ত বিক্ষোভরে তুমি কও ‘ফ্যাসিস্ট’, আর যেই রাজাকারগুলান নয় মাস ধইরা হত্যা ধর্ষন, গুমখুন, কাটাকাটি করছে – হেরা তোমার কাছে ফ্যাসিস্ট না। তোমার কথা হুনলে গোয়েবলস হিটলার সবাই লজ্জা পাইবো। জামাতি হান্নানের কোলের উপ্রে বইস্যা ঘোট পাকায়া ইমেল চালাও, পাবলিকে আন্ধা নিহি? হুনো বাছা তোমারে আমি বহুদিন ধইরাই ফলো করতাছি। তোমার কোনা কাঞ্চি আমার জানা হইয়া গেছে এর মইধ্যে। তুমি একখান বই লিখছ, তুমি জান হের মইধ্যে কত বড় বড় ভুল করছ? পাকি আর্মিরা যে কোডগুলান ইউজ করে, হেইগুলান তুমি আবালের মত ব্যবহার করছ, বুজোও নাই অন্য পাবিলিকের চোখে তুমি ধরা পড়বা। আরো উদাহরণ চাও? তোমার বইয়ের পয়তাল্লিশ নম্বর পৃষ্টাডা খুইল্যা দেহ, কি লিখছ। তোমারে ট্রেস করা কঠিন না। তুমি ভাব ইন্টারনেটে দুই কলম লিখা বহুৎ উদ্ধার করছ তুমি। তোমার মত বগলে-গন্ধওয়ালা নাফরমানের উপর দিয়া স্টিমরোলার চালায়াই দেশ একসময় স্বাধীন হইছিল। তাফালিং আর কইরো না কেমন? তোমারে কাদের মোল্লারমতো চ্যাং-এ গিট্টু মাইরা ঝুলায় দেওনের কাম। আরো যত মুখ খুলবা তত বেশি ধরা খাইবা, আগেই সতর্ক কইরা দিলাম, কেমুন?

    I would like to request moderator of eBangladesh to publish my comment as it is. Lets all see whether the royal G passes the famous KP test.

    Mir Kasim

  5. Author Image


    Mr Zafar-Ullah (Jaffor Ullah!) is a Razakar- an enemy of our Bengali nationhood. I suggest people read Zafar-Ullah’s posts in defence of impoverished, Hindu caste-ravaged, India- both directly and indirectly- to discover his agenda for Bangladesh.

    Zafar-Ullah has always encouraged discord and chaos in Bangladesh, and promoted Indian-style perspectives. Whose agenda does that serve? India, of course! RAW agent playing from a remote place in US?

    Would be proud of Shahbag protests (a freedom Bangladesh’s citizens value) if it didn’t support hanging and violence, and stopped misusing infants and school children with hanging slogans painted on faces.

    What type of parents use little children to mouth hated-filled violent slogans?

    Bengali parents are usually deeply protective of children. Scenes of children mouthing hanging slogans made me cry; makes me fearful for my beloved nation. Or, are some of these protesters being misguided by invisible hand of India’s propaganda machinery, to show to the world the immoral and irresponsible face of a section our nation?

  6. Author Image


    MBI Munshi always highlights issues of national interests. The whole nation knows who are opposed to our national interests. All people who speak of national interests including MBI Munishi are branded as Rajakar, Pro-Pakistani and Jamatis. RAW is categorically opposed to our national interests. Then people like Dr. Jafor Ullah is what other than a RAW agent?

  7. Author Image

    MBI Munshi


    I would like to point out that the email snapshot provided by Dr. Jaffor Ullah is fake. I have no connection to the Jamaat-e-Islami organization identified in the email. I certainly did not send BJI International that email and the second copied email was never part of the original message that was sent to hundreds of individuals on my list. I can only conclude that Dr. Jaffor Ullah doctored that email snapshot to implicate me with the Jamaat-e-Islami.

    The use of the word Fascist in reference to the Shahbag Movement was originally used by me and copied by the BNP and Amar Desh. These things tend to happen when one airs their views on social media sites to which everyone has access. To find a conspiracy as Dr. Jaffor Ullah does is utterly hilarious.

