Many a Little Makes a Mickle

Ridwan Quaium

Ridwan Quaium

On Bangkok Post, one of the prominent English newspapers in Thailand and in the ASEAN region, a news article was published on 5 February 2013, titled as ‘Riots erupt as Bangladeshi Islamist sentenced to life’. The article can be found below:

The article mentions about the verdict, it mentions about war criminals, it mentions about the riots of the Jamati Islam but it completely missed the big picture which is the movement of the mass population driven by the youth generation! Someone who does not have that much idea about Bangladesh, after reading this article would most probably think that the people in Bangladesh are now having riots with the police to free the war criminals! I suddenly realized the damage this article was doing to the image of Bangladesh and the injustice it was doing to the people at the Generation Square who have been there continuously for over seven days by not mentioning about the non-political and peaceful movement by the mass population.

So, on 10 February 2013 I wrote an email to the Assistant Editor, Deputy Editor and News Editor of the newspaper explaining them how they mistakenly forgot to mention the actual picture. (If you want, I will be happy to share with you a copy of my email that I send to the Bangkok Post). To follow up with my email, on 11 February 2013 I made several calls to the newspaper and finally was able to talk to the Assistant Editor. I mentioned to her about my email and also explained the flaws in the article that they published. After listening to me she told me that she will try to do what she can.Today is 12 February 2013. With great delight and pleasure I would like to inform you that, Bangkok Post has published a news article again on Bangladesh and the title is, ‘Bangladesh approves law to swiftly execute war criminals’. The link of the article can be found below:

This article clearly talks about the movement going on at the Generation Square and also has a picture of the movement at the Generation Square.

Today I am very delighted and proud that my little effort helped a popular newspaper in Thailand to publish the correct news about what is going on, especially they portrayed the movement and the purpose of the movement which is to demand the death penalty of the war criminals. They also cited the efforts of the government to amend the law so that the war criminals deserve the highest punishment possible.

Similar to the news article that was published on Bangkok Post on 5 February 2013, there are several false, fabricated and propaganda news about what is going on in Bangladesh right now. So let us all try to dig these out and do whatever we can do to at least let those media know that they have not done justice to the mass population of Bangladesh. Together I am sure we will be able to clean the mess out there. ‘Many a little makes a mickle’.


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