Shakeup in the caretaker government



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[Update 2.]

[Photo/PID via Banglar Chokh.]

— Five new advisers sworn-in Wednesday at the presidential palace: Former secretary AMM Shawkat Ali, former Attorney General AF Hassan Ariff, former Director General of National Security Intelligence (NSI) Major General (Retired) Ghulam Quader, Director of CAMPE Rasheda K Chowdhury and economist Hossain Zillur Rahman.

[Update 1.]

Five advisers out: Mainul Hosein, Geeteara Safiya Choudhury, Tapan Chowdury, Major General (Retired) ASM Matiur Rahman and Ayub Quadri.

— Sources in Dhaka hint that two more advisers will resign sometime soon.

— New advisers are likely to be sworn-in Wednesday.

Incoming list:

  • Manzoor Hasan, director of Institute of Governance Studies, BRAC University.
  • Professor M Shamsher Ali, ex-vice chancellor of Bangladesh Open University.
  • Professor Jamilur Reza Choudhury, vice chancellor of BRAC University.
  • Major General (Retired) Golam Quader, ex-chief of DGFI.
  • Nurul Huda, ex-IGP (Inspector General of Police).
  • Rasheda K Choudhury, director of CAMPE.
  • Fazle Hasan Abed, chairman of BRAC.
  • M Showkat Ali, ex-secretary.
  • [Photo/Banglar Chokh.]

    [An E-Bangladesh report.]

    Four advisers of the military-led caretaker government in Bangladesh have resigned Tuesday, as part of a a major shakeup in the interim setup. Advisers Mainul Hosein, Geeteara Safiya Choudhury, Tapan Chowdury and Major General (Retired) ASM Matiur Rahman tendered their resignation letters to the president. Among them, Mainul Hosein and Tapan Chowdhury have confirmed to newsmen in Dhaka that they “resigned as desired by the government.” Earlier, adviser Ayub Quadri resigned on December 26.

    Highly placed sources in Dhaka have confirmed to E-Bangladesh that a batch of new advisers will be sworn-in Wednesday at the presidential palace. From intelligence sources in Dhaka, E-Bangladesh has obtained a list of individuals whose name may appear as new appointees of the caretaker government. This list, however, is not confirmed by any other independent source.

    — Professor M Shamsher Ali, ex-vice chancellor of Bangladesh Open University.
    — Professor Jamilur Reza Choudhury, vice chancellor of BRAC University.
    — Major General (Retired) Golam Quader, ex-chief of DGFI.
    — Nurul Huda, ex-IGP (Inspector General of Police).
    — Rasheda K Choudhury, director of CAMPE.
    — Fazle Hasan Abed, chairman of BRAC.
    — M Showkat Ali, ex-secretary.

    [Developing story.]


    E-Bangladesh is a News/Headlines service and a group blog aimed at bringing the news and analysis from Bangladesh to its readers.

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      The replacements are as controversial as the former ones. All the new ones are opportunists and have strong anti-Awami League bias.

    2. Author Image

      Iftheker Mohamamd

      I think Jamaat+USA koron hocchay. Don’t worry, people will find their way…

    3. Author Image


      I don’t think all of them are anti-AL or supporters of Jamaat or from USA. Let’s not generalise and see how things go. These are names only and yet to be confirmed. We shouldn’t make conclusion so early.

    4. Author Image

      Zulfikar Ali

      I think Moeen U is nominating them (new advisors) because they are weak! I bet Moeen U had a power share struggle with General Motiur Rahman, so he let’s him go along with others. I can see, formal dictatorship is coming to Bangladesh very soon. I also know that so-called CTG is planning to hold a yes/no vote referendum by the end of 2008, so they will tell the world that they have peoples mandate and what you think will be the outcome of that vote! Anyway, we have start over again to bring democracy back to Bangladesh. Our generals are following the path of Pakistan. This is a shame for our nation.

    5. Author Image

      Ashraf Chowdhury

      Unfortunately, the light at the end of tunnel for Bangladesh is shut off. The future is bleak. A country gets rulers that they deserve. For getting Ershad, BNP or AL and the corrupt politicians and leaders, we should not blame anybody but ourselves.

    6. Author Image

      Jay Zed

      Let me add some humor to the mess created by the blockheads running the country. I received the following SMS from my friend Ruhul:






      I thought it was wickets tumbling against the kiwis in NZ. But after the following line realized what it was all about!


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      It’s great to see Mainul Hosein go. I believe, from day one on his job as the adviser of a “caretaker” government, this guy has been extremely active in creating a gulf between the government and the political parties and the business community. His antagonizing remarks on almost all important issues, I found very suspicious as to his ulterior motives. Was he really the man competent enough to be picked as the senior most adviser of the cabinet and the spokesperson? I seriously doubt his competency.

