BNP Sponsored Jamayat–Shibir Avalanche?



A well planned and very calculated avalanche of identified group of activists of Jamayat-Shibir, under alleged sponsorship of BNP, continues on the law enforcing agencies throughout Bangladesh. This is conspicuously happening at a time when International War Crime tribunal has almost completed trial process of some alleged 1971 Liberation War Criminals of Bangladesh. The butchers of 1971 who abetted actively occupation brute Pakistan Army in carrying outgenocide, raping, looting and arsenal are expected to get long overdue punishment for their heinous crimes. Their beneficiaries with the help of huge ill gotten money are on a massive propaganda war at home and abroad. Their senior partners and cohorts are also active in veiland in disguise to protect them. While the proud Bangladesh nation is gearing up to celebrate the 41 st anniversary of glorious victory day the avalanche of the evil force has really become a cause of concern.

Over the last few weeks Jamat –Shibir activists carried out brutal attacks on police and other law enforcing agencies. They also vandalized several automobiles and other properties of public and
private owners. Unfortunately the main opposition of the parliament has given direct support to the actions of Jamayat –Shibir in their mission to impede the trail of War Criminals. We freedom loving general mass of Bangladeshis living at home and abroad want the justice done to real war criminals. We also want exemplary punishment of those who are trying to create barriers and obstacles in the trail process of war criminals. We are expressing our concern that so called pro liberation groups and parties have so far failed to unite positively to resist the evil syndicates.

There cannot be any semblance of doubt that the trial and punishment of war criminals of 1971 has been inordinately delayed. If Bangabandhu Government could stay at least 5 years, most of the leading war criminals now under trail could have been punished. In three and a half years of Bangabandhu Government Collaborators act was passed, the nationality of leading war criminals was cancelled. Hundreds of top criminals were arrested, trail process of the leading criminals were advancing. Bangbandhu however declared general amnesty for ordinary poor persons against whom there were no credible evidences of killing, raping, arsenal or looting. Those who were alleged for these
were not covered under the general amnesty of the great soul. About 30 thousand of top criminal were still under trial process.

The killers and conspirators struck back on the darkest night of August 15th 1975 .The planted agents of the defeated force carried out midnight massacre killing Bangabandhu and his family members. Later on November 3rd 1975 four top leaders of the liberation war Tajuddin Ahmed, Syed Najrul Islam, Captain Mansoor Ali and Quamruzzaman were butchered to death inside Dhaka Central Jail. The beneficiary of all these unfortunate incidents General Ziaur Rahman coming to state power through the barrels of the Gun exploited the situation. The collaborators act was scrapped; all the alleged war criminals were freed. He acted to restore the citizenship of Jamat Ameer Golam Azam. Another noted War Criminal Shah Azizur Rahman was made Prime Minister in his Government. Zia even rewarded the self proclaimed killers of Bangabandhu and top leaders with prestigious diplomatic postings in foreign mission. All anti liberation forces started reemerging and gathering strength under state sponsorship.

We know obnoxious weeds grow much faster. During the rule of General Ziaur Rahman [Tutored Military Democracy] anti liberation force set their roots very firmly everywhere. Freedom fighters were carefully weeded out from all services. Unfortunately history did not pardon Zia .He was also brutally murdered through another conspiracy which also saw many noted freedom fighter army officers eliminated through Kangaroo court. Another characterless corrupt military dictator ruled Bangladesh for 9 years till early 1990s. During this time all democratic institutions were destroyed and corruption was institutionalized. People had to forge unity on the streets and pay heavy price through blood and sweats to upstage that autocratic regime in early 1990 s. The election under an interim government brought in General Zia widow house wife Khaleda Zia led BNP Government to state power. During her term from 1992-1996 not much fundamental changes could be made for democratization of the governance and bringing transparency in state affairs. Trail of war criminals and anti liberation forces remained in the back burner.

Bangladesh Awami League taking Jamat and other opposition parties as partners in street movement could manage to pressurize the BNP to enact neutral care taker government bill in the parliament. Sheikh Hasina led Bangladesh Awami League could win general election held under Care Taker Government in 1996. She inherited a sick economy and very unstable law and order situation. She had to undertake and implement several milestone activities in reviving security of supply of power and energy grid, scrapping infamous indemnity bill and starting the trail process of killers of Bangabandhu and others in 1971. Conspirators never allowed BAL Government to stay on peace and
continued to create crisis. However, BAL Government from 1996-2001 failed to make meaningful progress to the trail process of War Criminals.

However, Jamat allying with BNP won the general election in 2001. By this time Jamat and its sympathizers firmly anchored at all spheres of life. Jamat -Shibir cadre infiltrated in Banks, insurance, RMG, Textile industries, Universities, services [Army. Police, Intelligence agencies]. For the lack of alertness of BAL and through active support of BNP Jamat created very solid foundation in Bangladesh to challenge pro liberation force anywhere. Two top war criminals of Jamat even managed to grab two important ministries of BNP led 4 party alliance government from 2002-2006 . This period saw open and full fledged corruption of an identified syndicated led by Khaleda Son Tareq Zia. He virtually led a parallel government from notorious HAWA BHABAN.

Bangladesh became happy hunting ground of corrupt syndicate. State sponsored Terrorist killed several people through hurling grenades in courts, cinema halls and public meetings. Killers gunned down popular leader and MP Ahshanullah Master, killed MP and leading personality SAMS Kibria with grenade. Alleged State sponsored deadly grenade attack was carried out on main opposition rally at the heart of the capital city killing many and injuring hundreds including the present Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. Simultaneous synchronized Grenade attacks at 64 districts of Bangladesh. A huge haul of deadly weapons alleged to be transported for rebels of Tripura under state sponsorship was found at state owned CUFL jetty in Chittagong. Jamayat–Shibir firmly anchored everywhere.

However, Sheikh Hasina’s BAL led grand alliance Government returned to state power in 2009 after a two extended term of Army led interim government .Again Hasina had to rebuild the country from ruins. Power/ energy crisis played held, corruption became a household affair, terrorism required to be rotted out. However, in 4 years of state power Government could restore law and order situation, put a stop to terrorism, improve power / gas supply situation. The trial process of killers of Bangabndhu could be completed and trial process of identified major war criminals of 1971 could be significantly advanced.

The nation must now stand united to resist the evil design of anti-liberation forces avalanche to protect the killers of 1971. The war criminals and their abettors must get the punishment. Sensible persons of BNP must also persuade the policy makers of the party to stay away from supporting killers and criminals. We like to see all Bangladeshis rally behind the ongoing process of the trials of war criminals. Let the souls of our beloved martyred freedom fighters get sigh of relief in seeing the justice done to their killers after so many years. Government however must act more strongly in resisting the nefarious design of the evil forces . Snakes must not be given opportunity to gather venom and bite once more.

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