Jamat could be behind the ICT hacking, reveals investigation

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E-Bangladesh Desk

Jamat-e-Islam is emerging as the prime suspect in a link to the hacking of a conversation between Justice Nizamul Haque, Chairman of International Crimes Tribunal Bangladesh and Dr. Ahmed Ziauddin, an expert in international law based in Brussels, and handing it over to the London based magazine the Economist. It is revealed by an investigation by Bangla-Report.

The Economist’s South East Asian bureau chief and chief editor were notified about the hacking in details in a rule issued by International Crimes Tribunal (ICT) – 1 against them on 6th of December 2012 and was ordered not to reveal any illegally acquired classified and sensitive information.

In an article published on 8th of December, the Economist claimed that they have acquired the conversation from a third party source despite it was fully conflicting to their earlier statement about collecting the materials themselves. Just within 24 hours of ICT rule against the Economist, several Jamat-BNP aided groups on Facebook started distributing snippets of these confidential conversations accompanied by photograph of Justice Haque and Dr. Ziauddin despite the economist has been denying release of any information. Bangla-Report investigation also uncovered details of a professional hacker involved in this context, who is also happens to be admin of the page “Awami Tribunal”. A number of materials (photograph, conversation) obtained by hacking, were published in this page whilst this report was in progress.

‘Nitric Oxide’
Bangla-Report learned that, the hacker known, as “Nitric Oxide” on Facebook is a student of 2005 batch, Computer Science and Engineering in BUET. A source from Bangladesh Cyber Army confirmed that he was also a former member of the organisation. An anonymous correspondence from Bangladesh Cyber Army informed that, ‘Nitric Oxide’ attacked several Bangladeshi GOVT sites using the name “IndiShell”, frequently used by Indian hacking group, staining the relationship between these two groups. As a consequence he was expelled by Bangladesh Cyber Army and disappeared from Internet for a while. However he reappears with a new nick “Bidrohi Programmer [Rebellious Programmer]” and again starts is activity. A correspondence with local law enforcement authority confirmed that an investigation is under way for quite some time to discover the true identity of this person and he will be prosecuted as soon as his identity is revealed.

Suspicious activities on Facebook page “Awami Tribunal”
Bangla-Report investigation has observed a number of suspicious activities in the “Awami Tribual” page, which is primarily used for spreading misleading and counteractive reports about ICT. A number of high-resolution photographs of various Jamat-e-Islam and Chatra Shibir activities were published in this page even before they appeared in public media, which, a number of journalists believes impossible without a close connection between admin of the page and either some members of mass media or the organizer of those events. Moreover this page has published the materials, claimed to have obtained by hacking, before it appeared in any local or international media.

But the Amar Desh claimed that they did not get the information from any local source, rather the Amar Desh correspondent Oliullah Noman stated that they obtained the information “from a foreign source”.

When contacted regarding the technical side of the issue, an assistant professor of the Department of Computer and Information Science in the Alabama University in the USA, said that spywares can be installed in computers by hacking. The spywares can not only make the stored files accessible, but also secretly turn on microphone to record and transmit the conversation around the computer. As an example, he mentioned the Gauss and Flame malware, which was used in recent hacking scandal in the Middle East. He also mentioned that these hacking tools can be easily downloaded from the internet as free software, or for nominal fees. In that case, everyone related to the tribunal is in the danger of similar informative and personal risk.

It can be noted here that the more than several witnesses of the prosecution have suddenly refused to testify in a suspicious manner while staying in the safe house, incident of escaping from the safe house, and remaining disappeared have also occurred.

The Daily Amar Desh got hold of the information kept in possession of the Economist
Meanwhile, soon after the aforementioned facebook page published the hacked information, the Daily Amar Desh published the same information as a news article. Later, they also published a transcript of the hacked conversation. But the Amar Desh claimed that they did not get the information from any local source, rather the Amar Desh correspondent Oliullah Noman stated that they obtained the information “from a foreign source”. It can be mentioned that the Economist is being published from the United Kingdom for 169 years. Established by James Wilson in 1843, this news media has a rich tradition in journalism.

But in this case, the Economist neither protested nor gave any direction regarding the statement of the “Amar Desh” authority. Even though it is a heinous and legally punishable crime according to the “Code of Conduct” of British Press, the suspicious silence of the Economist has astonished the associated media. Many of them also dreaded that the Economist might have to accept the same fate as the “News of the World.”

It can be mentioned in this regard that the registration of the British magazine “News of the World”, owned by Australian-American media mogul Rupert Murdoch was cancelled and its publication was banned after the accusation of illegal eavesdropping and privacy infringement was proved at the beginning of this year. Incidentally, “News of the World” was also established in 1843.

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    Not so much an argument but a series of statements joined together in desperation to assert your macho credentials and distract from the unfairness of the trials. I do love how you add 2 and 2 to make 109.5, then go on facebook and come up with 34.6.

    But the best bit is when you link this to the safe-houses without remembering how the prosecution was shown to be lying about its witnesses not being available.

    Have you considered that it might have been carelessness form the icsf-Ziauddin-support side?

    Do you think the rayerbazar dead would approve of what you do in their name?

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    It doesn’t matter who has hacked it or not but the truth is now out. The court needs dismiss trial and appoint a new one soon. This the only way to deal with this situation, otherwise no one is going to have confidence in current dilemma.

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    no need to dismiss trial. As some contrdiction happen so just appoint new one & start from last pont … its true we all want punishment of war crimonals…

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    Will there be war crimes trial for the 1000’s of bihari’s and bengali’s killed and raped by mukthi bhani? lets not forget 10000’s raped by bd army in the hill tracts, will they also get justice?

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