Killer of Bangladeshi tourist arrested

Probir Bidhan

Probir Bidhan

The number of Bangladeshis travelling abroad to enjoy holidays — in countries with diversified environment and modern amusement facilities — is on the rise. Most of these tourists are middle-class and they prefer the nearby south and south-east Asian countries — India, Nepal, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. While choosing the destination, they generally consider cost, then comes sight location, and availability of other high ambitions at that place.

Besides the individual or family tours, there has been an increase in business tours and corporate leisure trips — mainly in the pro-tourist countries like Nepal and Thailand — where local people live on selling tourism, and the tourists want something unusual in their regular life — either it be alcohol or free movement with prostitutes.

A major portion of the tourists are assumed to be travelling for the first time and face different odd situations in the foreign atmosphere. Many tourists cannot adopt with the environment, many others have been mugged or robbed, in the countries but those in sophisticated Scandinavian region, while others becoming victim of fraud while purchasing products or taking service from mobile shops, tourist guides, and at many times, hookers.

Because of these common problems, the tourists are usually requested to be cautious. The latest alert came in from Thai police who early this week wanted to remind all tourists that “taking strangers back to the hotel room, for whatever reason, carries significant risks which can lead to the loss of valuables or in extreme cases, loss of life.”

The bell had to be rung after three Bangladeshi tourists had fallen prey to a “Thai prostitute of 20 years of age” at their hotel room in Pattaya in the wee hours of May 11. They were drugged and robbed. The girl left the hotel saying that she needed to go to a laundry. But she never came back.

Killer of Bangladeshi Tourist Arrested
Photo Courtsey >> Pattaya People newspaper

As the hotel employees were looking for them in the morning, one of the three was found lying on a bed, dead, while two others unconscious. Police came in, surveyed the room and traced the identities of the three and that of the hooker, as she had left mistakenly her ID. It has later been proved to be a fake ID.

Pattaya police have taken the matter seriously as it has affected the tourist spot adversely. Local newspapers say such incidents of hookers drugging and robbing tourists at hotel rooms and even at bus stops and restaurants are quite common in Pattaya, but left mostly unpublished.

According to local media reports, the guide said the three old men of around 50 came from Bangkok after attending the Rotary International Conference. They were supposed to stay over in Pattaya for two days and fly to Bangkok again.

Publicly forbidden in Bangladesh, prostitution of teenagers is widely accepted in Thailand and popular among the foreigners. The hotel authorities saw the three group-sex lovers taking the girl to the room; they did not restrict them, and reportedly not even when the girl stepped outside after a massacre in the room.

Police say the hooker’s ID & the CCTV photograph do not match. The identity card at the reception belongs to a Big C Department store clerk — not the hooker who was caught on CCTV footage.

The person on the ID card is Pornthip Thaveethin age, 20, address: 59 Moo 7, Tambon Yangwai, Amphur Konsawan, Chaiyaphum province. This is the ID card that the hooker gave to the hotel clerk.

The police compared the photograph in the identity card with the footage from the CCTV. On the CCTV images the police can see a Thai woman age, approximately 30 up, rather fat, white skin, long hair, height about 155-160 cm.

The police believe that the suspected prostitute might have stolen the identity card which she gave to the hotel clerk.


The culprit, Malee, was caught on Monday with 2 mobile phones, a digital camera, 4 diamond pendants and the clothes she wore on the night of the crime.

In tears, Miss Malee confessed that she did not intend to kill anyone. She claimed to have been approached for a sexual encounter by the dead man, and when she arrived at the hotel room, 2 of his friends were also waiting in the room.

She convinced the 3 Bangladeshis to each take a tab of some kind of purple tranquilizer. Her friend had urged her to use it to knock out her clients, to be able to steal their belongings, and it worked. Off she went with the stolen goods.

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    Very informative article and I remember the case from the press.
    I lived 5 years in Pattaya but these things also happens in Phuket and other tourist destinations, so be aware when you invite strangers into your room!

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