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It does not matter who likes or not it is essential that pro liberation present Bangladesh Government returns to state power for the next term to carry forward and complete the massive development process initiated. Neutral economists, political analysts and social reformers will agree that almost all indices of agreed Millennium Development Goal [MDG] registered expected upward trend over the last three years.

The challenges were huge and achievements are massive as well. Rural economy is on sound basis , the country achieved autarky in food production , over all law and order situation is much better than before , milestone achievement recorded in the education sector , the good results of various works in road infrastructure development have just started paying dividends. Despite of global recession Bangladesh remained immune to economic meltdown. The country

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achieved 6% + GDP growth consistently. The internal revenue earning recorded sharp growth, remittance increased appreciably. Dudok became much more independent than before .Ministers and Secretaries are also now quizzed whenever required. There have been some failures in some areas and some major scams and incidence of corruption have been identified but the perpetrators are under probe. The energy crisis continues .But through various initiatives power generation increased from 3500 MW to 6800 MW and Gas Production increased from 1750-2250 MMCFD. Due to steady growth of economy demand also grew steadily. The under implementation initiatives in the power and energy sector may make Bangladesh self-sustaining in energy by 2016. There is no denial that there have been some inappropriate planning , some failures in the power and energy sector but given the successes in other initiatives like positive resolution of maritime boundary disputes with Myanmar , making BAPEX truly operation one has to give more time to present initiatives to bear fruits. Present government has advanced appreciably the trail process of the crimes against humanity in 1971 by identified Bangladeshi Collaborators. It has also advanced trail process of various other crimes like man haunt of August 21st in Dhaka , Huge arms haul at CUFL jetty , money siphoning by several identified politically favored persons of last regime , Carnage at BDR HQ .Moreover, Government is conducting investigation into Padma bridge corruption allegation ,Destiny and Hall Mark Scams. To carry all these to logical conclusion present government needs more time, at least another term.

Issue of Care Taker Government:

Do not understand why some quarter is insisting on neutral care taker government? Is there any neutral person or group in Bangladesh? There was a time in 1990s when all democratic institutions became fragile .All election processes could be manipulated .Compared to that media , civil society are much more focused .In recent times Election Commission has conducted all election in much fair and transparent manner . We can say elections under two care taker governments and the last interim government were relatively acceptable. But in democratic society unelected government can never be made accountable. Bangladeshis want free, fair and credible election .It can be done through an interim administration even within the ambit of constitutions. Five each members from treasury bench and oppositions can form care taker administration. Government alliance and opposition can negotiate about composition and nature and scope of interim government. Very active media and civil society will work as watch dog for fair election process. Let all parties face the people and come up with clear election pledges to get popular mandate. Opposition alliance had enough scope to register their opinion on form of government on the floor of the sovereign parliament .But they constantly ignored that democratic process and are still on the streets with very clear strategy of barricading government development initiatives and trail processes of war crimianls and corrupt syndicates.

Major Achievements

The following statement will highlight present Government achievement over the last four years.

