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But how does a newspaper publish such a sentence that means that the Bangladesh government should have done in line with that advice!

The Yunus affair is turning out to be a non-ending issue in Bangladesh; at least till the Awame League led ally holds the power in government. Some of you may remember that it begun in the spring of 2011. In March of that year the central bank relieved Yunus from the top post (managing director) of the Grameen Bank. He filed a writ against the decision at high court that was dismissed by the bench. Subsequently Yunus ‘resigned’ on 12th May.

Muhammad Yunus

Well, should the US keep its preaching mission on? That’s upto them. The question is should a few newspapers in Bangladesh refrain from supporting the idea? Or will they keep on setting up example of biased journalism? Why do I ask so!

The most circulated Bangla daily the Prothom Alo makes me to do. The daily reported the US stance on Grameen Bank MD issue on 7th May. It was quoting the visiting US diplomat Wendy Sherman. She is in favor of the idea to have Mr Yunus in the search committee that is to be appointed by the bank. The finance minister of Bangladesh, Mr.Abul Maal Abdul Muhit, recently cleaed government stand on this. He said, the government does not want Mr. Yunus in the committee. Mr. Muhit made his statement before Mrs. Sherman’s visit. While the Prothom Alo was reporting on Mrs. Serman’s view on the search committee it has used a Bangla conjunction that could only be used to conjunct two incidents done by the same subject.

I got surprised & shocked at the wording of the Prothom Alo. The report reads, “Us government has several times expressed its view in favor to keep the Grameen Bank functional and to have Dr. Yunus in the this process. Yet the government recently denied to form a search committee to appoint new MD at the bank.”

In Bangla you have conjunctive word that could be used to state government’s opposite stand despite of the US advice. Yes, the US can express its view to accommodate Mr. Yunus in the process to keep the bank functional. But how does a newspaper publish such a sentence that means that the Bangladesh government should have done in line with that advice!

There’s no doubt that the US wants Mr. Yunus at the bank. It’s also clear that the government does not like the idea. But as a journalist should you write in such a way that builds an idea that your government submissive to an external power, even if it’s the US? Yea, people in Bangladesh know the editor of the Prothom Alo is close to Mr. Yunus, yet shouldn’t he try to practice journalism, rather than putting heart & soul effort to give the government a villain look?


E-Bangladesh is a News/Headlines service and a group blog aimed at bringing the news and analysis from Bangladesh to its readers.

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    Is it prothom-alo that is doing biased journalism or it is you who is doing the same? The issue of keeping Dr. Younus in the searching committee was agreed by the members which was agreed on the last meeting but recently the government appointed Chairman denied. For your point 5 out of 5 member agreed to keep Dr. Younus on the committee if I am not wrong. So when the issue of keeping Dr. Younus came from USA first? They were just saying what majority of the members wanted and which was initially agreed upon. Now government has appointed their own members removing the previous ones. There is big suspicion government want to appoint someone with political consideration for its own benefit. This can not taken lightly. There is already rumor that Government want to get hold of this grameen bank as it has 40 million subscriber directly or indirectly which government try to utilize in the next election.

    I this you have opened this platform r-Bangladesh for awamileague related propaganda… provided BNP is no good either. All of these parties are scum and are for greed of power, looting and plundering and to make their own fortune. Patriotism and love for country is not in them.

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    Saleh Tanveer

    Grameen bank ordinance clearly state that the Grameen Bank board members should determine who is the chair of the committee to select a new MD. The board made its verdict clear–9 of the 12 members, who are elected from among borrowers of Grameen Bank, have voiced their choice of Yunus. There is no provision in the rules for government ministers or government appointed Grameen Bank chairman to overturn the board’s decision. The government is making a mockery of the law. It is interesting that the author is trying to build a case against Yunus selection based on US trying to dictate to Bangladesh–as if anything said by a foreign government should be immediate suspect–such reflexive post colonial attitudes mask the compelling story for any impartial observer–that the government has flouting its own rules.

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    Ezajur Rahman

    The real point is that Hasina has a personal grudge against Yunus and a vendetta took place. We all know it but our perverted pride prevents us from speaking about it.

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    Rashed Akbar

    I have seen Yunus from very close quarters. He is like what we in Bangla call a THOK! He is just a mediocre personality who has been shot into limelight by the Western media to unconstitutionally install him in power to further the interests of America inside Myanmar. He is also a tool for Hillary Clinton to use the Indian-Bangladeshi card against China. India has clearly said that she is not going to harm its growing trade and commerce engagement with China at the dictat of the US.

    Yunus must realize that he is playing a dangerous game with Bangladesh’s destiny. His attempt to get to power once has failed. He like Ezajur Rahman are projecting politicians as scums and crooks to the Western media. Yunus is basically doing things that are anti-Bangladesh. Grameen Bank is a government creation . He not only violated the rules and regulations but also has indulged in rampant corruption and nepotism. He is so cheap that he wants to cling on to the post that he should have retired from long time back. We have had enough one man shows. We do not need another man-made disaster.

    Microcredit is a farce. In the name of giving out petty cashes the country is being ripped off. The government should also prevent Yunus or Abed from buying lands in Bangladesh that they purchase with money from their foreign masters and mentors. Both BRAC and Grameen bank own huge areas of Bangladesh land mass as the number of landless people in Bangladesh soars.

    Bangladesh has enormous natural resources to get out of the poverty trap imposed by foreigners and their paid agents like Yunus and Abed. Bengalis had chased out the British and the Pakistanis before and will not hesitate to do so again if Yunus or anyone else becomes a threat to our sovereignty and independence.

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