Bangladesh native bids for Sec. of State

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When MD Rabbi Alam came to the United States nearly a decade ago, it didn’t take him long to realize that his love of American democracy was turning into something more. It turned into a passion for politics and a drive to get involved. That drive led him to be the first immigrant to seek a statewide elected position by running for Secretary of State.

“Many people ask me why I am doing this, and they think I am coming from off of nowhere, but I have my own script of the program that I am walking,” Alam said, “so this is a huge journey. Alam may not be a well-known name in the world of politics, but he says he made a decision in 2003 that he would one day run for the United States Senate. Since that time, he dove into the world of politics, founding the Democratic Asian American Caucus of Missouri in 2007 and running for Missouri House of Representatives in 2008.

Under Alam’s leadership, the caucus has grown to include 11 county chapters, including one at Missouri University of Science and Technology.

His focus with the caucus is to inspire Asian American immigrants to become more involved in their government. He believes all immigrants are underrepresented in America’s government.

“You cannot take a huge section of the society and the community that if it is not there it is not the whole picture,” he said. “It is kind of incomplete.”

Sherbaz Kahn says Alam inspired him to seek a the District 32 seat in the Missouri House of Representatives.
“He said you need to not just help yourself but help other people, and he is a very dedicated person with some very good ideas,” Kahn said of Alam.

And just what are those ideas?

According to Alam, his number-one priority as Secretary of State would be making public records and documents accessible online.

Many documents are available now through the Secretary of State’s website, but Alam wants to take it a step further. He wants all records and documents, as well as registration processes, such as registering a new business, to be online.

He also wants to lay a foundation for counties to have their records online through the Secretary of State’s website. Perhaps his most lofty goal is online voting, something he believes would inspire Americans to become involved in their governments again.