  • Bangladesh registered healthy growth of GDP @ 6.5 % despite of global economic meltdown
  • Internal revenue generation almost doubled from about TK 47,436 Crores per annum to about 94,754 Crore per annum.
  • Foreign Currency reserve grew from 5.6 Billion US$ to 13 Billion US$.
  • Export earnings grew to 24.3 Billion US$.
  • Per capita income grew from US$ 476 to US$ 858.
  • Committed foreign assistance stood at 14, 894.57 Million US$ a growth of 84% over the last term of the previous government.
  • Allocation in ADP grew from 23, 000 Crore in 2008-2009 to 55,000 Crore in 2012-2013.
  • Power Generation Capacity increased from  3268 MW in 2009  to 6475 MW in 2013  and Gas production increased from 1750MMCFD to 2250MMCFD
  • Prices of Non Urea Fertilizer reduced between 70-78% over three phases, 8068 dealers in Union level and 18,000 dealers engaged in village level for distribution of fertilizer to farmers.
  • Food Grain production increased by 19 lakhs 39 thousand metric tons in four years. Bangladesh is on the right track of attaining food autarky in 2013.
  • Verdicts of self-confessed killers of the father of the nation given and verdicts of arrested killers implemented.
  • 9 cases of crimes against humanity by the alleged collaborators of occupation Pakistan Army in genocide, looting and raping during the liberation war are under trail in two tribunals.
  • Maritime boundary disputes with Myanmar has been positively resolved and the right of Bangladesh over I lakh 11 thousand 631 square Kilometer of Maritime area in the Bay of Bengal has been officially established.
  • Border boundary demarcations with India completed, tariff free trading of Bangladeshi commodity to Indian market achieved, Teen Bigha Corridor is opened to link it with mainland Bangladesh.
  • Government conducted all bye elections to parliament, City Corporation election and local bodies’ elections in fair and transparent manners.
  • UN Secretary General Mr. Ban Kye Moon Termed Bangladesh as a Model of Progress during his visit to Bangladesh.
  • Bangladesh achieved significant poverty alleviation  of marginal poorer section  in rural areas for record increase of agricultural output  through  adoption of  agriculture friendly strategies and acting  positively for creating food security
  • Monga menace of Northern area completely removed and record agricultural growth achieved in the region.
  • Various initiatives to increase financial support for over aged persons, helpless and destitute women, pregnant women, poor and helpless freedom fighters and families of martyred freedom fighters have ensured social security for the greater sections of needy population.
  • 4500 Crore Tk is allocated every year  for OMS, VGF ,VGT ,TR and Kabikha
  • About 7100 marginalized farmers have been rehabilitated through allocations of land.
  • Poverty % has been reduced from 40.4% in 2005 to 31.5% in 2010.
  • National service program has been introduced to provide jobs for educated unemployed persons.
  • To integrate women entrepreauners in main stream economy several steps have been taken including allocating at least 15% of Bangladesh Bank loan scheme for the women.
  • !00 % Childs are now being enrolled for primary education. This is an achievement of MDG 2 target .scholarship scheme have been extended from 48 lakhs to 78 lakhs ,new books are reached free of cost to all students of primary and secondary level on the 1st day of calendar year, on 1st January 2013 about 27 crore books of new curriculum have been distributed. In four years of present government 92 crore books have been distributed.
  • GSC/GDC/PSC exams have been successfully introduced for students of class five  and Class eight
  • 1624 schools have been registered under MPO.
  • Bangladesh received South –South  for successfully introducing e govern ace for women and child health care , UN award and Gavi award for reducing child mortality,
  • 13,000 community clinics have been launched to reach Medicare to the door step of rural population.
  • 8 new hospitals, 4 new medical colleges, 7 nursing colleges and 12 nursing institutes have been launched.
  • E- Commerce has been introduced in 25 areas including collecting and disseminating information of agriculture, health, education, admissions in education institutions, announcing results of examinations.
  • Information windows and outlets, one stop data center   have been established in all districts .All kind of land related services can be provided from these one stop centers.
  • Payment of Gas and Electricity bills and purchasing of railway tickets can now be done through mobile telephone.
  • Half of population of Bangladesh now uses mobile telephone. Three Crore people use internet.

We can continue these in other sectors as well. Massive all round development initiatives have been launched. There are no lack of sincerity and noble wishes of the hard core groups of ruling party policy makers to ensure welfare of the people. No one will deny some mistakes, some flaws and some scams. But these cannot overshadow the milestone achievements in agriculture, education, health, Information Technology, Energy, relation with neighbors, over all law and order situation. It is believed that government has learnt lessons from Share Market Scam, Padma Bridge corruption allegations, Destiny and Hall Mark episodes .With relatively new less experienced cabinet members and despite of serious internal and external challenges present government is directing the nation towards a middle income nation by 2020. They deserve another term in the office through democratic process.

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    Khalid Masood

    I am impressed with the pace of progress of BD brothers and sisters.

    I wish them all the success in future.

    I am from Pakistan.

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