    I still stand by my assertion that Dr. Jaffor Ullah has some connection to RAW. He may be a US citizen but that does not necessarily imply he cannot be working for RAW. Surely he remembers the half-dozen Russian agents that were discovered in the United States after spedning more than a decade in the country. They had married and a few obtained lucrative and influential jobs in the United States. I can only assume by Dr. Jaffor Ullah’s behavior that he has some similar connection to RAW.

    Dr. Jaffor Ullah’s concluding paragraph clearly indicates the contradiction in his comments. He states that I had sent the disputed email to a secularist which was unbeknownst to me. That certainly may be the case but that does not mean I had sent it to BJI International. When I send messages to a group I do so by adding them in the BCC section so that their identities remain secret. How is it possible for the secularist or Dr. Jaffor Ullah to know who the other recipients are? I can only assume that the secularist on receiving the email ‘Photoshopped’ it and forwarded it to Dr. Jaffor Ullah. It is also possible that Dr. Jaffor Ullah himself manipulated the contents of the original email.

    The only cat that is out of the bag is the one that involves a RAW network actively seeking to undermine me through false propaganda.

    MBI Munshi

  8. Author Image

    MBI Munshi


    First I would like everyone to note that ‘Mir Kasim’ repeatedly addresses me as Munshiji which is an Indian style of address not used in Bangladesh or Pakistan. I have to assume that Mir Kasim is not even a Bangladeshi but an Indian. Secondly I have adequately addressed all the points raised by him and Dr. Jaffor Ullah in my previous replies. I would merely note that Mir Kasim, Dr. Jaffor Ullah and RAW are masters of distortion and manipulation and that is how they have interpreted my answers. They have drawn their own conclusions concerning my replies to suit their objectives and agenda but it is not the truth. It is their distorted version of the truth. Bearing this in mind the KP test devised by Mir Kasim is thus rendered utterly irrelevant and nonsensical.

  9. Author Image

    Zaib Ali

    I forgave the murder of my father in Bhairab Bazar and so many of my friends who were wiped out with the family.My friend Imtiaz from Railway shool reminds me in my dream.But I forgave the Bangladeshi as it was political.But now that recrimination and revenge has come again I am demanding that some concentious people in Bangladesh investigate and tell the world why those Biharis children,women and old included were killed in Bhairab,Mymensingh,Khulna,Akhura so on and so forth.If no justice is done there will never be peace where a innocent blood has fallen. Those killed by Bangladeshi forces were quite innocent.Will there be a voice.Believe me I forgot and forgave but now it has become fresh again.Answer me.Some one.

  10. Author Image

    sid rush

    An Indian muslim here. Was at Karagpur IIT campus when Shaikh Mujib killed.
    My take, India would like to dominate and control everyone around it. They lost part of it in partition only because Jinnah was better advocate for his muslim client. Remember Jinnah was a secular congress man till 1925. Seeing a half naked dhoti man mixing religion (raghupati rajaram etc), Jinnah left for UK till 1940.
    Muslim got sideliled when in 1937, Nehru used the language of VHP to unite Bihari and UP hindus against muslims. 30% muslims got 10% seats in that election. UP muslims got out done by communal congress, then begged Jinnah to come. Had proportional seat allocation like they have in Lebanon agreed by in the constitution, chances are partition would not have happaned. Nehru could not tolerate Jinnah as leader, so better partition. Take it from Jinnah would have been a great PM of united India. Muslims generally are better when in charge from Akbar to Tiger Patuadi, all great leaders. Partition happened in 1947 because Nehru wanted it. In 1971 it happaned because Bhutto was itching to rule just like Nehru in 1947. I am sure Mujib as PM of united Pakistan would have been great becuase when you are a ruler with mass support you learn to act like Akbar or Tiger. Bhutto/Yahya allowed India to break Pakistan. India was always waiting to get back. I wish Pakistan should have created a federation with East and let them self rule this way India had be careful. I lived through riots in India. Today muslims cannot get house for rent in New Delhi’s good areas just hindus do not want to rent. India wants all muslims to either convert/actually leave or stay in close slums and fight each other ( likes blacks in Brooklyn/Newark, with 3 of 10 youngman die of killing). What is happening in Pakistan is Part RAW and Part US. A nuclear Pakistan(only muslim state) is just not acceptable to Hindu Kingdom as will as Judeo-Christian axis.

