Dr. Yunus: US issues press statement

E-Bangladesh Desk

E-Bangladesh Desk

The state department of the United States of America has issued a press statement regarding recent developments on Grameen Bank and Dr. Muhammad Yunus. Following  is the statement as it is:

“The United States is deeply concerned about recent actions the Government of Bangladesh has taken to give the government-appointed chairman of the Grameen Bank Board control over the selection of the bank’s new managing director. This move would diminish the role the largely female borrower-shareholders play in shaping the direction of an institution that has made a difference to millions of impoverished women in Bangladesh, and indeed around the world.

During her May visit to Dhaka, Secretary Clinton urged Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and Foreign Minister Dipu Moni to take no actions that would undermine Grameen Bank. We are concerned that the latest actions by the government could threaten the future of the bank, which was founded by Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus.

We call on the Government of Bangladesh to respect the integrity, effectiveness, and independence of Grameen Bank. We urge the Bangladeshi Government to ensure transparency in the selection of a new managing director who has unquestioned integrity, competence, and dedication to preserving Grameen Bank, its unique governance structure, and its effectiveness in bringing development and hope to 8.3 million of Bangladesh’s most vulnerable citizens, mostly women.”

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    Khondkar Abdus Saleque

    There are so many issues and challenges for the government now.But then when they consider the Grameen Bank a priority .Let it run on its own by its own borad of directors.Off course we do not like US interference here .But at the same time why government is trying to create situation of confrontation with US Policy makers ? In 2001 BAL lost election as USa did not want them to win . Bangladesh can not afford to buy enemity with USA .
    Is Prof Yunus a challenge for PM Hasina and BAL ? If not there must be an end to Grameen Bank and Prof Yunus issue soon.

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    This is ridiculous. What is Hasina doing??? She has so many issues to deal with for the welfare of the people but all she cares about is her late father’s image, her family, and her self? She’s wasting the government’s time, energy, and money over an issue that’s gonna dig the Awami League government’s grave even deeper than it already has. Every move the Hasina makes is autocratic, with no respect to the people of Bangladesh. BNP was not a good party, but AL is proving itself to be worst than BNP. I wonder how long till the Bangladeshi youth rise up against the government like they did against the British, and against the West Pakistani government.

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