“Bangladesh Envoy in India slams Pakistan”

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Bangladesh envoy to India has attacked Pakistani army, saying its “selfish corporate mindset” may lead to a nuclear confrontation with India, a view endorsed by BJP leader LK Advani- reports the PTI.

In his latest blog posting, Advani quotes a pamphlet written by high commissioner

L K Advani
L K Advani

Ahmad Tariq Karim to say that in “its obsession with matching India tit-for-tat in missiles and nuclear race”, Pakistan has “failed to address more fundamental problems related to societal development within its own orders, and has gone pretty nigh bankrupt in the process”.

Advani mentions a recent meeting with Bangladesh envoy Ahmad Tariq Karim who later sent him a 19-page pamphlet written by him on Pakistan. In the pamphlet, Karim cites seven “deadly sins” of Pakistan which were responsible for the political problems and weak democracy in the neighbouring country.

These, according to Karim, are doctrines of Islamic invincibility over Hindus, West Pakistani superiority over inferior Bengalis (Bangladeshis), its indispensability as a strategic ally of the US, too much emphasis on relations with China and Iran, a belief that majority of Kashmiris want to join Pakistan, and that defence of East Pakistan lay in the plains of Punjab (Pakistan).

Agreeing with the views, Advani said, “In totality this pamphlet adds up to a very perceptive summing up of all that has gone wrong with Pakistan in the three score years since its foundation.” He further adds, “In the preamble to this pamphlet Karim warns that the selfish corporate mindset of the Pakistan military establishment ultimately may lead to a nuclear confrontation with India.”

Karim’s paper also makes a plea to the international community in general and to Saarc in particular to deploy measures that would encourage the return of democracy to Pakistan as soon as possible.

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    Miss. Haseena government has left no stone unturned to please India. Even if Pakistan leads to nuclear confrontation with India, why should Bangladesh be worried about it?
    And Mr. Ahmad is talking as if he and his government have not only addressed but solved all the issues faced by bengaladeshis.
    third i am amused by the term ‘west-Pakistan’. We are just ‘Pakistan’. Bangladesh is not a part of Pakistan so using such terms doesn’t make sense. Pakistan doesnot control BD rather India has full influence on BD culture, media and economy. Don’t spit venome against Pak.
    Last but not the least we have our Foreign Policy. Our relations with China, Iran and even India has nothing to do with you. Don’t meddle in our affairs.

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    Advani countering influence of Modi as latter is an emerging premier candidate with support from RSS and other pro-Hindu lobbies. Advani has left only choice to dream about being a PM.

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    Osham Sufian

    oh..sorry…i didn’t notice it was a PTI story…

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    Bangali should mind their own business, we have got nothing to share in terms of language, culture or any other things. we dont even talk about them in Pakistan, Pakistan do have problems due to war on American terror, but as a resilient nation, we will bounce back. as time has proved it in the past, the columnist is trying to please indians. They have forgotten that whatever is going in pakistan is exposed thanks to free media of Pakistan, in india and bangla media is controlled. which means that whatever problems going on there are not shown on media, we are not an island country, we share borders with india, they have biggers problems than us but are not shown on local and international media due to Hippocratic mentality.

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    Muhammad Akbar

    In Pakistan officials don’t even bother to react to such foolish statements. We don’t talk about BD uselessly. I can bet there would be no response from Pakistani officials. So better mind your own business!

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    Komal S

    Mr. Afridi,

    It is surprising that you say you have nothing in common with bengalis but your forefathers justified the religion being the unifying factor and asked for one nation. By the same logic the Punjabis in Pakistan have lot more in common with Punjabis in india as compared to Baloch in Balochistan or Pakhthuns in Pakhthuva.
    While i agree media in pakistan is free and open, but disagree the media in India is not free. You probably have no clue. Unlike in pakistan, our media folks do not killed or get death threats when they speak against establishment. Last i checked, pakistan is the most dangerous place for Journalists. Having said that you have a strong pro-islamic media in your country, while in India we still have a strong pro-secular media. It is a big difference.

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    Muhammad Akbar

    @Komal S: We have a very broad concept of nationality. Pakistan is actually P(unjab)A(fghania)K(ashmir)S(indh)(balochis)TAN. Over 65 years we ave succeeded in establishing a distinct Pakistani culture and “Pakistaniat” without harming individual Punjabi, Pakhtun, Balochi, Sindhi, Kashmiri and Muhajir cultures. Pakistan is a splendid example of Cultural unity in diversity. There is hell of difference between Sikh Indian and Muslim Pakistani punjab. Even our Punjabi language is so different from theirs. I suggest you to cross the border a see the harmony from Karachi to Kashmir in Pakistan. You will see 1 dress, 1 language, 1 religion same customs and a strong Pakistani nationalism.
    I cant name any single ‘Punjabi festival’ but I can mention scores of Pakistani and Islamic festivals. In Pakistan we don’t talk about Punjabis, Sindhis, Baloch or Pathan. We love each other more than we love Afghani pathans, Indian punjabis, Irani Balochs or Rajhistani Sindhis. Its strange but true. We don’t hate Bengalis but we don’t love them either. We consider them our brothers. Unfortunately Bengalis couldn’t understand the Ideology of Pakistan and got exploited but some narrow-minded people, created a nation on lingual basis forgetting Islamic concept of nationalism. And today majority of Bangladeshis are mourning destruction of their own culture by Indian Hindu culture

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    @Muhammad Akbar
    Please also give me whatever you are drinking, if i have two of those, i will not see any problems anywhere in the world.

    It is good to see good in things which are good, but on same principle when things are not good, they are not good. period.

    May be you should go to western countries and see your brothers disguising as indians and get away with it, because they have lot more in common for day to day life than with arabs.

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    Anwar Hayat

    Why is this even an issue? Bangladesh of all people is talking smack about Pakistan, when it barely has enough food to feed it’s own people. I’m more happy that they left us in 1971, good riddance I say…these people are proud of what? You made a country and your people still think that speaking Urdu means you are more educated…you are basically an Indian state, so I think Bangladesh should re-analyse themselves and start acting like a sovereign nation instead of a puppet of Delhi. I mean, to be controlled by a 3rd world shythole like india is hilarious…

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    saugat lahiri

    Can’t blame you guys,right from childhood you are ingrained to hate India.You are made to forget that your and mine and bangladeshi’s have the same DNA gene type than other foreign people.there are issue’s in each of these now 3 countries,come have vist india if you can,it might change your thought process.And do not have single religion supremacy ideas.h

    Have many BD friends who studyied with me in Delhi,and have also met Pakistani’s for Lahore and Karanchi who have got their dear ones/children saved by Indian doctors in Delhi.

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    Sadly bangladesh is an indian state, they are completely culturally hindu, thats why my family left bd. good riddence to that godless society.

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    Wali khan

    Awkward moment when indians think that secularism is seen as positive on every part of the world. Majority of the world seens secularists as prostitutes to the western Millitary Industrial Complex.

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    Dr.Ikhtiar Ahmed Shawon

    I am a Bengali muslim from Bangladesh. I am proud of both being a bengali and a muslim. It is also a fact that most of the new generation pakistanis ( pakis) do not know how their forefathers raped, tortured and killed innocent unarmed bengali girls in the name of saving pakistan! what a shame! We will not forgive pakistan until and unless they officially apologize to Bangladesh for the heinous crime of their forefathers.

    I personally do not hate pakistan, although their atrocities are still fresh in our mind, but i feel that the new generation pakistanis should search history and should know the truth.

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