‘Pak view’ is his own, says envoy Tariq

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“Bangladesh envoy to India has attacked Pakistani army, saying its ‘selfish corporate mindset’ may lead to a nuclear confrontation with India, a view endorsed by BJP leader LK Advani”- reported the PTI few days back. The envoy has issued a press statement on the view. Read the report published by the Pioneer in full:

Bangladesh Bangladesh envoy-the pioneerHigh Commissioner to India Tariq Ahmad Karim said on Tuesday his article ‘Pakistan: Stalking Armageddon?’, which was quoted by BJP leader LK Advani on his blog, was written by him in his “personal capacity” post-retirement and does not represent views of his Government.

“It has been brought to my attention that a blog posted by Hon’ble LK Advani (recently), senior Leader of the BJP, that cited an excerpt from an article on Pakistan written by me in 2001 in my personal capacity as an academic has drawn a lot of attention and some controversy,” Karim said in a Press statement.

He clarified he wrote the article ‘Pakistan: Stalking Armageddon?’ in his personal capacity after he took early retirement from the Bangladesh Government service and joined the University of Maryland in the US as a visiting scholar. The article was published in Contemporary South Asia, an UK-based academic journal in early 2001.

“Mr Advani, or any one else, is free to cite my works that are in public domain at any time as long as they do so without infringing my personal intellectual property rights,” Karim said.

The article has been in the public domain, along with his other articles, op-eds and chapters that he wrote in his personal capacity to books and journals from 2001-2008.

“The views expressed in this article published more than a decade ago and all other articles/op-eds/chapters by me during the period 2001-2008, represent my personal views and opinions and do not in any way reflect the views or policy directions of the Government of Bangladesh,” he said.

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    The trouble is you work for GOB, you have pretty much no right to make private statement related to matters that affects official relationship of ours to others. Pakistan may not have many friends but your attempts will make us none but India.

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