    British made arabs fight turks and a muslim empire was broken. Today look at middle east. In 1967/73, there were standing armies of Egypt, Syria, Iraq and Libya. That is left now? So who will the King of Middle East of course, the sole Nuclear power. Hence Iran and Pak have to subjugated. So India is creating this US/Israel/India axis to dominate SE Asia as well as Middle East. You can see why India is in South China sea, wants build an empire. Bangladesh is a low hanging fruit. Always licking India feet like slave. Remember if you act like dog , you will be treated like dog. There are about 20-30% Indians who would mind dropping a nuke bomb on muslim country just to get so called revange. So this battle will go on. I can forsee India taking over UAE/Qatar/KSA if USA decides to send arabs to reservation like they did to 100mm American Indians over a 300 yrs history.

  11. Author Image

    Farid Talukdar

    MBI Munshi,

    1. Has been banned from Bangladesh’s main military forum, bdmilitary.com as he is viewed as a dubious individual working against the national interests of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.

    2. The “Bangladeshi” sub-forum of the Pakistani site which he frequents is nothing more than a Jamati/razakar-dominated forum where Jamati supporters, backed by Pakistani moderators and a now compliant “Bangladeshi” moderator (who has often stated he is not sure Bangladesh has a future)attack the Awami League. Attacking the Awami League which has its faults is acceptable, but these Jamatis go further and:

    i: Attack the existence of an independent Bangladesh, one active Jamati sympathizer, Kalu_Miah, calls 1971 a mistake.

    ii: Attack symbols of Bangladeshi nationhood such as the flag (a Jamati claimed the red circle in the Bangladeshi flag is from Hinduism, a complete lie), the national anthem (another Jamati claimed that “amar Shonar Bangla”, the national anthem has paganism in it, another lie).

    iii: Attack any member who posts positive economic news about Bangladesh. This is done, in particular by a character called Idune, as it would feel that it would decrease people’s hostility to the current incumbent government.

    iv: Normal Bangladeshi members are sworn at and abused and their families insulted by Jamatis there, with the Pakistani moderators very lenient towards Jamatis but very harsh towards normal Bangladeshis.

    v: Discussion about possible attacks against the Bangladeshi military has taken place there.

    This took place in the context of Jamati discussion about Jamati violence and police reaction during the post-Sayeedi violence.

    Details of this have been provided to a source connected to Bangladesh’s DGFI and military. In the future the Bangladeshi military may request the national government to ban this site in Bangladesh as it openly contains discussion on terrorism, on attacks against a national army. If the site is classified as a terrorist site, participation in it may be banned.

    vi: Jamatis have spoken of expelling Bangladeshi immigrant workers from the gulf e.g. Saudi Arabia, thus causing economic misery to Bangladeshi workers and their families.

    vii: Jamatis have spoken of creating a civil war in Bangladesh in that forum.

    viii: Jamatis have spoken of and celebrated the murder of Bangladeshi policemen.

    ix: Jamatis have spoken about damaging the Bangladeshi economy and bringing mayhem to Bangladesh.

    x: Jamatis in that forum are extremely hostile to Bangladeshi Hindus.

    xi: Jamatis there also post fabricated information and numbers about the 1971 war trying to, if not deny the genocide, at least carry out historical revisionism.

    xii: A Jamati there has laughed at rapes carried during 1971.

    xiii: The same Jamati (Al-Zakir) has laughed at the murder of Hindus during 1971.

    All of these anti-Bangladeshi activities are freely allowed and essentially encouraged by the nationalist Pakistani moderators.

    There is nothing “Bangladeshi” about that forum as it is a a Jamati/razakar mouthpiece on the website of their spiritual “motherland”, Pakistan, full of Jamatis, war criminal supporters, a Hizbu Tahrir supporter (member of an extreme Arabophilic fundamentalist organization banned around the world) and other Bangladesh-hating individuals.

    Bdmilitary.com is highly critical of both the Awami League, India and Jamaat and has realized that MBI Munshi is a national security threat to Bangladesh.

  12. Author Image

    MBI Munshi

    Reply to Farid Talukder:

    I was never banned from bdmilitary.com and though a member of PDF there are thousands of Indians who contribute and participate and a wide range of Bangladeshis who are members including Awami Leaguers. Since the AL pro-Indian perspective has always been a minority view in Bangladesh the Bangladeshi participants tends to represent the majority anti-Indian viewpoint hence the more nationalist opinions expressed on the forum. The opinions are not necessarily the point of view of the Jamaat-e-Islami or of any other political parties of Bangladesh but the personal perspective of Bangladeshi members.

