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[Update 1.]

— Thousands of Dhaka University students have come out on the streets. Peaceful protest has brought the campus to halt, E-Bangladesh correspondents on the ground report.

— Unconfirmed reports from sources close to the Bangladesh Home Ministry: Convicted teachers will get presidential pardon in the evening. Related file is now on the desk of President Iajuddin Ahmed for his signature.

[Prisoners of Conscience]

[Professors Sadrul Amin, Anwar Hossain, Harun-or-Rashid.]

[An E-Bangladesh report.]

BDNEWS24 is reporting,

Three DU teachers jailed for two years, one acquitted

A Dhaka court Tuesday sentenced three Dhaka University teachers to two years’ imprisonment. One DU teacher and 15 students were cleared of the charges. The convicted teachers are Dhaka University Teachers Association president Professor Sadrul Amin, general secretary Professor Anwar Hossain and social sciences faculty dean Professor Harun-or-Rashid. The court acquitted applied physics and electronics department chairman Professor Nimchandra Bhowmik.

After the verdict, Prof Anwar Hossain told reporters that the judgement went against the “conscience of the nation.” Additional chief metropolitan magistrate M Golam Rabbani took only one minute to read out the summary of the 36-page verdict. The four teachers of Dhaka University were taken to court at 10:40 AM amid tight security.

Prof Akhteruzzaman, former general secretary of DUTA, said: “Everything was stage-managed. Our protests will continue.” In an instant reaction, defence counsel Adv Masud Talukder, said: “It’s a mysterious judgement. There were no lawyers for the state in court.” Additional public prosecutor Kabir Hossain said: “The teachers had violated emergency rule. In the trial procedure, there was no intervention by the government as the judiciary is free.”

E-Bangladesh has received an email from Sanjeeb Hossain, son of Professor Anwar Hossain, Prisoner of Conscience at the hands of the military government in Bangladesh. Sanjeeb Hossain carries a message that his father wants the world to know.

In 1976, Brigadier Yusuf Haider, Chairman of the Special Tribunal that tried Colonel Taher and others failed to come out of the evil axis of the DGFI. Colonel Taher in his historic testimony pointed this out by saying that the verdict of the case was already decided and people like Yusuf Haider were merely pawns following others orders.

It is shame that history has repeated itself again in 2008. The Judge Golam Rabbani failed to come out of DGFI’s evil axis. And yet again, this was pointed out by my father in his historic court testimony. He stated that the verdict of the case was already written from the DGFI headquarters. What a shame for this country.

My father has told me to convey the following message to everyone:

“This verdict is not directed against the teachers… it is directed against the Dhaka University as an institution… it is directed against the conscience of our country… I will not come out of jail unless and until all students of the Dhaka University are released from prison. Come what may.”

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E-Bangladesh is a News/Headlines service and a group blog aimed at bringing the news and analysis from Bangladesh to its readers.

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    I am very angry to know this news. Now it is clear that Bangladesh still belongs to Pakistan and DGFI is the extension of Pakistani administration governing Bangladesh by the prescription of Pakistani government. My request to all who are reading this comment is to fight back DGFI and prepare a civil war if necessary. I condemn this verdict which is against the conscience of our country and our pride.

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    Bengal Gypsi

    Yes any Bangladeshi, particularly any student or ex-student of Dhaka University should voice their anger at these judgment by what ever means available to them. This is not a case against the teachers and students involved but against the bigger Dhaka University family as it is, as always has been the last stone wall between democracy and military rule in Bangladesh.

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    Sushil Khedao

    These three men are heroes. They are not sellouts like our sushil leaders — Dr. Kamal Hossain, Mahfuz Anam and some NRB sushil wannabes. This time we need to identify the real traitors.

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    The derailed train has been put on track, claims the general. Who derailed the train? If one cares to analyze the political history of Bangladesh, one will notice that since the mid 1970s, it is the army — the force of brute and coercive power — that has intervened into the constitutional system and national institutions one after another, in one way or another, systematically undermining them. And now here we are. And this also has been accomplished with the collaborations of various civil sushilists. Always. Unless we want to be a Pakistan, we have to keep the army out of the civic polity (nobody gave them the authority to meddle into politics, which they have been doing since the mid 1970s), and we have to identify the crafty sushil group.

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    What a joke! Who says that our judiciary is free? Is it free from the dictats of the DGFI? Is this the freedom of the judiciary that the CTG announced with so much fanfare? Does the freedom of our judiciary mean the too many public appearances of our honorable Chief Justice in front of the cameras, does it mean his big talks at public gatherings, does it mean his frequent trips abroad or does the freedom of our judiciary mean verdicts being decided by the rulers and delivered by our honorable “free” judges? I am confused!

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    Yesterday and today, I was reading different newspapers, where vivid picture of tourture was described duing remand of teachers and students. Well, we have been reading such stories of torture during last months. I would like to make an appeal to all four teachers (Professors Sadrul Amin, Anwar Hossain, Harun-or-Rashid and Neem Chandra Bhowmik) to start a campign to stop “Remand” once and for all. If they take initiative, we would expect thousands of teachers from all our universities should come forward and sign that appeal. Taking prisoners to remand and torture them is an uncivilized way to treat accused. We should stop this gross violation of Human Rights. I also appeal to all our human rights activist to come forward and make an issue to “Stop Remand”. God Bless Bangladesh.

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