      The fact that has emerged about Mainul Hosein’s advisership today is revealing. It proves that he is not the shrewd, smart guy that he used to portray himself as. If he really is the smart lad he thinks he is, then he wouldn’t have been “kicked out” today. We have to keep a close eye on Mainul now because his antagonistic and revengeful attitude during the last twelve months in the government indicates that he won’t mind planning and instigating from the behind to derail the caretakers’ promise to democracy by the end of this year.

      Mainul Hosein’s forced departure is the greatest blemish on his so-called legacy as son of Mr. Tofazzal Hossain Manik Mia. I am glad to see this person leave the government. Hopefully, this departure will pave the way towards a national reconciliation leading to the restoration of democracy, as promised.

    8. Author Image

      Iftheker Mohamamd

      A case must be filed against Mainul Hosein for his insincerity in acting as an adviser. Especially, for the murder of Rangs Bhaban. Another corruption case should be investigated for assigning a ship-breaking company to demolish Rangs building.

    9. Author Image

      Iftheker Mohamamd

      Now that these guys are not advisers, my request to Hasan Masud Chowdhury (chief of the Anti-Corruption Commission), investigate their property now. We want to know, how they made millions of dollars? Do they pay taxes properly? Law must be equal for all…

    10. Author Image

      Name, name, name...

      Hello, hello… Good news for the anti-Awami Leaguers! Did anybody know that a close relative of Mohiuddin (killer of Bangabandhu) has become an adviser today! MSA (You know who, an ex-secretary, new adviser) is Mohiuddin’s brother-in-law (Ali’s sister is married to Mohiuddin)! I only hope that the new adviser remains neutral and doesn’t try to influence the administration/court in favor of his relative. Watch out!

    11. Author Image


      It appears that the advisers lost their jobs for failure, corruption and incompetence. The present caretaker government is termed as military backed or military driven. So shouldn’t the chief adviser and the army chief take responsibility of the failure and resign. Mr. Ayub Quadri has been an example in this regard. If the army chief and the caretaker chief still shamelessly cling to their chairs then people must rise to the occasion and show them the way out.

    12. Author Image

      Iftheker Mohamamd

      Four advisors have resigned and five new take oath. Newly come advisor Major general (ret) Golam Quader said his fist day to Ekushey tv , Amami Leagues demand to election on June-July is imaginary, unreal. On the other hand, Election commissioner Sahol Hossain said they will ask the government that, they will be ready for election by June (Channel I)on same day. Is he took the same route as Moinul Hossain?

      I don

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      Geeteara, husband charged with illegal occupation
      Fri, Jan 11th, 2008 2:55 pm BdST

      Dhaka, Jan 11 ( — Three cases were filed Thursday against three firms owned by former caretaker adviser Geeteara Safiya Choudhury and husband Nazim Kamran Choudhury and a security firm on charges of illegal occupation.

      The cases alleged that the three other firms owned by the couple and Group 4 Securities refused to vacate rented premises even though the rental agreement had expired. House owner Dr Mahbubul Islam and wife Farhana Islam filed the cases with the Dhaka District and Sessions Judge’s Court. District judge AKM Ishtiaq Hossain took the cases into cognisance and summoned the accused persons to court.

      One case has been filed against Adcomm Ltd owned by Geeteara and Group 4 Securities owned by Salim Choudhury. The second case names Megavision and Signage, both owned by Nazim Kamran, and Group 4 Securities. The third case names Group 4 Securities alone. The complainants said the owners of Adcomm, Megavision and Signage rented premises at house no 7/A, on road no. 41 in Gulshan-2 on Oct 1, 2002, but they did not vacate the house even though the rental agreement ended on Sep 30, 2007.

      They alleged Geeteara misused her power as an adviser to aid her husband to continue to occupy the premises in flagrant violation of the agreement. Group 4 Securities also had been abetting in the illegal act. The complainants alleged when they moved to get the accused persons out of the premises, they had physically harassed them. They mentioned that a criminal case involving that incident was pending with a court.

    14. Author Image

      Sushil Khedao

      Who is Salim Chodhury of Group 4? How is he related to Geeteara?

    15. Author Image

      Gene Hackman

      Bangladesh is basically now under the grip of World Bank & International Monetary Fund mafias. With the dollar plummeting to record lows and Western civilization unable to maintain their overstretched long period of growth by exploiting Asia and Africa any longer it is natural that they will now use the Bretton Woods institutions to prey on poor economies like Bangladesh. The US is behind this design. It was initiated by the Bush administration through it

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