  13. Author Image

    Farid Talukdar

    This is a copy of a letter sent to the Bangladeshi minister for information regarding MBI Munshi’s Pakistani forum.

    “To the honourable minister, Hasanul Haq Inu, of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh,

    I am writing to you as a concerned citizen of Bangladesh about the activities of a radical Pakistani website based in America,
    which the government of Bangladesh must ban.

    Many democratic western countries ban websites or groups they believe are dangerous, anti-democratic or preach hatred and
    such is the case with this website.

    The name of the website is: http://www.defence.pk

    It has a forum with many sub-forums including one called the “Bangladesh” sub-forum ostensibly to focus on Bangladeshi affairs
    but in reality a de facto forum for pro-Pakistan elements including those opposed to the very existence of an independent Bangladesh.


    In reference to the Pakistani military’s operations in the FATA region in the north of Pakistan where atrocities are being reported to be carried out by the Pakistan army as per 1971. This is some of the things that members of this site had to say:

    “gone are those days of conquering etc .. a nuclear pay load will vanish them (tribal people of FATA) and their genes from this planet”

    “if the animals in FATA will not learn to walk on two instead of walking on all fours as they do now , they will be made extinct … trust me there is enough determination and force available to do this”

    “I think Pakistan should just nuke Afghanistan after 2014. There is no reason for that god-forsaken country to exist”

    Afghanistan is a sovereign member of the United Nations, a Muslim country and a friend of Bangladesh.

    “Evacuate the children and we should nuke waziristan from Raad cruise missile with smaller yield. It should be effective weapon on hills.”

    Calls for the use of nuclear weapons against Pashtun civilians, who have Pakistani nationality as did Bengalis in 1971, are a regular occurence in that forum. One or two individuals have appealed to the site owner to stop this behaviour but they have refused claiming that it is the Pakistani members opinions which they can express, though infractions are given for very trivial things on that forum e.g. for calling someone a “razakar”.


    1. Various international treaties and agreements such as the Geneva convention have outlawed war crimes and collective punishment and obligated governments to protect the rights of civilians which include women and children.

    2. To engage in the collective punishment of a whole group of people, who number in millions, for the actions of militants is a war crime. Israel was widely condemned for its operations in Gaza and here we have members of an extremist hate site defence.pk calling for nuclear weapons to be used against civilians, not something even Israel has hinted at in terms of Gaza.

    This also illustrates the extremist nature still very much prevalent amongst many in the Pakistani military, their affiliates and supporters as we saw in 1971 and we see today.

    3. Bangladesh was itself a victim of genocide in 1971 and is also a member of the United Nations and a signatory to many international agreements calling for the respect and honouring of human rights.

    The government of Bangladesh must prescribe this website and ban it, and also ban participation in it as western governments do with extremist websites, to the extent of forbidding the accessing of such sites.


    In the “Bangladesh” sub-forum of this extremist website are members who openly declare their opposition to the existence of an independent Bangladesh and have encouraged acts of violence in Bangladesh to destabilize the country and the economy. These elements have even at one point discussed conducting attacks against the Bangladeshi army including the troops based at Savar.

    As a Bangladeshi citizen I expect that my government must do what it can to protect our nation from extremists and terrorists and ensure our peace and security, so on this second count of inciting terrorism in addition to regular calls for genocide, war crimes and collective punishment this website must be banned in Bangladesh and participation in it must not be allowed.

    If this is not done, then independent citizens may look towards the judicial system in outlawing this site which calls for war crimes and terrorism.

    Thank you for reading Mr honourable minister.

    – Sajid Rahman”

  14. Author Image

    MBI Munshi


    The statement that Bangladeshi members of PDF are opposed to the very existence of an independent Bangladesh is a lie. Bangladeshi members discuss a wide variety of issues relating to Bangladesh but there are other sub-categories relating to global issues. Bangladeshi members are free to discuss matters relating to Bangladesh and there is no restriction on the issues that can be raised. There is, however, no specific agenda that suggests opposing the independence of Bangladesh. There is nothing at all extremist about PDF and the discussions relating to Bangladesh are moderated by a Bangladeshi.

    Free discussion must be allowed to continue on whatever forum and censorship as suggested must be avoided. This is merely an disgraceful attempt to restrict free speech and expression and should therefore be shunned.

    MBI Munshi

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